Does Contrave Make Anyone Else's Hands Shake?

Emma Says:

I'm on my 4th week (2 pills each am & pm) of Contrave and I find my hands shaking when i'm holding something and my heart rate is way up. Anyone else go through this? Also, is it safe to stop Contrave all at once or should you gradually go down the same as it was started.

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Micasso Says:

Yes.. I have been on Contrave for about 5 months and I actually had a different symptom…I was having Phantosmia (Phantom Smells) like I smell smoke when there is none. It has been bothersome… but then I also started feeling shaky and even noticed a true tremor in my right ring finger. I started freaking out because I looked all over the Contrave sight and didn't see this as a side effect. If you look up those two symptoms its points to brain tumor or Parkinsons! I went to my Doc who prescribed Contrave and we did blood work to see if it was my thyroid.. I am also on Levoxyl 100mg. But my results came back normal. As of today I still have an appointment with a neurologist for the tremor and smell. BUT when I picked up my last Contrave prescription I read all of the info from the pharmacy.. Very small print says Tremor and also strange taste in mouth. So I just decreased my dose from 4 to 3 pills of Contrave to see if it makes a difference. Also I have lost 34 lbs…

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David Says:

Hi Emma,

What you're experiencing is actually listed as a side effect of Contrave (specifically associated with the active ingredient Bupropion) on NIH.

They actually recommend checking with your doctor (immediately) if you have "tremors, trembling, shaking, hyperventilation, etc..."

You can view more specific details on side effects in the link below:

Concerning the idea of tapering or going cold turkey, this is something I feel can affect each person differently. So it may be best to also discuss this with your doctor when you mention the side effects to him/her.

Hope this helps!

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Renee Says:

I have been taking Contrave one week. I just woke up with my hands tingling. It scared me. I'm supposed to increase from one pill to two pills today, but I think I'm going to stick to one pill until the few side effects that I'm having subside. I was so nauseated yesterday that I couldn't go to work....If one does that, I can't imagine what two, three or four pills would do. I think I'll give my body time to adjust. I don't want to quit taking the pills, because I feel they're really helping me. If I were you, I would lower my dose. I would also talk to my doctor if this side effect doesn't stop when you have lowered your dose. If you have any other side effect, such as high bp, chest pain, etc., I would call my doctor immediately.

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D Says:

Hi Emma, Sorry this is a late reply. I too have problems with shaky, trembling hands while taking Contrave. I find it's worse when it's close to meal time. I don't snack between meals but it always subsides after eating. Maybe a light snack throughout the day would help. It's not a pleasant feeling at all, but I have lost 21 pounds, so I just tough out the shakes! Hope this helps.

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B Says:

What you decribe sounds like a drop in blood sugar levels.

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Pumpkin Says:

Since starting Contrave I have been smelling smoke when there is none. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Micasso Says:

I am seeing a neurologist because of the smoke smell… we looked all through Contrave literature, my doctor even called them and although it said you may have a change of taste.. it didn't say smell… so we are trying to rule things out. I am a non smoker and I would describe the smell as tobacco smoke.. when there is none.

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ContraDancer Says:

I have been taking Contrave for three months. About two weeks ago I noticed that my hands were shaking. It is a slight tremor, but noticeable when I am working with small items. I would like to know if the shaking will go away after I stop taking Contrave. As an FYI, I talked to my physician, but he was not able to say whether the shaking would stop. I am concerned, because the shaking also resembles Parkinson's disease.

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I have experienced the smoke smell too. Did you hear anything from your doctor?

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halfdun Says:

Yes I have the same symptoms (Like I drank 20 cups of coffee) and I am weaning myself back off. I find that it does indeed stop my appetite at times ,but I'm not losing sufficient weight to keep spending 90 dollars per month.

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Jane Says:

Yes it makes my hands shake & blood pressure to go up. I also experience mood swings. It actually make me feel funny.

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Mickie Says:

Are you still on Contrave? I'm considering but don't know much about it.

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halfdun Says:

My hands were shaking and I did check my blood sugar. It was normal. I weaned myself of Contrave and no more tremors..

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halfdun Says:

I had shaky hands while taking Contrave at its full dosage. I felt like I had the heebie geebies all the time and I couldn't type or hold things lightly especially with my left hand. I was still in my first month of taking it but I'd had enough. While I had about 20 pills left I started quickly weaning myself down. Two pills a day for a week, then one pill a day for 6 days. I quit the drug and no longer have shaky hands or jitters. YES, this drug sometimes halted my appetite, but I did not lose weight. I gained. I've seen it suggested that the tremors were caused by low blood sugar and though the symptoms were the same my blood sugar evaluation was NORMAL at about 100. No way I'm going to pay all that money for the drug and put myself through those side effects. No more Contrave for me!

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Kath Says:

I have taken three Contrave and it made my head shake up and down to the point that it was noticeable to others so i stopped taking it right away. I have been off for two days and my head is still shaking a little. I am checking now to see if tremors are a side effect of this medication. I was hoping this would be the medication that could help me lose a little weight, but I guess not. The side effects are just not worth the possible benefit.

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Hoovey Says:

Yes both hands are shaking now and also affecting my handwriting. I think I am going to stop it.

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Riiggsr Says:

I am having tremors too. They started after I went to 2 in the am 1 in the pm. Worse now on 2/2. Dr said to try dropping back by one pill a day to see if it helps.

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Leelee Says:

I have also experienced phantom smoke smells when I first started for 3 weeks. It subsided until today and I am having them again. I have been taking contrave for 3 1/2 months.

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Erica Says:

I am sooooo glad to hear I'm not the only one with these tremors. It's bareable, I've lost 10 lbs in 1 month... up to 4 pills a day now and I'm going to stick through with it and see if it subsides once my body gets used to the new medication. It may be good to note, I was a pretty heavy drinker and since starting contrave, i cut back almost totally so I thought that may be why I had the shakes too... I have taken a benzo (Xanax) and noticed that helps as well... I'm just hoping my body adjusts Bc it's really doing wonders for my appetite, my depression, my alcohol consumption, and my overall body image... good luck everyone! Will try to keep you updated!

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Anne Says:

Re: Renee (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

When I started taking three pills, I was getting nauseated as well. I cut back to taking one pill for a week, then went to two, then three and now I'm up to four a day. I found that if I eat half my meal, then take my pills and then finish my meal I don't get nauseated. So far so good! I am also experiencing shaky hands. Hope this helps!

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