Fleckinade Generic For Tambocor

Ann Says:

Fleckinade generic for Tambocor manufactured by Amneal I also died on New Years Eve by taking this product for not even 7 days My blood pressure was sky high I was sweating profusely my hear was going so fast had all signs of a heart attack I have been taking the genric drug for 16 years and when I was switched to the AMneal as manufacturer I almost died i stopped them immediately and got the drug from a good pharmacy all symptoms stopped This drug was Fleckinade 100 mg 2 x a day Any one else have the same problem

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maebellino Says:

Ann - are you still checking this site? I just started on Flecinide - 5 days so far after a year on Multaq - I never looked at who the manufacturer was. I am also 100 mg 2 xs daily. I am hopeful but realistic ! How are you feeling now?

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Ann Says:

I am fine now - since I stopped the Amneal brand - be careful of the manufacturer.

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Pat Says:

I took the generic Tambocor (flecainide acetate) for 7-8 years and then they kept switching manufacturers. I had no problems until they switched to Mylan as the manufacturer and starting having lots of problems. So be careful if you take the Mylan generic. My cardiologist switched me to name brand Tambocor. Unfortunately, Tambocor is made by Graceway that went bankrupt, and was bought by Medicis. Then Sept. 3, 2012 Medicis was bought by Valeant. I cannot find name brand Tambocor. Called 8 pharmacies, no luck. Called Medicis and they said it is on back order. Don't know if this means an ingredient is on back order or what is happening. If anyone knows what is happened to brand name Tambocor, I would appreciate any information you have.

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David Says:

I am having a hard time fnding it also. If you have found some please let me know.

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Homemaker Says:

Medicis says that they had 3M manufacture the drug Tambocor, and that they have stopped production. I will have to take the generic, which is scary after the problems I had with one of the manufacturers.

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David Says:

The generic gives me a bad headache. I cant take it. I dont know what I am going to do.

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Ellie Says:

I too am having trouble with the generic flecainide. I took the name brand Tambocor for at least 10 years with great success. I too cannot find the name brand here in South Florida. The generic is not keeping me in rhythm. Would love to get name brand made again.

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Ann Says:

I am fine now - went from Amneal brand to Roxanne - through CVS and it is good.

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Ann Says:

I am OK now since I got off the Amneal drug - anyone else have problems we should start a legal suit - they make their drugs in India and they either are contaminated or don't have enough of the right product we need for an irregular heartbeat.

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Sam Says:

I have the similar problems with Amneal brand 50 mg. My heart rate became irregular. Then I switch back to my usual brand flecainide. My heart rate back to normal. There are problems with this brand 50 mg

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