Bronchitis, Resultant Asthma Like Symptoms

JaCee Says:

Severe bronchitis event, followed by bronchial spasms and all nite coughing. Now feel somewhat asthmatic,had asthma as a child up to age 12 now 81. Was the coughing injurious to the avolia and should I not be surprised if this became permanent.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, JaCee! How are you?

Our bodies do change, as we age, so it is possible that you've just developed asthma, again. It could even be the factor behind your developing bronchitis, according to the NIH. It happened to me recently, too. I'm 45 and had not had any severe allergy problems in years and no asthma attacks, either… but suddenly, I started having respiratory allergy issues, again, they lingered for awhile, turned into bronchitis and I still get asthma attacks. It is annoying, but just the way our bodies work, sometimes.

Do you have a rescue inhaler? It would be best to speak to your doctor about keeping one on hand, for emergencies.

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Lou Says:

Hi. I've been on 2 different corticosteroids for the last 3 months for overlap asthma emphysema. Both meds seem to make me feel worse. The bloating in my stomach makes me more short of breath. I really don't know what to do. All my dr says is give it a bit longer, but I feel really bad on these inhalers (pulmicort, turbohaler, flixotide). Anybody else have any similar reactions?

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