Inr Levels And Drinking Alcohol

Maree Says:

Hi. I suffered pulmonary embolism last August and am lucky to be here today. Both lungs were affected but I'm way ahead in my recovery. I'm taking 3mg of sintrom per day and I'm wondering why my inr is only 1.8? I'm eating the correct foods and not drinking alcohol, which by the way I was also wondering if I could have a drink as it's very boring out with friends drinking water all the time?

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Verwon Says:

It would be best not to imbibe, since the NIH reports that alcohol may cause additional blood thinning as a side effect, along with nausea, dizziness, and headache.

As to your INR, how much exercise do you get each day? What types of foods do you eat? Are you on any other medications, or vitamins?

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Maree Says:

Hi Vermon
Many thanks for reply I cycle 5klms a day walk another 5 as I live in Spain by the marina I'm blessed I don't have a weight problem either but I do have the blood disorder m t h f r factor but for the last 2weeks my I n r level has been 2.4 perfect I'm delighted to say so maybe things are finally settling down I'm only 10 months into my recovery which is way ahead of the 3year prognoses so all good .

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