Find A Doctor That Prescribes Methadone

james Says:

Hi my name is jimmy I was in a bad car accident and I need hip replacements and I'm in constant pain I'm trying to find a doctor to put me on methodone so I can like. My like I was pm opana 40s and bikes for 5 IRS and I can't stay clean I'm looking for a doctor to put me on methodone so I can like a normal like

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Verwon Says:

James, sorry to hear about your situation. I apologize, but I am having trouble understanding what you mean using the word 'like' in the manner that you are using it. Can you please post back and share more details of what you are going through?

As to the Methadone, any doctor can prescribe it for pain treatment, but to treat addiction, it must be done by someone trained in its use, in a clinical setting. Have you searched for local pain management centers?

Learn more Methadone details here.

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Roy Says:

I think in the last sentence instead of "like a normal like" I think he meant to say "live a normal life".

James, have you considered a detox or pain management clinic? I don't think they would turn patients away. Can you respond back with any other info?

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Karan Says:

Im needing to find a doctor in my area to prescribe methadone im currently hooked on herion that takes away all my pain.can u help me find a doctor in my area which is Arlington Texas 76010 that u can refer me that is taking new patients.thanks Karan Fowler

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Karan Says:

I need to be prescribe methadone

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David Says:

I have chronic pain in my back I have a deginitive spine
and would like to find dr to perscribe me methadone please

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David Says:

I have a degenerating spine and need some methadone

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Anthony Says:

My husband and I are 60 yrs old and relocating from NJ to Ft. Myer Beach, FL. We are currently on a program but the only clinic in the area is about 2 hrs away from where I will be living and working. Are there any doctors in the area that can prescribe to methadone patients with clean records.

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Chris1 Says:

By this time you good folks should have detoxed off methadone or a forced self detox program to get your dose low enough to try alternatives unless methadone has seriously crept into your mental fabric. Good luck...

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Daybyday Says:

Hey Jimmy!! I'm Alexis. Did you ever find a doctor that prescribes Methadone?? I'm looking for one. I live in Knoxville, Tn. I'm a model and I cannot even do my job and that's a pretty easy job!! The pain is just so intense!! Let me know!! Thanks

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cherieb Says:

Know of a Doctor whom prescribes, Dolophine or Methedone. My experience and from advice from a competent doctor. Liquid Methedose is better for you. But, you have to go to a clinic everyday at first. Until you show that you are remaining clean and just have Methedose in your urine. Then, you (after 90 days)start to receive take-home bottles. You also have to see a drug ttherapist. So, to get that you basically have to live your life around the place.

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eric Says:

Hi I am on methadone in a clinic setten here in northern Calif,I live in Lincoln Calif,in travel to Marysville Calif to aegis clinic,but my father is started to complain, due to gas prices an he drives a desile truck to take me there an back,plus I have a 5 yr old boy I am raisen my pride an joy.I've tried to detox myself awhile ago I had take homes in a used them to detox but 2 weeks later I ran out in I started detoxen really bad. So I managed to get back on but lost my take homes in had to go to a different clinic which is aegis.I am going to be starten my detox program they put u on in I am scared I might not be strong enough or there any place I could go to see about gotten put on pill form?.or eny kind of adobe u could give me?.I am a single father who has been a herion addict since the age of 15,been locked up 11yrs out of 41yrs been out of prison now since 2001,haven't been in no trouble snicen my second son was born ,tryen to just live a decent life an give my 5 yr old a better type of life with a decent loven father who's there for his needs in wants an teach him the better things in life.I just don't want to end up letter him down by not being able to make it without haven methadone to keep me from wanten to use herion.

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Ryan Says:

Dynamic pain rehabilitation in Henderson, NV: 702-982-7100

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MM Says:

Re: Chris1 (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Give people a break man!!! Have you ever detoxed of a high dose of methadone that you have been on for years. Do some research Methadone is one of the hardest things to come off. I did it and that’s why I can speak about it. Regarding the comment from the couple that are 60years do you know how hard it is to come Methadone at 60 years old

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