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Pot Chlor

Are you supposed to take a water pill (furosemide 40mg) with Pot Chlor ?? ## Hello, Earl! How are you? No, the potassium chloride can be prescribed by itself, if your potassium level has tested low. It is just a nutritional supplement and does not require a diuretic to work. Since it's very potent, its most common side effect is nausea and stomach pain. The reason it is often prescribed at the same time as a water pill/diuretic is due to the fact that many of them cause potassium loss, which can be very dangerous, so some people need to take them to keep their potassium levels up. Is there anything else I can help with? ## What is POTCHLORIDEER what is it for and what is it and are you supposed to take fluid pills with it

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Klor-con, potassium

Con you tell me how many bananas I have to eat to get the same amount of potassium as one klor-con m20 tab? ## Hello, Frank! How are you? From what I can find, they estimate approximately 1 mEq per inch of banana, so you'd need to eat 20 inches of banana for each tablet you are supposed to take. It would likely be easier to just take the tablets, rather than eating bananas all day, every day. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you for the information. I was curious. That is a lot of bananas especially in light of the fact I'm not that crazy about bananas. The pill, though, is a bit hard to swallow. Again, thank you for the effort. ## A FAIRLY SMALL BANANA IS APPROX. SIX INCHES, SO 3 OR 4 BANANAS IS NOT ALL THAT MUCH. IT'S MUCH BETTER THAN THE PILL IN MY OPINION...

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Klor-Con M10 vs 8MEQ

What is the difference between Klor-Con M10 and MEQ 8? I can't swallow the M10, and my husband takes 8MEQ which is easy to swallow. ## Off the top of my head, the amount of active ingredient would be the main difference between the two. Just to confirm, are you comparing the following tablets? 1. White oblong tablet with the letters KC M10 imprinted on one side. (NDC 66758-170, among others). Brand: Klor-Con. Contains Potassium Chloride 750 mg, extended release. Inactive ingredients: - Croscarmellose Sodium - Ethylcelluloses - Cellulose, Microcrystalline 2. Blue capsule with the words UPSHER SMITH 0101 KCl 8MEQ. (NDC 66758-202, among others). Brand: Klor-Con Sprinkle. Contains Potassium Chloride 600 mg, extended release. Inactive ingredients: - Ethylcelluloses - Talc - Gelatin - Tit...

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k-dur 20meq cr tab

Can I substitute otc potassium gluconate 595mg tabs for the k-dur 20meq cr tabs? If so, how many otc pills would I take to get the same effect? ## Hello, Rick! How are you? The over the counter items cannot equal the prescription medications, you'd have to take far too many of them and would end up spending more than the prescription costs. It would be best to pick up the prescription as given by your doctor. The FDA lists the most typical side effect of this medication as being nausea, so it is best to take it with food. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I kave no insurance and the otc potassium is less money. I figured that 8 otc potassium would be the same as 1 k-dur 20. is this correct? ## I have no insurance and the otc potassium is less money. I figured that 8 otc pot...

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KlorCon M20

How many mg are in one KlorCon m20 tablet? ## Klorcon M20 has 20 mEq. Klorcon generic name is potassium chloride. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## How many miligrams or grams are in Klor-con m20? I have extremely low potassium and have to take 3 per day, I am taking too much? I do not have eat very many foods with potassium so I am not sure. ## Orry, I apparently cannot type today. ## how many millagrams are ic klor - con m 20 ## I would like to know how many mg. are in one IC Klor 20mEq SR-tablet. Thanks! ## I have been taking Klor-Con M20 for several years. It is extremely hard to swallow. More like swallowing a golf ball covered with sand. I searched the internet for a gelcap that I could buy...

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Why is Klor Con so expensive

KDur or Klor Con has been around for many many years but still is very expensive. It is more costly than some newer meds that do not have generics. How is this possible? Is this a question of greed on the part of pharmacies. This is a frequently ordered drug. ## Hello, Jean! How are you? Actually, it's not as frequently ordered as most. It is only ordered when someone's potassium is dangerously low, otherwise, it's not safe for someone to take it. Thus, the demand for it is actually low, so very few companies manufacture it, since it isn't very profitable to do so. In order to make any money back on their investment, the companies that do can't afford to give it a cheap price. I'm sorry, I do understand what a burden it is, when something is expensive, but these ...

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Replenishing Low Potassium Levels

I've been taking Klor-Con 10 MEQ for 4 days. How long until you get back to a normal potassium range? Thank you ahead of time for your help. ## It is hard to say, it really depends on how low your level was and how your body responds to the supplement. Generally, when I had to take it, I showed improvement after about a week, but we are all different. The FDA warns that it can be very harsh on the stomach, so it should be taken with food, not on an empty stomach. How are you doing, now? Has there been any change? ## Thank you Verwon for responding. I think I feel better. My leg muscles feel stronger. But I am still dizzy. This happened due to my banking position being displaced and went with a high paying / heavy industrial job with Corning. Its hot, I sweat (12 hr shifts) and I hav...

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Knot-con choke

I choked on a pill this morning. I couldnt breathe in or out. I gave my self the hiemlich. First on our counter & then over my couch. Scared the crap outta my daughter & my dog. Since I love avocados, I was wondering if I could eat a bunch of those instead. ## You can try it, to see if it helps, as long as your doctor approves. Orange juice and oranges also contain a lot of potassium, according to the FDA and it seems they might be a lot safer for you. Potatoes can also be a great source. How low was your potassium? Are you on any other medications? ## yes, im on other medications. furosemide, spironolactone, a gerd medication & lactulose because im on a liver transplant list. im kind of limbo right now. my meld score is between 10 & 14

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potassium 20 meq tab where to purchase

I am currently prescibed klor-con m20 potassium supplements. I pay 100 dollars for 100 tablets. Is there any where I could find them less expensively. I have to take 3 a day ## Hello, Diane! How are you? The best suggestion I can make is to check with the various pharmacies in your area to compare prices. It seems this is one that's become somewhat expensive everywhere. Will your insurance cover it? Does anyone else have any ideas? This medication can cause stomach irritation, so it is best to take it with food. ## I ran out of my klor con m20 potassium tablets, is there any over the counter potassium tablets I can take in place of this? ## There are a couple kinds of dissolvable potassium available (by prescription). One is a powder in sealed packets and one is an effervescent tabl...

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Low potassium level ended up in emergency room

The emergency room dr prescribed me 20 of klor-con 20mg cause my potassium level was very low and i couldnt talk or move my body and my blood pressure was 160/100 and my pulse at 100 and i was tingling and numbness all over my body i couldnt even walk like i was paralized ## Hello, Tammy! How are you? I am so very sorry about what happened to you. Low potassium levels can be very dangerous and can cause many health issues, having levels that are too high can also be very dangerous. Potassium is something that must remain balanced between specific levels. In my case, my body does not store potassium, though we've never been able to figure out why, thus to keep mine up, my cardiologist has had to double up medications that can elevate my potassium levels. For most people, that could c...

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can i take klor con powder 20 meq past its recent exp date

Is Klor-con powder 20 mEq still safe to use past the expiration date? The date today is 1/22/17 and the date on the package is 9/16. ## Hello, Ginger! How are you? For maximum efficacy, it would be best to dispose of it and see your doctor for a new prescription. The FDA warns that this medication can be very harsh on the stomach, so it should always be taken with food. Is there anything else I can help with?

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k-dur potassium 20meq substitution

Can k-dur potassium tablets be substituted with potassium (k) 20meq made by Chloe? ## Yes, they are both just potassium supplements in the same dosage, the only difference is that they've been manufactured by different companies. The FDA warns that it can be very harsh on the stomach, so it should be taken with food. Are you on any other medications?

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Pot Chloride

## I had been taking POTASSIUM CL CAP 10MEQ ER. CVS Caremark recently re-filled the order and switched to POT CHLORIDE CAP 10 MEQ ER. They said it was less expensive and just as effective. I was not advised until after the switch was made. My question is what is the difference is these two Rxs? Thank you. ## There is no difference, just like they told you, it is exactly the same, the only change is they are made by different manufacturers. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## i was taking POT-chloride 10 Meg now my DOc change me to KLOR-con M20 whats the difference ## i take potassium and feel sick mostof the time what causes this ## Is there an equivalent OTC pill form medication for Klerk-con 10meq?

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Klor-Con vs Foods high in potassium

How much natural food that is high in potassium would i have to eat daily to equal the amount of 1 Klor-Con M10 ER 10MEQ tablet? ## You really couldn't eat that much of any of them. If your potassium was low enough for your doctor to prescribe this, you should take it, as directed, at least until you reach more normal levels. After that, using high potassium foods, such as oranges, orange juice, and potatoes can help keep it at a normal level. The FDA warns that Klor-Con can be very harsh on the stomach, so it should be taken with food, or a snack. Are you on any other medications?

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why combine hydrochlorot with klor-con?

I HAD TO SEE MY DOC FOR A PRE-OP . AFTER THE EXAM, HE SAID MY PRESSURE WAS TOO HIGH (160/80). I FEEL GREAT AND ALL ELSE WAS WONDERFUL. TO ENSURE THAT THE UPCOMING PROCEDURE IS NOT DENIED, HE GAVE ME PRESCRIPTIONS FOR HYDROCHLOROT AND KLOR-CON. WHEN ASKED WHY, HE SAID TO LOWER THE BP. I DO NOT LIKE TAKING ANY? THING EXCEPT VITAMINS AND FEEL GREAT. WHY THE 2 MEDICATIONS AND WHY GIVE THEM PRIOR TO THE PROCEDURE. ## Hello, Lucee! How are you? As your doctor said, they may refuse to do the procedure, if your blood pressure is too high and they feel you may not be stable. Thus, it is best to take the medications, as prescribed. They Hydochlorothiazide is a diuretic that removes excess fluid from the body to help lower blood pressure and the Klor-Con is a potassium supplement that is often giv...

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Why am I having to take Potasdium cl er 10 meq pre surgery?

I'm having my cervix removed on Friday and I've been directed to take this med 3 times/day for two days prior. Why? I'd already been taking potassium supplements every day to stop restless legs. ## Hello, Linda! How are you? Your potassium might have still been a little low, so you should follow the instructions that you've been provided. It can be very harsh on the stomach, so the FDA warns that it should be taken with food and not on an empty stomach. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Klor-con M20 reaction time

How soon after starting Klor-con m20 3 times daily will my level increase for a blood test? I am to have surgery in 5 days and right now it is low. ## Hello, Carol! How are you? I hope your surgery goes well. It usually starts to raise within a few days. I've had to take it, before, because for some reason my body doesn't store potassium and they were able to see a difference after just a few days, when I was in the hospital and checked frequently. The FDA does warn that it can be very harsh on the stomach, so it should be taken with food. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Klor-con mew 20 overdose

Can you die if your in good health and take 15 klor con meq 20 tablets? ## Hello, Matt! How are you? It is possible to overdose on virtually any medication and, when it comes to Potassium, too much can be just as dangerous as not having enough. However, immediate death would most likely not occur, but a person could damage their heart, blood vessels and liver, which could turn into fatal conditions, as reported by the NIH. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Repercussions of abruptly stopping my klor-con 10 prescript?

I ran out of my klor- con 10 prescription and don't have my doctors appointment where I can get a refill until May 4th. Will my potassium level become dangerously low. What can happen if I don't have it? I do believe that my doctor prescribes it because I'm on Warfarin, but I am also on many other medications. ## Hello, Jessie! How are you? Many medications can cause low potassium, but for the most part it occurs with diuretics used to treat edema, congestive heart failure and high blood pressure, as reported by the NIH. You could try to keep it up by eating potassium rich foods, such as bananas and oranges. Or you could call your doctor, they may phone in a few days of it for you, to get you through, until your appointment. Does anyone else have any ideas?

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Mother can only take powder of klor-con

It is now $400.00 a month. She has to take it twice a day. We can not afford this med. Is there any help or alternative? She has medicare. She stopped taking it because of the cost and did not tell me. She became very sick and was put in the ICU to get her potassium up. ## Hello, TJ! How is your mom doing? The manufacturer does have an assistance program for Klor-Con, you can call them for qualification and application details at 866-699-8239. The FDA lists this medication as being very harsh on the stomach, so it should be taken with food. Is there anything else I can help with? ## TJ, you can also look at the link below and see if she might qualify for help with her medications and other Medicare costs. Save on drug costs (Extra Help)- medicare.gov/your-medicare-costs/help-paying-cost...

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