I've Had Jadelle For 6 Months And Haven't Had My Period Once


I got jadelle put on about 6 months ago and I still haven't had period. And I had very light bleeding for a few day a couple of weeks after it was inserted but that's it. I rang my doctor about in the first month and she said it was normal but i still haven't got it. Do I need to go see her or is this normal?

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Hello, Jemma! How are you?

Some women don't have their periods at all while using Jadelle! If your doctor doesn't see a reason to worry, then you should likely just relax, but if seeing her or calling again would make you feel better, then yes, you should definitely do so.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Dear Jemma, with certain birth control, sometimes your period can b light and sometimes u may not get it at all. Your Dr told u this was normal, u said . So, I wouldn't worry 2 much.

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hie i got jadelle insertion on the 6th of August this year and 3days after i got on my period lasted a week anafter a week i got a period again n up to today havent stopped doctor said i should take ibuprofen for a week it only stoped a day then was up on it again im worried pliz help

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