Can An Indiana Dr Prescribe Soma And Norco To Same Patient?

Susan Says:

I have been on soma's and norco for over 10 years my dr claims he can no longer prescribe the soma because of new Indiana law he cut me off cold turkey it has almost killed me my blood pressure is stroke level now never had high blood pressure before is it true about Indiana rules my pharmacist claims it's not he says it's more paperwork for dr's office what is the truth?

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EDDY Says:

Perhaps you will need Blood Pressure medicine? We are hearing a lot from all these "new rules", yet a simple search shows little in most States. I think the DEA has outlined some general outlines on how and what a Doctor can prescribe.

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Lee Says:

Go to an ER if your BP is 180/120. You are in hypertensive crisis. Then call a lawyer and sue his stupid a$$ for medical malpractice.

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Verwon Says:

Eddy is correct. These new directives are just that, suggestions from the DEA to try to avoid overprescribing and improper prescribing. So, they can be prescribed together, but in many cases, the doctor involved is going to have explain why, and if the reasons are found to be invalid, they could face losing their license to practice medicine, as well as fines and jail time.

Since both of these are now considered controlled substances, most doctor's will balk at prescribing them together.

As to the lawsuit, there is really nothing you can do there, no doctor is obligated to prescribe anything, or treat you, unless you are in immediate life-threatening danger. So, as long as you were fine and stable, the last time you saw them, you have no recourse. You're only option is to try and find another doctor.

Have you seen anyone regarding the high blood pressure?

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