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contrave and sleepiness

I started contrave 4 days ago, today being my 5th dose. every day, i take the pill about 8am and by 9:30-10am I am so sleepy I can't stand it. Days 1 and 2 I managed to fight it off until about 12-12:30, day 3 until about 1-1:30, and day 4 I fought it off until 3pm. If I take a 1-2 hour nap, I wake up fine, with energy and then cannot get to sleep until about 2am, sometimes 3am. Today is day 5, I'm having that "drunk" feeling and sleepy, but no where near how it has been. It seems this effect is slowly wearing off, but I haven't seen anywhere where this is a common side effect. I know all medications effect everyone differently, so I'm wondering if this is something I should be concerned about, or just another side effect that I will get used to as the weeks go o...

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Contrave / ringing in ears

Has anyone suffered from ringing in ears from Contrave? I'm going insane :(. but losing weight :) ## Hello, Jojo! How are you? Yes, tinnitus is among the possible side effects that are listed by the FDA. Other symptoms you may experience could possibly include nausea, dizziness, constipation, headache, upper abdominal pain, irritability, rash and muscle strains. How long have you been taking it? Most side effects are transient and will taper off in severity as your body gets used to the medication and will go away entirely after about 4 to 6 weeks. ## yes - please beware this was one of the most horrible experiences of my life...I started contrave - was on it for about a month and started experiencing ringing in my became so loud that I couldn't even hear...I immediate...

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Contrave and Suboxone

I started today with my first dose of contrave, 1 pill in the AM. I also take suboxone 8mg (4 1 time a day). My doctor stated that the interaction of the two should be minimal..yeah NO! I got diarrhea, hot flashes, chills, body aches, and pretty much every withdrawal symptom known to man. I now dont want to take the contrave because I am not ready to stop the suboxone. Should I just stop the contrave and continue the sub? Or how should I go about this? ## Hello, Kiat! How are you? I'm very sorry about what happened. Yes, the Naltrexone in Contrave can cause you to go into withdrawal from any opiate, as listed by the FDA, and you were doubling it up with the Naloxone in the Suboxone that does that same thing. As to how to continue, it usually takes about 3 days, before you can safely...

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Contrave stopped working week 4

I am finishing up my fourth week on contrave. The first two weeks were pretty brutal with all of the terrible side effects. But my appetite was definitely diminished and I did not have the urge to binge eat. Now that I am on week four most of the side effects are gone but I also don't feel like contrave is working at all. My appetite is almost back to normal, I think about food all the time. I'm pretty disappointed. Has anyone else experienced this? ## Yes, most people do report experiencing a period of time where it seems to stop working, for a brief period, but then starts again, after a few weeks. (This is going by user reports as posted online.) The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, nervousness, headache, and insomnia. How are you do...

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Contrave and alcohol consumption

I have filled my prescription of Contrive but have not yet started taking it. I read all the possible side effects and am weary about taking in and wanting to continue to socially drink (glass of wine, socially drink on weekends) ## @pnj, According to's drug interaction checker, there ARE potentially dangerous interactions between Contrave and Alcohol. These statements go on to note the following: Consuming alcohol with Bupropion (one of the active ingredients in Contrave) may lead to an increased risk of seizures, decreased tolerance to alcohol, muscle spasms, confusion, and changes in cognitive awareness. For those reasons mentioned above, I would not encourage anyone to take the two together or even within the same day. Hope this helps! ## OK, I read the notice about alco...

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Side effects of Contrave

I'm on my third day. Today I have a severe headache. But my question is this, has anyone had bad diarrhea? I get cramps, then bam. But I was feeling better by night. Today is the worst. Should I continue or stop? ## Hello, Shercon! How are you doing? I'm very sorry about the way you're feeling. Those can be normal side effects of Contrave and it may take about a month for them to wear off, as your body gets used to the medication. Other side effects, as listed by the FDA, may possibly include dry mouth, dizziness and nausea. Have you consulted your doctor? Unless they feel there is some reason to be concerned, you should most likely continue taking it. ## Verwon -- are you taking Contrave? ## I'm on Contrave and the stomach discomfort wore off, very mild headache left to...

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Contrave and Liver function

I took Contrave for a few months and stopped a month ago because my hair started falling out. This had a blood test and results indicate liver disfunction (all enzymes measured are raised, my ALT the highest, about three times higher than normal range). My Dr is worried about cirrhosis/tissue death. I have a fibroscan and ultrasound tomorrow and have had anothed set of bloods taken - will have more answers this week. I have done a little reading and see Contrave can cause liver disease. I have never been healthier (otherwise) - eat well (Dr said tge dramatic rise in 6 months couldn't be diet related anyway), exercise five times a week, have consistently lost small amounts of weight (10kg since May). However, I am bloated aften, tired, dizzy, have muscle cramping and weaknesses, am i...

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Contrave and Trazodone

Can I still take Trazodone at night when I take Contrave? I have insomnia and can’t sleep without Trazodone. ## Combining the two medications can create a risk of your experiencing potentially dangerous seizures, because the Bupropion doesn't play nice with the Trazodone, and combining the Trazodone with the Naltrexone increasedsyour risk of experiencing liver damage. You can use this interaction checker, and others that are available to read more details. What has your doctor advised? You may need to take a very low dose of the Contrave, or try a different medication for insomnia.

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Took only one contrave pill and still feel bad 5 days later

Has any of you experienced this? I took my first and last pill of contrave last Thursday and shortly afterwards experienced extreme anxiety, dizziness and later diarrhea. The following day I got a very bad headache. I then thought it was over because the drug must definitely be out of my system. But no, I woke up today 5 days after taking the feeling dizzy and had another episode of diarrhea. I had barely eaten anything these past 5 days. I have no appetite whatsoever. Is it possible this is still the drug? I was feeling fine until I took it. ## Monica, I am sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. Here is a list of reported side effects caused by Contrave - nausea, - headache, - vomiting, - constipation, - diarrhea, - dizziness, - trouble sleeping (insomnia), - dry mouth, - a...

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Stopping Contrave for a week then restarting

I went on vacation from 3/27/16-4/2/16 and did not take my usual two doses (2 pills each dose) of contrave as I normally do. When I returned I began with 1 dose of 2 pills around 1pm on Sunday 4/3, then Monday I resumed the usual 2 doses/2 pills each. And now it's Tuesday, I have taken my morning dose and have since felt the nausea and headaches come on. Ibuprofen has not worked for the headaches, and as for the nausea, I simply am just drinking water. I have not been able to eat anything today (it's 2:48pm). These side effects feel like the 4th week when I originally started Contrave in October. I suppose I thought I could resume the normal dosage without issues. Has anyone had the same problems? Thanks in advance! ## Hello, Lauren! How are you feeling? Has there been any chang...

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Contrave not working anymore

I took Contrave and lost 52 pounds in 10 months, which has put me back to my ideal body weight. The problem is that it has not been working after that 10 months. I don’t have any side effects, but have a ridiculous appetite now. Almost to the point of wanting to binge eat. Anybody else been on it a while and have it stop working? I’ve gained almost 10 pounds back in the last few months. I’m not sure whether to ask my doctor about stopping it, but I’m afraid my appetite will be even worse. Anybody? ## I had the same problem. I was starving hungry and wanted to eat and eat. Weirdest thing was that I felt constantly hungry even after a week? ## You are not the only people who have experienced such issues. Most people who have tried it have reported eventually hittin...

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Contrave and Beer

Hello, I have been taking Contrave for 6 days, so 1 pill in the morning with a small meal. We are going floating today and plan on having a few beers so I chose not to take my Contrave today. It will be 29 hours between my last Contrave and first beer. Do you think that’ll be ok? ## From Google::: Do not drink a lot of alcohol while taking CONTRAVE. If you drink a lot of alcohol, talk with your healthcare provider before suddenly stopping. If you suddenly stop drinking alcohol, you may increase your chance of having a seizure. What are the possible side effects of CONTRAVE? ## It is always best to refrain from imbibing, when taking medications, but if you are going to enjoy a couple of drinks with your doctor's approval, anyway, remember to keep it in moderation. Combining alc...

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Can Contrave pills be cut in half?

I have bad nightmares and a fever blister on my lower lip. I take 90mg contrave. Can I cut the dose in half? ## Contrave is time released, so you should not split the tablets. You would normally find a score line on tablets that can be split, but there is none in this case. NDC: 51267-890 "CONTRAVE should be taken by mouth in the morning and in the evening. The tablets should not be cut, chewed, or crushed. Total daily doses greater than 32 mg/360 mg per day (two tablets twice daily) are not recommended. In clinical trials, CONTRAVE was administered with meals. However, CONTRAVE should not be taken with a high-fat meal because of a resulting significant increase in bupropion and naltrexone systemic exposure" Ref: DailyMed

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Dyspnea from Contrave

I am off contrave but still having breathlessness. How long will this last? ## How long has it been, since you stopped taking it? Are you on any other medications? Unfortunately, there's really no specific time frame anyone can give you, because it can vary from person to person, and may also depend on how long you were taking it. The FDA doesn't list this as being a normal side effect of this medication. Have you been checked out by your doctor?

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Anyone prescribed, Contrave as well as Phentermine & Belviq at once?

I began taking Phetermine in October of '14, weighing in at 272 big ones! Yikes! I had weight loss--but in December my doctor suggested we pair the Phen with Contrave. He said it would help in the evening when I usually like my snacks. My weight loss was minimal but still there. By Feb. '15, I'm down 55lbs, but again weight loss was moving slower. So my doctor wants me to add Belviq. I've been taking all three and so far no major side effects. Just thirsty for water. I feel like contrave is supposed to be this miracle drug, but I don't feel like it does anything. Am I the only one being prescribed all these at the same time? Side note, I just has full blood work completed to make sure none of my organs are shutting down from this. Since day 1, I've eaten better a...

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Nausea and nasty taste in mouth,post gastric bypass failure

I have been on Contrave over one month. I was so nauseous that I cut down from four pills a day to three,2 in the morning and 1 at night. I am still experiencing nausea,thinking of trying Dramamine. The " grazing" during the day has completely disappeared. I have lost a few pounds, so it's going very slowly. I also had gastric bypass 10 years ago and started to gain again in the last 5 years. Sure hope Contrave will continue to help,though the nausea seems to be winning at this point. Also have ringing in the ears. The nasty taste in my mouth is disgusting. Kind of like a metallic/ bitter taste. It's a reason why I cut down to 3 pills a day and have to say that did help! ## Those can be normal side effects of the medication, according to FDA reports, but typically such i...

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Contrave and bad breath

Hello, I am on week 4 of Contrave and have lost 11lbs. Ever since starting this medication my husband says my breath is bad. I drink a lot of water and have mints but this is like coming up from my stomach. Other than that I haven't had bad side effects. I do sweat more at the gym where as before I didn't. But anyone else experience this or have a solution? I'm very diligent about oral hygiene. ## Hello, Ginaye! How are you? I'm not seeing that listed among the side effects, but it can cause some gas and dry mouth, which may be contributing to the problem. Especially, since you said it seems to be coming up from your stomach. Other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, insomnia and anorexia. Has anyone else on Contrave experienced this? ## I am currently on week 5 ...

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Splitting Contrave Pills

I just started Contrave last Friday. I have really had no side effects, but because I have a narrowed esophagus, I have trouble swallowing the pill (it gets stuck). I cut the pills in half and take both halves at the same time and this makes it easier for me to get them down. My question - is this messing with the efficacy of the medicine? ## You should not split the pills. They are an extended release tablet. This is copied from the Contrave literature: Extended-Release Tablets: 8 mg naltrexone HCl /90 mg bupropion HCl CONTRAVE should be taken by mouth in the morning and in the evening. The tablets should not be cut, chewed, or crushed. Total daily doses greater than 32 mg/360 mg per day (two tablets twice daily) are not recommended. In clinical trials, CONTRAVE was administered with m...

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Stopping Contrave

How do you stop Contrave when you are at your goal weight? Do you go down in dosage or stop cold turkey? ## Follow the titration schedule in reverse. Just as you had to gradually increase the dosage you must gradually decrease it. ## At first I didn't realize that Contrave (bupropion/naltrexone) carried the risk of serious withdrawal symptoms associated with an abrupt cessation of treatment; similar to opioids, benzodiazepines, SSRI's, etc... Although with bupropion being an antidepressant I could certainly see how starting and stopping it might negatively impact the brain's chemical balance. But when it comes to naltrexone being an opioid antagonist (blocking the opioid receptors / endorphins) I had initially gotten the sense that discontinuing naltrexone under a cold turke...

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Does Contrave make anyone else's hands shake?

I'm on my 4th week (2 pills each am & pm) of Contrave and I find my hands shaking when i'm holding something and my heart rate is way up. Anyone else go through this? Also, is it safe to stop Contrave all at once or should you gradually go down the same as it was started. ## Yes.. I have been on Contrave for about 5 months and I actually had a different symptom…I was having Phantosmia (Phantom Smells) like I smell smoke when there is none. It has been bothersome… but then I also started feeling shaky and even noticed a true tremor in my right ring finger. I started freaking out because I looked all over the Contrave sight and didn't see this as a side effect. If you look up those two symptoms its points to brain tumor or Parkinsons! I went to my Doc who presc...

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