Hair Loss Side Effect Of Levipil 500?

s goyal Says:

I am taking Levipil 500 mg + 500 mg in the morning as well as at night. The total dosage is 2000 mg in a whole day. I have been taking it for the last 3 yrs.
I have symptoms of heavy hair loss. My question is how can I stop my hair fall as it is too much.

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Verwon Says:

This contains the active ingredient Levetiracetam, which is an anticonvulsant that is most commonly used to treat epilepsy.

And as to hair loss, that is not listed as a normal side effect, but have you consulted your doctor?

If not, you really should, to determine if it is from the medication or from something else.


If it is caused by the medication, there are sometimes nutritional supplements that can help slow the hair loss, many people have had good luck with Biotin:


However, you should check with your doctor or pharmacist, before using it, to make sure that it will not have an adverse effect on your medical condition.

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pinky Says:

i am taking levipil 500 since 2years . i want to know how i prevent side effects of it . i am epilapsy paitent . ihad head injury in accident many years ago. i want to know how can i prevent side effects of levipill . side effects like uneasyness, forgetfullness, mood change, irritability etc.

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kamil Says:

I am having levipil 500 in the morning and 750 in the night for the last 5 years..recently i am having problems in sex..erectile dysfunction... Is it the side effects of this medicine?

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Ammu Says:

I'm using 750mg of levipil both morning and at night since 7 months,that is 1500mg daily since I've undergone a brain surgery and I'm also a hypothyroidism patient since 7 years and I take 100mg daily in the morning. I notice a bit of hair loss from 7 years and since 4 months I noticed a gradual increase in hair loss, I lost almost half of my hair volume. I thought of taking biotin for hair and I read in an article that biotin(10,000 mcg) interacts with epileptics drugs. So is it safe to use biotin in this condition? Please reply soon it's urgent

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Rohit Says:

My mother had one episode of epilepsy, In June this year. Thereafter she has been advised Levipil 1000 mg twice a day.
Ever since she’s on Levipil, we’ve observed that she suffers from mental confusion & forgetfulness. At times she forgets some of the incidents that that have happened in the past like a death of a someone in the family .
Hours later she is able to recall everything and is back to normal. Such incidents happen a More than once a day.
Are these side-effects of Levipil?

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