Florida Pain Pill Shortage

Tim Says:

For all who live in Florida you are aware of the terrible problem of filling narcotic pain medication prescriptions.
I am not connected with this petition but want you to be aware of it and I am providing a link to this petition so hopefully pharmacies will be forced to carry adequate supply of medication for refills. I moved to Florida to retire from Missouri. I am sorry I made this choice as I must go sometime weeks waiting on a pharmacy any of them to have quantity to fill my script. As you know 9 out of 10 times the pharmacies never have any on hand. Then we are forced to drive (not able to call) to pharmacy to other pharmacy to see if they can fill it. The law in Florida is so strict you cannot leave your prescription at the pharmacy to be filled, nor can you be provided by phone if the pharmacy can fill it, using walgreens as an example, if at a walgreens and they inform you they are unable to fill it, that store is not allowed to call any other walgreens as a courtesy to see if any other walgreen location can fill it for you. This means spending whole days driving from pharmacy to pharmacy just trying to get a scrip filled. So if this pertains to your life, as I cannot post links as I am a new member here is exactly what to type into google to find the petition, google "florida prescription shortage petition"
and sign this new petition. I hope you then will at least feel better by knowing you tried to help. Thanks

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nick Says:

I need an address to a doctor that will help me my pain is a ten please send me addresses

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David Says:


Thanks for taking the time out to share this info with everyone in Florida. From what I understand, the situation with filling narcotics there is among the worst in the country. So I can only imagine what many chronic pain patients have to go through on a regular basis just to live a normal life; especially if they can't operate a vehicle while being under the influence of strong substances like Oxycodone or Fentanyl.

With that said, I did sign the petition and trust that our signatures will have the kind of impact we're all looking for.

Hope this helps!

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Oysola Says:

Yes the pharmacy's are lying, also civil litigation is evident due to Pharmacy not interrupting correctly or spinning a twist. The DEA ruling does not intend for pharmacy to turn patients away with legitimate prescriptions. This really Pharmacy tired of there State of Florida over zealous hanging methods. Well I guess if they don't start filling them good bye retirement community! Many folks have started to head back north or where every other family members are to the pain meds.

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boredswfl Says:

Their are many petitions out there. Some are dead and some are good and live. One of them when you do the search is about 8 links down from wozika. I like the way that site works, as you can actually email your legislators from that site. it has lots of information.

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jon Says:

we need to file a legal suit. i just moved my family down to florida an these big pharma they r just glorified shoe salesmen with a power trip no sorry shoe salesmen there judgementale rude an think they are the docs now what a mistake moving here love the weather hate the people in the medical field. its a rudeness that is unexplainable like someone who knows nothing an is mad at u for it ... i got hurt on the job i just want to live a life of some sort with out the hassle of these glorfied pill police its bad enuff get the real bad guys or r we the bad guys now watch out for the cripple with a cane if your thinken of moven to florida dont its hell dont

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jeff Says:

walgreens will find C 2s for u.I do it every month in tallahassee fla.All they do is pull up on there system locate what store has what u need and boom ur in there!

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Sue Says:

Re: nick (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I am moving to west palm beach and I am looking for doctor or pain clinic to continue on present medications Percocet Oxicontin and Xanax. I have Medicare and I have all MRIs and reports from my doctor in NY.

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