Glycomet 1 Gm Or Glycomet 1gm (xr/sr) - Difference

Sibaprasad Dutta Says:

I am now taking GLIZID 80 mg two tabs twice a day and Glycoment 850mg one tab twice a day plus Acarbose 50 mg twice a day. Now doctor advises me to take Glycomet 1gm in place of Glycomet 850gm . I find that Gycomet 1mg is in the XR form. How much metformin does Glycomet 1gm contain? What is the benefit of switching over to Gycomet 1gm (Extended Release)? Would it help more than Metformin 850gm (Regular)? Moreover, no metformin tablet 1gm without being in SR/XR form is vailable in the market. Kindly advise

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Ramesh Says:

Is there any difference between glycomet 1gm and glycomet Sr 1gm. Doctor has prescribed me glycomet Sr 1gm but it is not available in the market. Only glycomet 1gm is available. Can I take glycomet 1gm instead of glycomet 1gm Sr?

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VerFree Says:

The XR/SR designation means that it is time released, so instead of releasing all of the medication, at once, after taking it, the active ingredient is slowly released over a period of time to help gain better blood sugar control. It is best to take the one that your doctor has prescribed, but if it is not available, ask them if it is okay for you to take the regular release formulation.

The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, and hypoglycemia.

Are you on any other medications?

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Dhiya Says:

Re: Ramesh (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Am also same doubt please clarify anybody

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