Baltimore, Md Pain Doctor

kaite Says:

Need a dr that will prescribe oxy or something just as strong. Most doc's in the area won't because of all the junkies in bmore.

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mdannap Says:

i don't know if you are still looking in the annapolis area? try dr william tham in annapolis or dr. jackie syme in gambrills. i know they will help and dr syme does self pay. i am looking myself for a new doctor in or around the annapolis area i am not happy with the doctor my new primary care sent me. need help quick because my primary is only going to write until dec 31. practice change policy and they are not going to write for pain need to go to pain doctor. i need to find a doctor that will write for more than most people ask. i have been on pain meds for 10 years bcs of multiple accidents,disc disease, 3 shot disc and 2 really bad with other as well. back dr says way to young for surgery. anyway they will only go so far and my tolerance is extremely high. look up those drs. dr. syme in gambrills is more liberal and you only go once a month and random testing not every month more like 1 time a year but i guess that is up to him. both will help usually need records from other pain dr or gp. it takes about a month to get in with both of them. let me know if you know of any others in annap/balt/wash?

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Joe Joe Says:

Dr. Syme as of this month will no longer deal with pain management. Went today for my monthly visit and was given a list of other doctors in the ara and a letter stating that he no longer will federal with pain management.

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ANON3 Says:

HEY FYI, Ive been seeing Dr. Syme since he opened and reason he shut down was b/c he got blown up. I got my last script from him mid June, and luckily was taken care of- but a lot of people fell through the cracks. If you dont want your pain doctor blown up, dont post his name on the internet and tell your friends about it. And if youre one of the FEW people that know whats REALLY going on, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF and DONT TELL ANYONE. The DUMBEST thing you could do is tell people so that the place gets swarmed, stops taking people, or shuts down. Unfortunately, as much as we need our meds, doctors need their money, and have a hard time saying NO. So when you run your mouth to your cousin, neighbor, buddy, and POST IT ONLINE, dont wonder why you're looking for a new doctor in 6 months. Be smart, keep your mouth shut, your head down, get what you need, dont tell ANYONE what you're on, and be F***ING QUIET and maybe the ones of us who really need meds will continue getting them.

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peanut Says:

Did u ever find someone? Let me know if still looking. I may be able to help.

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MoolyWammoth Says:

I am almost afraid to ask, but I will bite. Can you recommnd a good doctor?

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inpainallday Says:

I am still looking for doc in Baltimore

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