Lamictal And Sleepless Nights

Peg Says:

I have been on Lamictal for seven years and think it is great except it has caused sleepless nights. I have tried taking it early in the evening. I take 500mg. a day. Anyone else have this issue?

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john Says:

i to have been on lamictal or about 8or nine years now for epilepsy i was haveing since the age of 25 i was on tegretol alone befor then and still having a few fits here and there since ive been on lamictal i have.nt had one even got my driving licence back its brillant i recormend it to any one

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Connie Says:

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I take it twice a day, have u ever tried to that? Can I ask, if your still taking it, what the name of the generic manufacturer is?

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