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Sandra Says:
I have ten suboxones. I have been taking oxycontin for pain but want to try at home to w/d. I can't discuss this with my doctor as it will affect my insurance. This is a my case... Can someone on here tell me how to take my subs? I would appreciate any answers and no lectures. How many do I need to withdraw..Thanks so much.

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jack Says:
You have to be off the oxycontin long enough to start feeling the withdrawals, THEN, and only then, you take the suboxone. I was on a high dose of hydrocodone, and just 2mg calmed me down. Make what you have last. Start with 2mg, if that doesn't help, take another 2mg. Just a little - it goes a long way.

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Verwon Says:
Suboxone contains a powerful opiate Buprenoprhine, with the agonist Naloxone. So, it can also put opiate users into withdrawals if it is not used carefully.

It should also only be used under a doctor's supervision.

Normally Suboxone is started at a dosage near what the person was taking in other opiates, this helps prevent the severe withdrawal symptoms, then it is slowly tapered, until the person can stop taking it all together, with minimal effects and end up drug free.

You can read more about it here:


Do you have any other questions?

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Sandy Says:
Thank you for the information without a lecture..I appreciate it. I have a script for my pain meds and have been tapering. It's not easy because I am now feeling the pain..but I feel as if I have to try and live with it. The oxy is messing up my life. Thanks once again.

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Roxanne Says:
Hi Sandra,
I'm wondering if you can tell me what your experience was with the 10 suboxones and your try and home detox. I am in the exact same situation. I have been taking about 150mg of oxy for about a year and have a long history of opiate abuse - I suffere withdrawals after about 4 hours. Anyway, I have taken a week off work starting this Saturday and have 10 suboxones to help me get through it. I want to make sure I do this right. I have attempted to get in to doctors in the local area but no doctors here are accepting new patients so I have to do this myself. I have been reading about suboxones for weeks and want to know what your experience was with the 10 that you had. I have 9 days off work and my goal is to be off of both the oxys and the subs by the time I go back. I would really appreciate any advice you give me on your experience and how best to utilize the subs and still taper off those at the same time. Anything you could tell me would be great. thanks.

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Sandee Says:
I was taking 80 mg oxy per day and 4 oxcodone for breakthru pain..I decided to first do a taper and it has been working. At this time I take a 5 in the a.m. 20 in the afternoon and 5 at night. I have been told by people that truly want to detox with sub..that you must go 2 days off of all the oxy and they you have to put your sub under your tongue and let it melt...I found most of my help on a site called can start a thread right away and get good advise as most people on there are doing the same as they were a big help to me...most of them will tell you to wait two days...good luck..i wish you had some time to taper first..but if you don't go to topix..also I googled and got so much how to use suboxone just experiement..the answers are out there for you...good luck...

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jack Says:
I'm assuming they're the 8mg pills. First, wait til you get your withdrawal symptoms from your last oxy. Then, take 1/4 of the 8mg pill. You'll be amazed how much just a little bit of suboxone will stop your withdrawals. Use as little as possible. If you crush it into a powder, then under tongue, it actually works faster, and you don't need as much for some reason. But keep a couple Sub's around for insurance. It stays in your system for 3 days, and you may think you're out of the woods, but you may get a w/d surprise after your time off. If you can go 5 days without anything you're off !

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Sandee Says:
I will be on vacation for a week and will answer all of my mail when I get back. Hope all of you have a very pain free week....

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cherishmd Says:
so I am also trying to withdraw with subs i was prescribed 3 a day and only needed to take 1 but then was suddenly cut off the subs so i was doing pills (OXY) for a week or so when i decided it was time to just detox all together, I went 2 days with out anything then I broke down and ate 1/4 of a sub will this just start me back at square one or will it just float me through the rough patch (crossing fingers) I too have taken a week off work to do this I have 3 days left...

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Roxy Head Says:
Hi I been Doing Oxys for about a good 3 months straight, I got really hooked an it is very bad. I snore 30mg roxys every day at least about four of them. An Im very tired of seeing my life go bad i have been to rehab an meetings but real talk that s**t dont work. Now i bought these suboxones from my homeboy the N8 an I need to know how to use them. I only have 5 of them, is there anybody who can help me with this solution?

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shizz Says:
i too am trying to detox from oxy. i was doing about 30-40 mg a day and tried to taper down to about 15-20 mg in the last week. i went 48 hours and relapsed with about 10mg oxy :(... so the next day i was just as messed up again and on day one. that night i couldnt take it and took half of a 10/325 norco (5 mg hydrocodone) to fall asleep. now im about 16 hours from my last relapse and it was only a very small amount. i have a N8 suboxone pill and was told to break it into 4 peices and it will help... is this true? will i just have the same symptoms that i do right now when i quit taking the suboxone? plz help i dont know why but my withdrawals are very very painful for some reason. i need a good honest answer, thank you.

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missy Says:
I am a herion addict and have been for about two years i shoot six bags three times a day my boyfirend does the same i have ten subs and am so confused about what me and him should do i was told to take 4mg at the start of my withdrawl and 2mg after that every four hours and on the las day space them out every eight hours i really want to do this i cant wait to have my life back but my problem iswaiting to be sick and will the subs help when i take them

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sodumb Says:
I am currently on 30-40 norcos a day & really need to get off these, will subs really help someone as bad as me? I've been addicted for about 5 yrs not this many gradually been going up, & I feel a lot of mine is mental more then anything, PLZ no lecturing because I already no I'm an idiot for being this bad, but now it is time to stop. I can't tell my Dr. how many I actually take I'm afraid he would kick me right out.

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Rhonda Says:
I'm going to tell you all my personal experience with being addicted to pain pills and going to a clinic and being given Suboxone 4xday. I was addicted to pain pills very bad, and I wanted my life back so I went to a clinic, and they drug tested me, I told them that I could take anywhere from 10 or more lorcets 10mg or stronger or weaker stuff just w/e was available. You do have to be 12 hours in w/d or it will make you sick. I was told to take the 4 how ever I wanted them( at the same time, one pill 4x) and I have always taken one in the morning, mid day, and so on. I have been clean of pain pills for over a year now and am slowly tapering off the suboxone when I feel ready to go down. You do dissolve them under your tounge, I was told to break one in half, and put each peice on both sides under your tounge. The Suboxone are great, and have given me my life back! I hope you all Get your life back too!!!

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Rhonda Says:
Oh yeah, I forgot to say,when I went to the clinic, I was in w/d so bad, I felt like I was going to die! I was sweating, stomach in knots, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, body aches, and was scared really to take it bc I had heard some bad stuff about them. At the clinic where I go, they induce you, so she gave me one 8mg pill and Iet it dissolve, and then she came back in and gave me another. The first one helped me a lot but the second one took the w/d away totally and I can proudly say, that was the last day that I have felt the terrible pain of w/d!! I will help anyone that I can, so feel free to ask!!:)

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pazzo Says:
ive been on oxy for about a year been slowly going down and now they dont make them anymore i have 3 subs and i need to do this this is day 1 its been 24 hours since did an oxy so far not that bad did some subs a quarter at time still feel week and a little pain any suggestions pls

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fallenangel Says:
pazzo, if your taking a 1/4 at a time and still not feeling better, up your dosage, 3 subs are def. NOT enough to detox...sorry \/\/

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fallenangel Says:
Anyone on this site...seriously wanting to make a life change, you just have to have the proper landing gear (subs) and at least 10-15 some people have to stay on subs for a month depending on how much u were using...hope my info helped someone \/\/

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Hi, I'm read many topics..,and like i understand every body have different symptom of withdraw .I can tell about my expirense: I was born in Russia when I come over here i start use (heroin) tar...very long 16 yr,Subaxone work for me is best,i try every think for this period and how i do:I take 1/4 peel of 8mg about 2-3 hour before sickness come over,and take another 1/4 after 3-4 hour and I not fell any sickness,just if you fell not so well take 1/4 more and wait like 1-2 hour and you be okay believe me.And you can melted and do by rig...,but this is scary but work very good and fast.Good luck my dear NARKS..

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yvonne Says:
I am now on suboxones I has addicted to pain pills for about 2 1/2 yrs mayb 3 OMG if you try suboxones it's like a miracle pill for w/d from pain pills I LOVE them so much I feel normal again my body dnt depend on pills or want them IT's AWSOME!!!!!!!

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Ibeentheredonethat Says:
Suboxone works GREAT. for those of you that only have a few pills, PLEASE go to a clinic - they will be able to give you more. PLEASE TRUST ME: It is absolutely worth it to get your life back.

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