Is Sinemet Better Than Generic Carb Levo

chris Says:

The generic 50-200 carb/levo seems to not be as effective as sinemet. should I get only sinemet, not generics

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Tracy Says:

If the sinemet works better I would stay with that. Especially when u are not having good results on the generic. Talk to your doc & request "Dispense As Written" and have script written for sinemet.

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Jenna Says:

Great advice Tracy!

I thought I'd mention that generic medications are allowed (by the FDA) to contain up to 20% more or less of the actual active ingredients. This factor, along with different inactive ingredients (binders/fillers) could enable you to have a completely different reaction to each medication. Therefore, that may be the cause of the problem you're having with the generic.

I've also read that one pill amongst an entire pack/bottle of a generic medication may have 100% of the active ingredient, and the others- with a lot less. Generics are usually cheaper so I guess the saying "you get what you pay for" can be very true when it comes to generics! It's unfortunate that brand names are so expensive.

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Sinemet Details

Anyone else have information to add?

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