Anyone Have Experience Coming Off Sotalol Or A Similar Drug

Canadian Girl Says:

I am quite frankly very scared about coming off of sotalol. I have been taking 80 mg twice daily for about 15 years for SVT. I am in the stages where I am thinking about getting pregnant and my cardiologist suggested that I try coming off medication as a first option. If that doesn't work the second choice of his would be to switch to Propranolol but it is not his first choice as there can be risks with pregnancy and that drug.

Anyone have any experience weaning off of a drug like sotalol? I am worried because anytime I have missed a dose I have felt like absolute crap, kind of like a weird heavy feeling and shortness of breath. I'm also terrified of the hospital so the idea of having to go there to stop the potential SVT is also terrifying. :(

Anyway just curious to hear some others experiences with coming off of a drug like sotalol and what it feels like?

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