Fake V 3601 Yellows

Chuck Says:

I recently got some v3601 yellows. The outside is a lighter shade of yellow, with patches of white showing. When broken in half I could make out obvious specks of white inside the pill. Not shiny crystals like usual, but actual white specks. Is this normal? I have some pictures but cant post it from my phone. Otherwise the pills are the same size and have the same inscriptions on the pills.

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Halle Says:

Those are fake. You should see the white crystals always.

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David Says:

I think with any pill not received from a licensed pharmacy, there's always the risk of having counterfeits that can resemble it so closely, that the only way to truly verify its legitimacy would be to have it analyzed by a lab or drug panel. Generic norco/vicodin such as this is pretty commonly prescribed though, and I doubt pain management would have any problem writing for it if there's a legitimate need. I wish you all a pain free evening and hope you get the help you deserve someday so you don't have to question the quality of unknown substances trying to pass for real medication. Be safe out there.

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Shellbean Says:

Just got my script filled. I thought the yellow 3601 v were white inside but these ones I have are bright yellow all way through. I have taken 2 and my pain is not gone ... Is this a bad batch? Should I call my pharmacy??

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spider69 Says:

I found some yellow 3601 in my sister's room. I know what they are, but I just want to know if there are fake versions of these being distributed illegally? I took them from her, but I want to know if they are real or fake?

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Steve Says:

Has a V on one side and 3601 on the other side, you can definitely tell the difference between a real and fake. A real one will be very difficult to break in half and you can see crystals inside the pill. Fake ones break very easily and don't have any crystals inside simple as that fake ones are also very chalky so if u bite in them they turn into chalk.

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Meika Says:

The front of the lortab have a v on it the back backwards 1063

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