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Bontine Says:

Hello! I would like to start a thread to help those having difficulty finding treatment for their addiction. Buprenorphine can salvage lives and stimulate positive change. But finding the right doctor can prove to be an astronomical problem. Let's help by providing cost/location/clinical information regarding addiction: providers, doctors, psychiatrists & treatment facilities. I'll start it off by giving specific info. about my psychiatrist.

Dr. Nathan Strahl
Durham, N.C.
Cost of Visit - $150 per month - He requires patients to be seen once a month.
Prescribes - Suboxone Film/Suboxone Tablet - will not prescribe Subutex. He is a dual diagnosis provider. He will write benzos & stimulants with time & proof of patient sincerity as well as need.

Finding treatment can honestly mean the difference between success/failure, recovery/
Let's try to each do a little to help change a lot!! Thanks All!!!!

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linn Says:

Oh my goodness .... Please help me find a Dr. That will help with my chronic back pain. I cannot find a Dr.that will help pain medicine would b great but if they think I need the subsum film? Then I would try that. I'm 47 and I'm tired of hurting every day.and I'm tired of it interfering with my kids etc. I'm at my end what can i do?

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ct61tn Says:

Seeking help for individual with herion addiction. No money, no job and no insurance. MPHS.TN. HOMELESSct61

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linn Says:

Oh my goodness..thank you so do I make an appointment? I'm ready to try anything.I'm just about to give up on being normal and happy in life.god bless you doctor .Thank you for getting back with me.

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ct61tn Says:

Tuff love does not work. Individual continues to manipulate the mother. She is really the one that is breaking down. The addict is doing a number on her.

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Varus Says:

Go to Germany. They will help you

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ct Says:

My lord above.. please touch all those addicted and heal them. Power of self control is required. That high and buzz is available by getting intouch with your sober self. Some things you can not just put a bandaid on it. Love yourself and take care of your God given temple.

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