Buprenorphine + Naloxone / Suboxone 8mg-2mg

AKM Says:

I took this medicine to get off of Hydrocodone. I don't even take a quarter of a whole one a day. I usually take a sliver about a quarter of an inch or less a day and that's all. I have been taking this small amount for about a yr. maybe a little longer? My question is I want to get off this now as well and be 100% clean. Im worried about withdrawal and need info to combat any withdrawal I may have especially the Mental aspect of the withdrawal. I take xanax by prescription and have no desire to quit taking it. I take the Xanax for other problems that came about long before any other addictions. So I would like some advice to get off Suboxone once and for all with the least amount of Mental symptoms, other meds I could use, proven home remedies, or anything proven to work? I feel like a slave and I wanna be free from this stuff. Like I mentioned I take a very small amount so I'm not sure how to proceed. I went cold turkey off Methadone which wasn't that bad but I was also on a smaller dose than 99% of what most people take. Help please if anyone knows. Thank You

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You should never mix xanax or any benzo with subutex or suboxine ever. At my doctor office they have hammered this into us because it is the leading cause of death in users. And as for coming off of the subs all together you will have to wean yourself slowly and it can take months for you to "feel" normal again. The doctor usually tapers you down and works slowly through the process. Maybe you should look into support groups In your area that is specifically for this type of treatment it will help you get through it completely and good for you!!

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Lauraloo Says:

I posted above after being switched due to price & my insurance failed to do a damn thing. Re: your tapering to stop - If the sub Drs were to tell you upfront, if EVER, no one with sense would even start. Yes, it's trading one nightmare for a helI-mare. If you catch the right threads, there are posts that are accurate, yet rare. Find the ones which discuss detoxing from Suboxone or buprenorphine. It is a long road to hell and prayers to get home again. I'm trying. Xanax (I've taken for years prior to also) have been very helpful. Also, and for REAL, there are many types of videos on YouTube (headphone for sound, ignore video) which were made by and for withdrawal. From hypnosis (great if you never meditate, just lie down and listen). Also meditation vacation and brainwave ent have really good sound wave sets to use when trying to get past many symptoms. Good luck for you trying to step away. I want the original hydrocodone withdrawal back. Much more possible to kick. Quitting subs/bupe takes a LONG, agonizing time. As I said, there is good advice. Check out turmeric for detox. Forget the advertised crap. You'll see many that's ridiculous to do while sick. Keep looking. You can tell the ones that are truly for those in a bad situation from those promoting a product. I wish you well.

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Lauraloo Says:

Re: FACTSFullUSES (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Yes. That is true. I have to say that when your body is used to Xanax, and you are taking this strong and addicting drug, bupe/suboxone, Xanax or valium is the only thing that will help in some ways, and ANY help IS necessary. Abuse of them is where the deaths occur often OR a weekend breathing system. I'm fortunate so far, but wish I'd never heard of sub or methadone (the latter, I won't even consider). I know I can't afford to keep seeing the sub Dr. $250/month and $250 (w/ $100 coupon) for bupe as insurance paid x times for the script. It IS a new HELL. Please search YouTube for opiate recovery hypnosis and meditation and the sound wave therapies. Even non-meditaters will benefit. Promise.

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Shelley Says:

Re: FACTSFullUSES (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

That’s bulls*** about benzos with subutex! Every doctor seems to have a different view. I’ve been on benzos for 50 years and am extremely sick if I stop them. My doctor gives me two subutex a day and two .5mg Ativan a day and I’m fine on that. If I were going to die from taking the two together I’m sure I would be already dead after 6+ years.

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Shelley Says:

Re: Lauraloo (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I don’t know who or where your doctor is but you’re being ripped off big time with what you are paying!

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Lauraloo Says:

You've done well. It would seem you are almost there.

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Brandon Says:

Re: Shelley (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I agree I'm also in the same situation. It's simple take as prescribed

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Thall Says:

Re: Lauraloo (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Did you withdrawal from hydrocodone or did you take Suboxone to get off of it?

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