Am I Being Over Medicated Taking Hydralazine, Carvedilol, And Hydroxychloroquine?


Presently I am taking Hydralazine, Carvedilol, and Hydroxychloroquine. Am I being over medicated and what are the side effects?

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HCQ May cause cardiac arrhythmia with this combo and the other two together increase risk of severe hypotension.

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Thanks, I get short of breath retaining fluids. I didn’t have a problem until I began taking Carvedilol. I have asked to be taken off but my primary physician won’t,

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Well it’s your body. If I listened to my doctor every time he says take this and that, I’d be a mess. I have RA and I eat a plant and fruit based diet, smoothies. Organic. Take vitamin C, D3 and give it to God. Now not everyone can do this. I’ve been offered HCQ and other meds but I feel that food cures the body. How did the Israelites live to be 150? Lol… eating what’s in the ground, lentils, cage free eggs, grass fed beef, turmeric ginger honey… you get the picture. Doctors don’t like to discuss alternative methods because they work. I don’t know what your illness is, but YouTube doctors are great for food instead of meds. Also Magnesium us great for you and relaxes you to sleep.

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Lol, what? Does he come to your home and force you to take it?

The doctor/patient relationships is a partnership, not a dictatorship.

My mom would just blindly do whatever they told her to do. She ended up on a medication that literally killed her.

Nobody is going to care more about you than you.

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