Diltiazem - 120mg - Tired And Fatigued

JB Says:

I have been on this drug for 6 months due to an AFIB episode. Before taking this medication I was never likely to nap or being drowsy during the day. On this medication I feel like I need a nap daily and non motivated. My PCP and Cardiologist say it is a side effect that my body will adapt to, but with me that is not the case. I wake up tired after a good night's rest. I am going to the Doc to see if I can switch, but have anyone else have had this?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, JB! How are you doing? Did they switch you to a different medication?

I had similar problems with many blood pressure medications. It took about a year to find ones I could take that wouldn't make me miserable, after I had congestive heart failure.

Other side effects to this medication, as listed by the FDA, may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination and hypotension.

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JB Says:

No. They did not because since I started taking the medication everything looks normal (knock on wood) - echo, stress test, rhythm, etc... and no signs of A-FIB.

I usually take it at night so they suggested taking the pill at a different time during the day. I do not see how this makes a difference because it is timed release. I will give it a few more months before I demand a switch. It is great that everything is better, but I am always drowsy. With that said I have not experienced any other symptoms.

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Verwon Says:

Have you tried checking your blood pressure and heart rate, when you feel so tired?

It could be causing them to drop low, sometimes, which may explain such symptoms.

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Robert Says:

Yes this sounds exactly what I'm going through if I sleep well I feel better in the morning at 70 years old 5foot11 195lb male I try to workout l had a mitral valve replaced about 8 years ago but was on no medication until last year I went into a fib after getting dehydrated now I'm not only taking Eliquis but I am on to other heart medicines one to drop my blood pressure and slow my heart down and sotalol to control afib

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Faye Says:

Re: JB (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I was given Diltazem for my AFIB 120mg time release. It as good for 4 days and the. I started having hearing problems and pain in both eyes. It slowed my heart rate and blood pressure .
I called my cardio electrophysiology and asked to get 39mg pills. Pain in eyes and hearing problems stopped. I take a pill every 6 hrs. I also take 2.5 Eloquis, which Inwill be stopping at the end of Mya Thank God! Because I had a Watchman implanted.

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Faye Says:

I take diltiazem 30m every six hrs. cardiovelectrophyologyst just gave me magnesium 400 to take every day it helps, I also started taking potassium and iron pills. I am no longer short of breath, fell so much better physically snd mentally. I am going to my pcp next week and have a complete blood profile. I am sure my electrolytes have been off from the meds.

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Faith Says:

I am experiencing adverse effects from Diltiazem, to the point I have such fatigue and weakness and not feeling well all over. Has anyone found an alternative for AFIB that has less side effects? I am 84.

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