I Am 45yrs Old Taking The Birth Control For Almost 3 Yrs Last July I Stop Taking The Birth Control Pills August I Have No Period Then How
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Vivian Says:

I'm 45yrs.old taking birth control pills almost 3yrs..I stop last month july, ,month of August no period comes, what medecine I take so that my period comes almost sept.now??

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Nicki Says:

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I see the post was from a long time ago, but another possibility was she could have been pregnant.. even at her advanced age. Anyone going off the pill should do so with their doctor monitoring.

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Pao Says:

Hello this is my firs time to take Dianne 35 and I missed 4 tablets and if I drink pills not same time and now my period is small bloods I worried please help me

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jorjena v Says:

Hi im using micropills almost one year but my boobs is not growing
Anu pong dapat kung gawin
Im gay po

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Vivian Says:

Based on my expereinced that my period stop for two months, because I stop taking the birth control pills...I see a doctor, the doctor only says just wait when my periods comes.....But I take again one pack og birth control pills, after taking the 21 tablets, in 21-days my period comes out....

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Vivian Says:

But 99% women have a menopause at the age of 50yrs.old....I consulted a doctor, he say just wait my period it will come again....no medecine for that???? I meant medecine to take my period will come.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Vivian! How are you?

At 45, it can be normal to skip menstrual cycles. Once past the age of 35, a woman usually enters perimenopause, where her ovaries start winding down.

Depending on your hormone levels and how long you go without a cycle, you may already be menopausal. The pills force you to have a period, even if you would no longer be having one naturally.

Have you consulted your doctor? They can do an exam and some blood work to see where your hormone levels are and let you know what's going on.

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