Lansoprazolegastro-resistant Capsules

Cookie Says:

I have been taking lansoprazole for a long time - 15mg white/pinkish colour and they have worked well.
Recently my pharmacist gave me a prescription for lansoprazole and the capsules are white/yellow but she insists they are the same capsule.
I can tell they are different because they are not working as well as the original capsules.
They are manufactured by Actavis in Slovenia and the new tablets are by Actavis also and come from Spain.

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minnymouse Says:

I find the yellow ones make me sick ..the original white ones were fine

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Joy Says:

I have found exactly the same. I was taking the white capsules, they worked very well. They were the Almus brand. Then my pharmacy gave me a different brand, a yellow capsule and I've found they don't work as well. With these I still have severe heartburn. Now ALMUS capsules have changed, they are now yellow too and they are not working as well as they did before. Also they leave a strange taste. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Martin Says:

Me too.
I thought it was just me but there must be something going on..
How can they suddenly stop working..
Mine are of the same brand but made in different parts of the UK..

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chrissy Says:

i have been taking lansoprazole for 20yrs for GERD but have in the even[ng recentley been suffering with really bad smelling wind ,and uncomfortable stomach,has anyone suffered with this

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Della Says:

I have this problem with the yellow capsule. The white capsule suits me very well & just recently i was given the yellow and now i am suddenly suffering with the most awful burning and indigestion again. I need to check at the chemist for the white capsule with my new prescription as these yellow ones are not working for me. This is ridiculous when you know a certain capsule works great and then they go and mess it up!!

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