Cod Liver Oil Benefits

Veron Says:

I have know to know that cod liver oil is good for you and have many benfits is that true?

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tom Says:

While it is good for you, it was not very good for the cod.

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Roy Says:

It is supposed to be a great source of Omega fatty acids, vitamin A, and vitamin D. If you are going to try this supplement I would highly recommend getting the gel caps which are filled with it instead of buying the oil and having to take a spoon of it LOL. If you'd rather try plant-based supplements which may offer similar benefits look into hemp or flax seed, but I still think that cod liver oil may offer the highest levels of what you want. https:/­/­­wiki/­Cod_liver_oil Hope this helps!

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David Says:

I recently purchased cod liver oil out of curiosity after learning about its crucial role in improving dental health and preventing/reversing tooth decay - something I've been researching for quite some time after a few too many trips to the dentist. Wishing I had gotten capsules instead of the oil now LOL, but I do believe the benefits of this supplement are well documented and supported, so I don't necessarily mind it too much. What I'm not sure of is how long one should consider taking cod liver oil before noticing results... Although I suppose this is largely dependent on the reason(s) why you are taking it... This will be my first month trying cod liver oil on a consistent basis. Normally I go for hemp seeds so I'll have to report back once I have a better idea of its medium-long term effects in the realm of oral health. If anyone else has feedback to add from personal experience that would be great too!

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Kerri Knox, RN Says:

Cod liver oil CAN be good for you, if you take it for the right reasons and in the right dosages. Cod liver oil is a very potent vitamin A supplement, and the vitamin A is in animal form that can build up in the liver and become toxic. That is not to say that it's not good for you: vitamin A is excellent for immune health and for many other bodily functions, but taking too much of it can become toxic.

Many people take cod liver oil as a vitamin D supplement or an Omega 3 supplement. But it is not a good source of these nutrients, and getting enough of these nutrients through cod liver oil will almost certainly make you become toxic.

So, make sure that you are taking it at the correct dosage and not exceeding the daily recommended amount of Vitamin A. See my page on this topic.


Kerri Knox, RN
San Francisco, CA, United States

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