Lithium Carbonate

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For Bi-Polar

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robert phillips Says:

1 would like to find the side effects of lithium carbonate

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Mary Zapata Says:

Im bipolar and I've been on lithium about 9 mths now. At first I thought it was a miracle drug..although I felt better I started gaining weight! I've gained 60lbs and I'm more upset about that then my bipolar!

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Michelle Says:

I've had same problem, but it is by far best mood stabalizer for me. I have to watch food intake , but weight gain can be controlled. Good luck hun

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Crystal Says:

I was put on Seroquel for bipolar and gained 60 pounds. I started of weighing 100 and am 5"3 so it was a big issue for me. My doctor switched me to lithium and all the weight went away. Maybe your the opposite of me?? Have you tried Seroquel? Or Elavil? While on both of those together I felt get but gained weight. So maybe you're my bipolar opposite! I'd ask your doctor to try the seroquel. Side note I struggle with body dysmorphic syndrome so I know how much the weight gain can cause a lot of problems. Good luck

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