Encorate Chrono 300 For Seizures

rajesh Says:

I am taking Enchorate Chrono 300mg everyday since 2006 for my seizures. My doctor suggested I take these tablets daily. I took one everyday, but some times I still get seizures and its not stopping. At times my hands and legs shake unknowingly. I am afraid, can anyone give me some clarification re: this medication.

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Vishal Says:

Can I have wine while im treated with enchorate chrono??

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avinash Says:

What are the side effects of encorate crono 300 ?

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Verwon Says:

This contains the active ingredient Sodium Valproate, which is most commonly used as an anticonvulsant.

Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, tremors and vomiting.

Learn more Sodium Valproate details here.

Rajesh, you may need a higher dosage, as your body might have gotten tolerant to the current one. Have you consulted your doctor?

Vishal, wine should be avoided, because alcohol can cause worsening of the side effects.

Are there any other questions?

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vinita Says:

my husband is an alcoholic and became vilent so was advised to take valparin 300mg BD--he still drinks 2-3 bottles of beer at night everyday ---he is sleping the whole time --advise side effects

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gayatri Says:

best solution for this desease is u must do following as directed :
bhastrika - 2-5 min.
kapalbhati - 20-50 min
anulom vilom - 20 - 30 mins.
bhramri - 7-11 times
udgit 7-11 times
ujjal 3-5 times
it really works. i feel the change becoz i m also suffered from epillipsy.
do this and see the difference.

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Manisha Says:

Hi.. can u please explain all above in details?

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