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Experiences taking Creon

I was just diagnosed with stones in my pancreas (non cancer, whew!). They are causing my pancreas to not digest all my foods and are ordering Creon to take 3 with every meal and 1 with each snack for the rest of my life (I am a young 71). Has anyone taken it and what can you tell me? As of yet the pharmacy has ordered it and I'm not sure of the cost but saw that 90 pills were retailed at 700.00. I do have Medicare, Anthem Blue Cross and United Healthcare for prescriptions with a Walgreens plan. Appreciate any and all info. ## I have been on Creon 36,000 lipase. I have chronic pancreatitis and all the hospitalizations eventually broke down my own enzymes. That is why I take the Creon. I typically don't have many problems but sometimes Creon causes a bloated feeling and general we...

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white oval pill rp144

lactase enzyme ## Just to confirm, The white oval pill in question marked "RP 144" is reportedly identified as an over-the-counter Lactase enzyme for treating lactose intolerance. For verification, the manufacturer is Raritan Pharmaceuticals (hence the "RP"). Unfortunately, Raritan Pharmaceuticals does not list products on their webpage. However, you can contact them directly for specific product information at: Raritan Pharmaceuticals Inc. 8 Joanna Court East Brunswick, NJ 08816 Phone: 732-432-8200 E-mail: [email protected] I hope this helps! ## Thanks! That was what I thought - but it's great to get confirmation!

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Zenpep Patient Assistance Program

Has anyone been approved for Activas Patient Assistance Program. I've been in the coverage gap(donut hole) since February. One months prescription is over $500 and I will need these enzymes for the rest of my life. If you were approved, How did you qualify. Do you have any insurance? I was denied because I'm on a Medicare Advantage program. I'm on SSDI and this expense is a true hardship. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ## Has anyone had trouble with the cost of their Zenpep prescription. It is also known as Pancrealipase, although there are no generic substitutes. It is mainly prescribed for Cystic Fibrosis and Chronic Pancreatitis. It is manufactured by Activas Pharmaceuticals. I have prescription coverage through a Medicare Advantage Replacement Plan. It is very ex...

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Fabrazyme availability

I'd like to know if Fabrazyme is availabe on the NHS free of charge, if not how much is it and how can you buy it? ## I am not sure, does anyone have more information? ## I can't answer that question, but I'm including a link from the NHS that perhaps might be of assistance. Hope it helps.

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Is Kurzyme any good?

What is your experience of KurZyme? ## Kurzyme is a supplement, claimed to help with digestion. However, as a supplement, this also means that it is not proven to actually help with anything. Does anyone have experience using it? ## The brochure maintained that KurZyme was the product to end all products, no need for CoQ10 etc.etc. I had one of the symptoms it claimed to cure. After a month or so I noticed no benefit from using it. I requested a refund but was told that the refund date had passed. I mentioned that I had 2 bottles that could be recycled. The Operator said that they did not return the bottles, but they threw them away. That told me everything...if they could replace a bottle of this stuff for less than the cost of postage, it has to be junk. I plan on pursuing this as I a...

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Round yellow orange MT 25 pill from Canada

I have a round orangey-yellowy pill with "MT 25" on one side. It's got the "MT" over the "25". I got it for free and was curious as to what it is because I can't find anything online. ## I found a pill with mt 25 on one side and nothing on the other side. Orange round pill. ## I need help as well. Same thing here. What are they? ## So far the only imprint codes which even come close are found on Pancreaze capsules manufactured by Vivus (source pdf), but I am confident in saying that the MT 25 pills are NOT the same drug. The Pancreaze capsules have imprints such as "MT 10", and "MT 20" ... but as I mentioned they're capsules, not round pills. Just posting this here cause I haven't been able to figure this one out yet either. If thi...

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Phlogam tablet is for what purpose?

Phlogam is a light yellow round tablet, what is the purpose of it? ## What is phlogam? ## phlogam details and what is use? ## Sorry, this is not something available in the US and I cannot find any information on it. ## hi Verwon composition for Phlogam is : Trypsin B.P 48 mg Bromelain 90 mg Rutoside Trihydrate B.P 100 mg Total proteolytic activity not less than 1095 FIP Units hope this will help ## details about phlogam and its constituents ## All three of these are enzymes. The closest product in US is wobenzym. Wobenzym actually contains enzymes which boost your immune system and this make your body respond faster to inflamations. So this medicine is givein in case of Injury for faster recovery. ## phlogam is a uniqe synergestic combination of bromelain , trypsin, and rutoside trihydr...

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Loose Motion. medicine to start loose motion

I am in Canada can you tell me the medicine to start the loose motion. Because my stomach is not clear ## I want a tablet to get loose motion because I didnt go for the motion in the past 2 days.. So please suggest me a tablet where I cam get it from wallmart to go for a free motion to clean my stomach ## My motion is not coming properly,will u plz suggest me the medicine... ## Prebiotic fiber, probiotics, digestive enzymes and adequate water may be beneficial tools for those who suffer from indigestion. For myself, I also feel that eating dark leafy greens (salads), soups, fruit and other light meals over a period of time can assist with gastrointestinal motility. Often times (at least in my case), it's simply a lack of enzymes or water that lead to constipation and bloatedness. Ha...

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White oblong pill G 193

Found two oblong white pills, about 14mm. Blank on one side, G193 printed on the other. No scoring on either side. I thought it was lactase ("dairy pills"), which are used for lactose intolerance. Please help! ## Hi Julie, Based on my investigation your thinking was spot-on! An oblong white pill imprinted "G 193" is reportedly identified as an over-the-counter CVS dairy relief tablet that goes by the name "Lactaid Fast Act". This product is indicated for use in treating lactose intolerance. It is said to contain enzymes that help aid in the digestion of dairy products. I hope this helps!

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More testing? Why not scan left side?

My Dr (Mueller) gave me an ultrasound on my right side and it showed fatty liver going down to pancreas and a cyst on my right kidney. He refuses to give me a scan on my left side. I am thinking of switching Dr's fast. Is that a good idea and what should I be doing for proactive care? I am on a diet and exercise as much as I can. ## Hi Sandy, Sorry to hear about your situation. Has this doctor given you any reasons or feedback as to why it may not be a good idea to scan your left side? Or is it out of sheer unethical behavior? Your answer to this question will affect whether or not someone advises you to switch doctors. Maybe he had a good reason? Maybe he didn't? Is he willing to explain his position? As far as proactive care is concerned, I'm surprised that the doctor didn...

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Disperzyme tablet

Detailed topic of tab. DISPERZYME....What, when and how to use? ## Disperzyme tablets contain: Trypsin (96 mg) + Bromelain (180 mg) + Rutoside trihydrate (200 mg). This drug is noted to be manufactured by Aksigen. It is most commonly prescribed to help with digestive disorders. You can view information on each ingredient by following the three links below: I haven't been able to locate much other information regarding Disperzyme. I would suggest contacting your local pharmacy for information regarding when and how much to use. Hope this helps! ## Dear Ritu , This is definitively not digestive enzyme.This is a systemic enzymes and for detail you can search for REVOZYME FORTE in one topic its mode of action was discussed in length . ## Hi Jackson, It shows the following information wi...

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Udiliv Medicine Used For

I recently got my sgpt and sgot tested... They were 135 and 75. My doctor advised me udiliv 300 twice daily. Is it the correct medicine. How long should i have this medicine before i get my tests conducted again. Can i have alcohol 2-3 times a month in this liver condition. Pls help. ## my lft shows elevated alt(sgpt) enzymes in blood which is 49 normal 40 iu/lit and also have an inflammed liver problem.doctor prescribed to take udiliv 300,twice daily,and razo-d once daily.but my health is not improving after taking it for 12 days.am i getting the right treatment for reducing the infalmmed liver & alt(sgpt).plz help me. ## @amit, Do you know why your doctor prescribed you Udiliv? I only ask because it's indications don't seem to have anything to do with liver related conditi...

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somprazhp kit and are cobination of 14 days

I was suggest by doctor to take sompraz hp kit and hp kit for 14 days is combination is suit me i am suffererd of fatty infritation and pancrease and patchy antral gastis ## Hi my grand pa is suffering with cancer and radiation is given as treatment during this. They did endoscopy and found some ulcers so they prescribed for somprez ph daily 6 tabs . Is it good ## I have gall bladder removed.i suffering from heavy gas in stomach doctors prescribed me Sompraze hp is OK

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Are digestive enzymes safe?

Are digestive enzymes safe for liver toxicity? I read that pancreatic enzyme is toxic to the liver. I took some and did not see a difference until I took digestive enzymes by Dr Matthew. It works and relieves my stomach pain and helps digestion but causes a little fever. I try not to take digestive enzymes often as I heard that it reduces the ability to digest on my own. Anyways, I wonder if digestive enzymes are safe for the liver?


## my dog has been diagnosed with pancreatitis and has high liver enzymes she has been on synulox and prednicare she has to stay on prednicare for the rest of her life she gets very poorly about every 2months so i wanted to know what prednicare does as when she falls poorly again i am having her put down as i feel it is not fair to let her suffer anymore she is also on l/d prescription diet. she is always hungry and drinks ecsessivelly. ## I am sorry to hear about your dog. I was actually trying to find any alternatives to this without having an animal medicated or having to put them down. ## thanks shell209. pepsie has just had her last antibiotic so just on the prenicare now. so wat happens now i dont know.i am taking 1 day at a time. her breathing has changed like a puffer train so. ...

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Creon weight loss

I am losing weight with Creon why? ## creon and weight loss ## This contains Pancrelipase, which is a pancreatic hormone that is used to treat people who have pancreatic conditions, or cannot digest food normally. According to NIH studied, if you are not digesting food properly, weight loss is an expected side effect, along with nausea, dizziness, and stomach pain. Has there been any change for either of you? Are either of you on any other medications? What do your normal diets consist of?

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I have a bottle of pills they are orange and round with no imprint the address on the bottle says Mexico, D.F.C.P the name on the bottle is Ribotripsin . 25 grageas ## Hello, Squirrel! How are you? This contains Trypsin and Chymotrypsin, which are digestive enzymes, it's claimed to help with edema and inflammatory pain. The most commonly reported side effects are digestive issues. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Ribotripsin dr give to me , they say 2pill for 2 time a day every 8hous , that mean 1pill of one time 2 pill

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Indications Of Trypsin Bromelain Rutoside Trihydrate Tablets

I have been recommended ROTOHEAL by my phycian, my problem is a wound in the legwhich is not healing, & I have vericose vein ## Trypsin, Bromelain and Rutoside/Rutin are enzymes that have various medical uses, such as aiding in digestion, helping with inflammation and improving circulation, which may be why your doctor wants you to use this. Have you asked them for more details? ## Take Disencher its double strength of TBR its a dispersible form of enzyme just dissolve in 15 ml water.

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Side -effects Pankreoflat

i am healty but have a problem with irritable bowl sindrome. I dont take medication for it. Are there any side effects that i should know of if i am taking pankreoflat. Do i have to have a prescribtion. I am 75 years old ## Pankreoflat contains Dimethicone and Pancreatin. The Pancreatin is a digestive enzyme and Dimethicone is used to prevent or treat gas. As to whether or not it requires a prescription, that depends on what country you are in. I know in the U.S. the Pancreatin is an over the counter supplement and the Dimethicone is not available, we use Simethicone, instead. This also means that I don't have information on the side effects for you. Does anyone else have more information? ## I was prescribed Pankreoflat by a Gastro Consultant in Spain. 1 Tablet with every meal. On ...

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use of trypsin bromelain rutoside trihydrate tab

Please give me the details about usage of all the three drugs in all possible indications ## Hello, Anil! How are you? These aren't actually drugs, they are enzymes. They are frequently given to aid in digestion and, when combined together, to help treat osteoarthritis, via their anti-inflammatory action. Have they been prescribed for you? If so, what is being treated? ## Trypsin,bromelain rutoside trihydrate tablets why used this medicine for which condition and side effect plz reply me as soon as possible (actual function ) ## why used this medicine for which condition and side effect plz reply me as soon as possible (actual function ) ## I am useing these tab for arthrites ( osteo ) . i me swapan banerjee.

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