Whatodo Says:

Been on wellbutrin SR for 6 months. No other meds or health issues. At month 5, I woke up racing in middle of night. My BP spiked (don't normally have hypertension), body and facial numbness, hard headache and eye muscles twitching. Went to ER had CT scan, EKG, chest X-ray, labs, urinalysis and all normal. I've had 3 more episodes similar to above. Had MRI and 24 hr urinalysis and all normal. The only positive blood test was ANA. My GP has put me on a BP med and only other med is wellbutrin SR 150 1xday. GP wants to wean me off wellbutrin b/c he thinks it might be causing symptoms and possibly positive ANA result. At this time BP under control, only numbness at times in feet and hands, light headed when walking ( not all the time), and a constant inner tremor in chest, arms, and hands. It's been almost a month of these symptoms or possibly side effects. I know I have a lot of wellbutrin SR side effects from researching, but would they come out of no where and 5 mos later? Please help with feedback. Thanks

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Verwon Says:

While it isn't common it is, however, always possible for side effects to occur unexpectedly, or to have a bad reaction to a medication, even if you've been taking it for awhile.

In this case, your doctor is probably right in wanting you to stop taking it and it has been known to cause high blood pressure in some people. If there is no other cause for your hypertension, it may go away, once you are off the Wellbutrin.


Are there any other questions?

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BB Says:

I found when I used the Wellbutrin generic (SR and XL) my blood pressure went up, had headaches, and experienced torticollis (uncontrolled head movement and facial grimace).

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