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Side -effects Pankreoflat

i am healty but have a problem with irritable bowl sindrome. I dont take medication for it. Are there any side effects that i should know of if i am taking pankreoflat. Do i have to have a prescribtion. I am 75 years old ## Pankreoflat contains Dimethicone and Pancreatin. The Pancreatin is a digestive enzyme and Dimethicone is used to prevent or treat gas. As to whether or not it requires a prescription, that depends on what country you are in. I know in the U.S. the Pancreatin is an over the counter supplement and the Dimethicone is not available, we use Simethicone, instead. This also means that I don't have information on the side effects for you. Does anyone else have more information? ## I was prescribed Pankreoflat by a Gastro Consultant in Spain. 1 Tablet with every meal. On ...

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Pankreoflat discontinued

What substitute can I use for pankreoflat, please help!! ## Have you talked to your doctor or pharmacist about finding a substitute you can use? The active ingredient in it was Pancreatin, so what you'd really need to look for is another medication that contains it in the same dosage. ## I need tab. pankreoflat. doctor prescribed to me. At present I am in Malaysia. I am not getting here. So I need equivalent alternative tab ## Prakash I am seeing that Pancreatin supplements seem to be available over the counter from a number of places on the internet. Is this the same thing as the ingredient in your original medication? One such place is where lots of brands of this supplement are listed, but I am not sure if that is an option for you in Malaysia.

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Pancreatin for cancer?

I have a sister that has cancer and she has no stomach. Pancreatin was forbidden because it can cause ulcers in her duodena is exposed. Is this true? I thought Pancreatin could help save her. Thank you. ## That is a far more difficult situation than anyone can advise you about online. If you don't like the information she has received from her doctor's then seek a second opinion from someone who can view her medical records and who would be versed in the usage of this drug in such cases. ## hi i need to know about panceras so

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