Augmentin 1g Tablets Divided In Half For Medication

Migaloo Says:

I have a severe tooth infection since a week. The tooth which is the source of the infection got removed today. My concern is about how to take the leftovers of my antibiotics because I have likely made a mistake in taking it. Here is the story, sorry it's a bit complicated but I hope you understand:

Background: Unfortunately I had 3 different dentists due to traveling in Thailand.

04/04/2015 the first dentist gave me Amoxi 500 for 3 times a day every 8h.

11/04. the package was finished, the inflammation of my teeth didn't get much better. I have visited another doctor for removing the bad tooth. He said the former antibiotics were too weak and gave me Augmentin 1g for 2x daily every 12h.

So far so good. But I didn't trust this dentist much since first he wanted to pull my tooth, then he decided not to. Instead he wanted me to wait for 10 days because he is on holiday and then do an very expensive all in one session (pulling teeth, bone crafting, implant) after his 10 days holidays. There were also other strange things like the dentist was shivering during my oral examination. Enough reason to consult another dentist.

12/04. I found a quite good (in my opinion) dentist which explained me everything on a consultation via phone. He saw my x-ray which I sent to him and advised me as a first step to reduce the antibiotics slightly because they are very strong then advised me to pull the tooth as soon as possible.

15/04/2015 I thought it's smart to divide the antibiotics and so I took half of Augmentin 1g every 8h which is 1,5g in 24h instead 2g in 24h.

However, today I saw an advice for Augmentin which says that if divided, you have to take both halfs at once. I was also wondering that there were two different letters "A" and "C" on the halfs which could mean that the ingredients are separated?

So my questions:
1.) Are the ingredients in Augmentin 1g separated into two halfs?
2.) How shall I continue with 6 pills left?
3.) Shall I just continue with 1/2 pill every 8h or rather change and take 1 pill every 12h until the package is done?
4.) Is it possible and advisable to cut them alongside (I think not)?

I've also read that Augmentin 1g is very strong with huge side effects which made me unsure how to proceed without taking risks. The inflammation is being better from day to day since 12/04/2015 and my tooth extraction was successful today.

Hope you can help me out. :-)

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