Actavis Diazepam 10mg Fakes

Bryzo Says:

Hey I live in glasgow uk and there are plenty of boxes of actavis 5 mg yellow diazepam going around many different pharmacies are selling them by the thousand at around £135 to £150 or people selling them in single boxes for £10 a box . I have been using these for anxiety. and don't feel anything from them due to my high tolerance to drugs . But I soon notice if I skip a dose and feel the onset of withdrawal . But I wonder why so many different people have these by the thousand unless there's a factory churning them out and they are being rerouted to scotland. as you know there are fake pills going around and if that's what I'm taking I'd like to know what I am taking.

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Sub Says:

I find it very strange that you would skip a dose of Diazepam and feel "onset of withdrawal". Diazepam is a LONG-ACTING benzodiazepine. The half-life (the time it takes for the body to be clear of one-half of one dose) is up to 200 hours - almost ten days. If you're having withdrawal symptoms from skipping one dose either: A. Your pills don't contain diazepam, but a short-acting benzo OR B. Your symptoms are primarily psychosomatic

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prysm Says:

you can get actavis and teva 10mg diazepam.. seen them me self in my pharmacy

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stevie Says:

Yes these are fake, they look very convincing as they look like the boxes and strips i get from the chemist, but i can assure you they are fake, I feel sick on them, its chemicals made to try mimic the effects of yellows, They sell them up my way for £10 a box but unfortunately they are fake, i would pay £20 for a box of real yellows!

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Matthew Says:

I just took 4 10mg actavis blues ( says C/DC on one side, blank on the other). I feel a bit of the effects but not a great deal. Are they genuine do you think ?

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tracy Says:

I was recently prescribed activist 5mg diazepam.they have a 5 n d8 on one side are these real

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goodbutstillfakes Says:

In Scotland and the uk as far as I know 10mg diazapam of any brand is hardly ever if atoll dispensed in pharmacies.Now I'm Deffo not saying 10mg don't exist just I know plenty of friends who were on say four or six 10mg who are now on either eight or ten 5mg yellows,maybe due to the fact most are on a taper/reduction at the moment as many gps have been told to stop scripting benzoes and reducing any patients on them!!!

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Smith Says:

Looking thousand 5mg actavis in boxes

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Benzolooser Says:

Ill tell you why you feel like that. Because its not valium its Phenazepam

This is a shorter acting benzo so the withdrawals set in quicker. I was on these fakes for a month. started rattling on day one that I stopped.

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dale Says:

yes mate but where u from , im from south wales but willing to travell and i got the paper for them , get bk

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jasam Says:

Anyone know of a doctor in the uk that prescribes valium please?

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Plastic Says:

The real ones stolen from pharmacies generally go at £325-375/1k for the 10mg, though the fakes or as I say repias vary dramatically. Some have little to no diazepam. If you have money and want the best of the best get Apaurin, Gedeon Richter or Ranbaxy/Terapia from EU countries.

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Dan dumfries Says:

Its a hit or a miss with the boxas of 5mg on the street and now the steet yins are geting into the pharmacy they look real but some are s***

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phily Says:

I think they are possibly another benzo maybe clon or phenaz. I had taken them for years and rarely take them now. took one actavis 5mg tasted like a benzo. Which is hard to tell by taste alone. I feel the effects off the 1, just doesn't seem like diazepam to me...

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goodbutstillfakes Says:

Yeh possibly phenazapam I'd have thought rather than clonazapam.Some are defo btr than others the matwest that were about a while back were ok...

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Glasgowgal Says:

Defo fakes but they're good & cheap. All my doc prepared to prescribe is 56 5mg per month 2 per day prescribed weekly. My anxiety is really bad even after taking benzodiazepine aka diazepam. One time my chemist gave me the fakes the larger trays. U know because their made in trays of 28 & are cut to contain 14 in a tray. I think someone returned them to the chemist n got real mccoy then they accidentally got put into my prescription. I knew with taste n tray str8 away. I was too embarrassed to go bak n tell the pharmacist. I didn't want her knowing I knew about street drugs.

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DeclanProctor Says:

Took a dose of the 'actavis' 10mg. I tried one and it just tasted of chalk. It had C CD on one side of the tablets. It's been 40 mins and no side effects. How can they get the boxes and put them in blisters if they are just dinks?

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Crazy Dog lady Says:

Unfortunately the scammers are making a fortune out of those of us who are affected by the 'NICE' guidelines for Doctors. I had Nitrazepam & Diazepam tablets for nearly 20 years before that and was left climbing the walls without them. A few months ago someone added me to a WhatsApp group and, after a couple of weeks, I bought 2 boxes of 'Actavis diazepam 10mg' for £45. I knew they were fake within an hour of taking one. It had no effect whatsoever. After looking at them a bit closer I could see the finish on them was rough too. Since then I haven't bought any more from anyone in that group but I have kept watching the posts. When everyone, all over the UK, are selling the same brand they've got to be fake. Because of anxiety I haven't left my home at all this year so I'd have gladly paid anything for real ones.

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Cjay Says:

I can’t remember the name of the site but they test drugs that people send them. One was Actavis Diazepam and it tested positive for flubromazolam only

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Cjay Says:

Also, I hear that Actavis Diazepam are now called Accord. But it’s possible that there are still a lot of old stock that is genuine being sold

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Cjay Says:

Re: Crazy Dog lady (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Most Actavis Diazepam are fake now. Some seem to contain nothing at all while others contain a benzodiazepine of some description. Depends who are making them. I think a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon.

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