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Coumadin - discontinued?

I would like to know why the drug Coumadin is being discontinued? I am from Trinidad WI and I have been informed that the drug is no longer being manufactured. I would like to know what is the reason for this and what are people like myself who have been on it for 22 years to do or take in instead? ## I would like to know where you got the info it is being discontinued? Please? ## The drug kills people. My mother died while taking it. And I lost a good friend who was 48 years old. ## Coumidin is not being discontinued. I have been on it for 1 yr and my numbers cannot get set and kept right. I jump from high to low and can't stay in the middle. But there is a new drug out. You take 2 pills a day 12 hours apart and no more blood testing. I am searching now for the medication as it is....

Can You Buy Terrasil Over The Counter

thin aging skin and skin tears. taking coumadin ## Although I have not been able to find the specific ingredients of Terrasil, I have found information about the sorts of ingredients which "Aidance Skincare" states are in their Terrasil product: Ingredients listed are Jojoba Oil, Organic Beeswax and Palmarosa Essential Oil. Based on that information, this is an over-the-counter skin ointment, with no prescription ingredients; so you would not need a prescription for it. Hope this helps! ## Is Terrasil available in Namibia ## For the person who said the ingredients in terrisil ..which are: jojoba oil..and so on .. CAN I JUST GET THOSE 3 INGREDIENTS AND MIX THEM? ## Is "Terrasil Anal Wart Treatment" avaiable in Pharmacies? ## Can I get Terrasil over the counter in Gauteng ...

cauliflower also to be avoided and cabbage?

why is cabbage and cauliflower to be avoided, are all green vegetable to be avoided. ## I have been on warfarin for 10 years. no need to AVOID greens - just eat the same amount, no more, no less, and your doc will adjust the dosage for your eating habits. BUT learn the things that throw your INR off, like alcohol (thins your blood) and greens,(thickens) so you can regulate your intakes. ## Steve is correct, and to be more specific, regarding the greens, it's anything with high amounts of vitamin K, such as spinach, since it is known to affect the thickness of your blood, and may throw off the efficacy of the medication. However, the caveat is that some doctors don't want to adjust according to your diet, and in most cases, they will just tell you not to eat those foods. So, it i...

My Father Died from Coumadin

My father was on Coumadin. One day he hit his head. If it were not for Coumadin, the small bump on his head would have amounted to nothing unusual. However, the Coumadin resulted in a cerebral hemorraghe. Even though he had been takikng Coumadin exactly as prescribed and had gone for each of his INR checks, when he got to the hospital, the doctors found his INR was off the richter scale. To relieve the pressure on his brain from the hemorraghe, they needed to operate. But they couldn't because his INR level was too high. They said it would take 24 hours to reduce his INR to a level at which they could operate. By that time, he was dead. Subsequently, the doctors wanted to put me on Coumadin for a year. I said no. They insisted and finally said you have to go on Coumadin for at least...

Can Coumadin cause erectile dysfunction

I have been on Coumadin for 6 months after switching from lousy Eliquis. Shortly after the switch my problems with Eliquis disappeared, but I did notice signs of ED. Never experienced this previously.....always good here. Has anyone experienced issues of this nature with Coumadin? Otherwise, I feel much better on the Coumadin. ## The FDA doesn't list that as being a normal side effect of this medication, they are typically listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, easy bruising, and increased risk of bleeding. However, there really is no way to be sure how any given medication will affect anyone that takes it. You can find more information on this medication by clicking on this NDC code: 0056-0189 ## What are the markings on the tablets you are taking? This informati...

I have been taking coumadin for 3 years the same every day

I was on 5 mg five days a week and 7.5 mg the other 2.... In the last month and a half it has now been raised again to 7.5 for 5 days and 10 the other 2. But the levels r still dropping... Can my body just be so used to the coumadin that its not effective anymore? ## Hello, Scronny! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having. That's very doubtful. Are you on any other medications? Has anything changed in your diet? How about your activity levels? Any new vitamins or supplements? ## Diets the same and my doctor checked all my medication and they said all my meds should make it higher not lower...but hopefully the new cumadin doctor im seeing can figure it out....thank u for answering, I didnt think anyone ## I have been taking coumadin for o...

Warfarin (Coumadin) and PT-INR levels

I am 19 years old and have had 4 blood clots so far due to a birth control pill. I have to go every week and get my INR levels checked. Right now I am taking 4 mg on even days and 5 mg on odd days. My levels go from 1.7 to 4.4 to 3.8 to 2.4. I really dont like going every week to get my finger poked, especially at my age. Is there a recommendation that anyone can give me, like a different blood thinner, that I can talk to my doctor about? Or just any advice will help. Thanks ## Hi Julie, I'm sorry to hear about your situation, that sounds rough. I don't have any experience with blood thinners so unfortunately I can't recommend any new ones to you, but according to live, there are foods that act as natural blood thinners. Maybe you incorporate some of these foods i...


CUMIDIN ## when you are taken off of cumidin blood tinner are there any side effect to worry about ? ## Coumadin contains the active ingredient Warfarin, it is used to help thin the blood to prevent possibly dangerous clots. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, headache, increased risk of bleeding, and easy bruising. Lee, it really depends on your overall medical condition. If you have a condition requiring your blood be thinner, so the clotting is controlled, stopping it abruptly may create the risk of clots, which could result in a heart attack, or other dangerous issues. Did you doctor tell you to stop taking it? Was it replaced with a different medication?

Clamoxin and Coumadin

I have a sinus infection and was prescribed clamoxin. Please advise whether or not clamoxin and coumadin are safe when taken together? ## According to FDA warnings, taking them together may increase your risk of bleeding, so you should only do so if your doctor is aware that you are taking both medications, and is frequently monitoring your INR. Other side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash, and diarrhea. Are there any other questions?

Will Coumadin Show Up In 10 Panel Urine Drug Test

I am currently on Coumadin, a blood thinner, for blood clots in my leg. I was wondering if this will show up in a 10 panel urine drug test. ## No, this is not something that is tested for on standard drug tests. However, some medications may cause false positives or inaccurate results, so it's always wise to inform them if you are taking any prescription medication. Learn more Coumadin details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Do you know if it will cause a false negative or false positive drug test? ## I took a urine drug test today and was called to see what medications I take I only take Coumadin for 25 yrs does that effect the drug test or Tylenol pm of benadryl can these effect my test

Lightheadedness and dizziness with taking coumadin

Has anyone else gotten Lightheadedness and dizziness from Coumadin. I have been told this doesn't happen and I would be the first. My Coumadin therapist has never heard this. I don't believe that ## I find it hard to believe your therapist too, since there are a good number of webpages listing: headache, dizziness, weakness, fainting, nausea, and even flu-like symptoms as side effects of Coumadin (warfarin). All your therapist had to do was google "Coumadin side effects" and he would've known this to be the case. Here's one of many side-effect listings that show what symptoms you're describing: I have to wonder if he's really lying or simply doesn't know how to use the internet. In any case, I hope t...

Gas-X and Coumadin

I am on Coumadin, and am in the middle of an IBS attack.....I'm wondering if Gas-X affects the Coumadin level or is it safe to take while on it??? I'm not going in for a pro-time for the Coumadin for another week, so would really like an answer. ## Coumadin contains the active ingredient Warfarin, it is most commonly used a blood thinner. There aren't any interactions listed for it when taken with Gas-X, but this site is not medical professionals, so you should double check with your doctor or pharmacist to be certain. You can read more about this medication here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## I want to take gasx being on warfarin not not if it a problem.

neck surgery and coumadin

Hi I have a mechanical aortic valve I am on coumadin for life. I need surgery for my neck. I am so afraid of bleeding into spinal cord or clots. I will have to do a bridge but am very nervous. Does anyone have any advice ## What is the problem with your neck? And who is advocating the surgery? ## I was rear ended in car accident. . I have a couple herniated disks. I have done alot of other treatments for over a year. A ortho surgeon said he could probably get 70 percent of pain gone ## Personally, I do not like the knife to get rid of a problem, even when serious. Alternative medicine gives you the option of getting rid of 100% of the pain, but it will take time. I do not know where you live, but there are great alternative doctors every where. Whenever you are dealing with the spine ...

Coumadin or Warfarin

Been on Coumadin for 22 years no problems.... Insurance wants me to take Warfarin. Doctors prefer brand name because I am the first person in the US with four artificial heart valves. Afraid to make the switch but price is very high on pension. Really don't want to switch. Afraid. Any thoughts. Would like some doctors to respond. ## Dear Kathy, Judging from your unique and isolated circumstance, it sounds like it would be best to try and stay on what you know already works. There's an old sayin' that says, "don't try to fix what isn't broken" - and it sounds like insurance companies will try to do just that by forcing you onto something different based on their own personal preference instead of what's logically sound. But If insurance isn't going to ...

names of current blood thinners

names of current blood thinners and side effects ## There are many different types of blood thinners (prescription and natural): "Multiple Names of Blood Thinners can often apply to the same drug. For example, Coumadin is the brand name for warfarin, and Clexane and Lovenox are two different brand Names of Blood Thinners for one type of heparin drug. Some of the most common blood thinners are listed in the link below. Both the brand names and generic Names of Blood Thinners are included:" Also included in that link is a list of side effects associated with these blood thinners. If you take a look at the top left of the page you'll find a tab that says "side effects of blood thinners". I hope this information helps! ## Is Metroplolol the beta blocker a blood thinner?

Coumadin vs NOACs, and INR testing

I know someone with AFib and I am trying to compare the pros and cons of Coumadin vs NOAC. Also the doctor said Coumadin requires INR testing and NOAC does not. Is this really a benefit? Is INR testing really that cumbersome? As far as I know the INR testing needs to be done at Anticoagulation Clinics or use a home-monitor device. Has anyone found home-monitor better than clinics in terms of data transfer to the doctor? I am not sure if the clinics at CVS and Duane Reade offer the test. I am trying to collect as much information as possible, so any guidance and feedback is appreciated. ## Most people prefer the other medications, due to the fact that INR testing must be done very regularly, requiring a finger stick, which may be painful… and most doctors will not let you have it d...

vitamin k

used for rat poisoning in humans ## It's sad to see things were to scared to test on ourselves being tested on animals; even rats. In the case of supplements or Vitamin K in this instance, you never know exactly what they do in their testing facilities to ensure it works the way they want it to work. Word of advice: Get your vitamins and minerals from whole fresh ripe raw organic fruits and vegetables, and you can be assured you are getting plenty of what you need if you incorporate this eating habit on a regular basis. You are also doing the rats (and other animals) a favor by not supporting and buying into these failed products. ## Vitamin K is an essential nutrient that is vital for calcium metabolism, blood clotting, heart health and much more. Usually the blood thinner called C...

PT level 1.5 Dr. Lowering dosage

My doctor wants me to stop dosage for 2 days and my level is 1.5 is this not dangerous I have history of stroke and a mechanical mitral valve. I have been on this since I was 12 years old and I am 44 now. ## Hello, Teresa! How are you? It is always best to follow your doctor's instructions. It is fairly common to have some skip doses of this medication, or alternate the days they take it to keep their levels where they should be. Did you mention your concerns to your doctor? The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising.

Coumadin and DVT

About two months ago I broke three metatarsal in my right foot. I have been using a scooter and non weight bearing since. Early on, day 8 I had what felt like a Charlie horse that wouldn't go away. Went in and found a blood clot in my calf, a DVT. Since then I have been on Coumadin. I first went a few times a week to be checked and now once a week. I eat the same thing and have specifically avoiding drinking and foods high in vitamin K. My current INR is 3.7 and I know that is high. It has been higher previously and want to make sure I am not having internal bleeding or some other side effect. Currently I am experiencing headaches (not the worst in life, but constant), mild dizziness, general lack of energy and past few nights slept foe 10+hours. I don't want to go to the ER if ...

I believe coumadin lowers my mood and confidence.

I am an active 41 yr old male who has been on coumadin for 9 years and now believe it lowers my mood and confidence. I originally believed my changes in mood and confidence were associated with my open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve and the life changes and trauma one would expect after such an event at 32 yrs old. But recently i was allowed to come off coumadin for a little over a week to have a back surgery. My INR was normal after 3 days giving me 5 days with my normal blood again. My confidence about the surgery, myself and outlook on life and my business changed enough for me to notice reminding me of how i felt before open heart surgery. Solid is the word i would use. The morning after returning to take coumadin again, a couple days after back surgery, i woke up with a f...


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