Jamaican Peritol (cyproheptadine) Pills

Molly Says:

What kind of appetite pill can I take without getting a UTI? When I take the jamaican peritol pills I get a UTI.

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Shancav Says:

How long can it take to notice changes in weight while taking Peritol (cyproheptadine)? And how many are you supposed to take? I just want enough info.

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Kevin Says:

Hello Molly,

Unfortunately there is a strong association between weight loss pills and urinary track infections. The reason for this is two pronged, the first being that the diet pills that decrease appetite also decreases your desire to drink. This often leads to dehydration and less frequent urination which means that the bacteria is not being flushed out frequently enough. This can ultimately lead to a UTI.

The second factor at play is that most weight loss pills contain caffeine which can cause more frequent urination and when coupled with dehydration your urine will not be diluted enough with water and will become very acid. This irritates and inflames the bladder which will increase the chances of getting a UTI.

Since I am not a medical professional with access to your medical records I cannot tell you which dietary pills will work with you. It is in your best interest to discuss with your doctor which pills would work best with you and form a dietary plan to ensure that you are on track to a healthy tract.

I hope this information helps.

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Britany Says:

How long does it take to gain weight when taking Peritol, a brand of Cyproheptadine?

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Torishay Says:

How long it take to show weight gain from Peritol? I am taking it but it not working for me.

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