Does Nuvigil Help To Reduce Chronic Pain?


Taking Nuvigil 150 mg for 2 days, feeling awesome as compared to before - awake and productive all day. I still yawn like I'm tired all day but stay awake. Also, I cant stop swallowing and drinking water like constantly. Headaches. The main thing is that I'm a chronic pain patient and I don't even want or need my pain meds until it wears off!! Anyone else have a similar experience?

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Yes. I have general chronic muscle pain. Nuvigil reduces that pain.

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I've been taking opiates for several years, and over the last year I've become more dependent on them and my usage has grown into a daily regimen. Recently, I've found some Nuvigil pills and since starting them, my opiate usage has decreased significantly. I'm not sure what to make of this really.

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Well, I'm glad it's helping you so much, generally, Nuvigil is actually known to cause some muscle aches, and pain as side effects, along with nausea, insomnia, nervousness, and anorexia.

Ref: Nuvigil Information

So far, I haven't found any studies associated it with alleviating pain, but I did find other user reports, it is theorized that it somehow affects the signaling of the nerves that are causing pain in some people that take it.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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My brother was able to get off Suboxone once he started abusing Adderall. I would not advise this route as it gave him psychosis, I’m not sure what the connection is except that stimulants increased dopamine and maybe that somehow helps with Pain since I believe opioids also increase dopamine.

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