Clacee 500 Mg Side Effects/allergic Reactions

Annie Says:

tightness in chest and lungs, short of breath, battling to breathe properly (like asthma), headaches, extreme bitter taste in mouth, cramps in feet and legs, pain in joints, itching, gas, short spells of dizziness/blackouts when coughing, coughing spells as soon as a breath of air enters through my mouth. constant urge to cough, scratching in throat, dryness on back of tongue.

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David Says:

Hi Annie,

Are these side effects that you are currently experiencing while taking Clacee or are you just listing them as helpful information?

In either case, Clacee contains the active ingredient Clarithromycin. If anyone is seeking more information about the side effects of this medication, you can visit the page below:

You can also learn more about this drug on the page for Clarithromycin Details

I hope this info helps!

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Annie Immelman Says:

Yes these are symptoms that I am currently experiencing while taking Clacee. Yesterday was my 3rd day on Clacee.

It would probably help to know this : The symptoms is similar to the severe allergic reaction I had to a Beta blocker tablet. I am also allergic to penicillin, aspirin, iodine and suffer from allergy related asthma. All of the above might just help in your research.

I have decided this morning to seize the use of Clacee. I am worried about driving my vehicle, the coughing spells are uncontrollable and the short burst of blackouts with this makes it a dangerous combination. I know I should not really stop taking the medication, it can cause my body to become immune against antibiotics... but for other safety reasons it is probably better if I do stop taking these.

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Melanie Says:

Does Clacee contain penicillin?

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nana Says:

How long after taking clacee 500mg will the side effects stop? Because I'm experiencing vaginal burning and itching. Please help me.

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