Before Food Or After Calvepen Tabs 666mg

Jose Says:

I'll would like know use Calvepen tabs 666mb before or after food? thanks

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Verwon Says:

Calvepen contains the antibiotic Penicillin and it can actually be taken either way, however, it can cause some nausea as a side effect, so many people do take it with a meal, on order to help prevent that.

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Vivienne Says:

My son 19 years has tonsillitis and has been prescribed calvapen 666 3 times a day he has been taking them for 3 full days now with no betterment. I notice that others have been prescribed 4 times per day would it make a difference if he was to take an extra dose a day? Thanks

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David Says:

Re: Vivienne (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

In many cases, it can take longer than 3 days to notice any sign of improvement in a bacterial infection that's being treated. If the doctor prescribed Calvepen to take 3 times a day, I wouldn't encourage your son to take anything more unless instructed otherwise by the prescribing doctor.

Depending on the type & severity of each individual's infection, different dosages and/or different antibiotics altogether may be necessary. It would be prudent to determine just how severe your son's case of tonsilitis is before making any adjustments to his medication regimen.

Generally, antibiotics are prescribed for 7-10 days, so if he hasn't seen any improvement after this time period, then it is my opinion that this medication may not be appropriate at any dose and the doctor should be consulted regarding other alternatives.

Do you have any updates to share from this past experience?

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Nicole Says:

Re: Vivienne (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I work in a doctors office and recently we've been told calvepen should indeed now be taken 4 times a day for around 10 days to take full effect. The dose used to be 3 times a day however it didn't seem to be doing very well with getting rid of the infection etc so they've upped the dose to 4 times a day. I'm currently on it for tonsillitis and 4 times a day is clearing it up quickly.

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Hayes Says:

Re: Nicole (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Always suffer with tonsillitis, every few weeks. Still no joy with getting them out as I’m on a waiting list. Got it back on Sunday except it was extremely painful... couldn’t eat for 5 days! I was put on calve pen 666mg 4 times a day for 10 days. Today is day 3 and thankfully swelling has gone down.

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