I M Suffering From R P Eyes My Doctor Advised Me To Take Dicorate 500 Er Want Know How It Will Help Work In Decease


decease is known as ratina pigmintoza for the last 20-25 years. recently one doctor in banglore advised me to take dicorate 500 er. i just want to know how it will work/improve in my decease? i consulted every known/ big doctor & eye centre but all in vain. but recently one doctor whom i consulted advised me this medicine. so simply i just want to know about it whether it will work on me?

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No, there is currently no known treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa, though a daily intake of 15,000ius of Vitamin A has been known to slow its progress in some people at some stages of it.

Learn more RP details here.

Dicorate contains Valproid Acid and it is an anticonvulsant that's also used as a mood stabilizer.

Learn more Valproic Acid details here.

I am not sure why it was prescribed for RP. Did you ask the doctor why he though it would be helpful?

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Dear Ms Srivastava, Valproate is a drug which is usually used for epilepsy and mood disorders, but has been reported in 2011 by Clemson et al and this year in our country at Shankara netralaya to be effective in RP to some extent. A international randomised trial for same is also underway for the same. If you watch out for the side effects and potential teratogenicity, this drug is being tried as a new therapy for RP. Wish u good luck.

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