Advice On Affordable Loloestrin Fe

KPharmTech Says:

Hello! I’m a pharmacy technician trying to help a patient afford this and she’s tried many different insurance companies and coupons but the lowest she can get it is $141. Does anyone have any advice on the cheapest place to get it, good insurance that covers this, or good coupons? Anything would be greatly appreciated as she has tried so hard and I’m just starting to look around. Thanks I’m advance.

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Verwon Says:

Has she considered asking her doctor to prescribe a cheaper alternative?

It might be cheaper for her to take a different one and just add an additional iron supplement, but only her doctor can help decide if that's safe for her to do.

NDC code: 0430-0420

The FDA lists is typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, weight changes, mood changes, and irregular bleeding.

Does she have insurance? If so, they might also have a mail order pharmacy that could provide it for a cheaper price.

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KPharmTech Says:

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Unfortunately it’s not being used for birth control, it’s treatin another issue she has so switching won’t help her. She’s tried signing up for different insurances but this is about the only medication she really gets so the plans that cover tend to be higher cost and the lower plans don’t cover it at all. She’s tried three different insurances so far and most of them just send a “discount card” and don’t offer her prescription insurance.

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Lisa Says:

From my understanding, because I'm also on the hunt for an alternative or cheaper way of getting it, there is NO generic for Lo Loestrine Fe. And I haven't found anything cheaper than $138 at Kroger and Wal-Mart.

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Optimistic Says:

I have used AAA for pharmacy discounts when I didn’t have insurance and one of my $88 prescriptions became $30. The pharmacist said she has seen a $900 vet script be only $90 with the discount. It’s worth checking if you haven’t already.
Also, she probably tried this by it is not on my formulary but it was approved for me because it’s for a medical condition and not birth control.

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