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white round pill r 115
it is white very small and has a R on one side and 115 on the other. i cant find no exact info on it . iv'e heard maybe 30 mg. codeine. does anyoner know for sure, and where can i found some hard info on it? ty, DT ## Hey, look up Mylan... I have the same white pill that has a R on the back and 153 on the front... or other way around. I looked it up and it said Mylan. ## THE PILL YOUR DESCRIBING IS MADE BY ASTRAZENECA PHARMACEUTICALS AND IT IS CALLED TENORETIC 50 ## Its Codeine Phosphate 30mg and is NOT TENORETIC. I'm in the UK and my fathers prescribed them also I'm an ex heroin addict so know quite a lot about opiates :) ## R 115 is 30mg codeine, small white tablet, i am prescribed them so i no this as fact. ## Can someone tell me if these are codine 115 one side r on the ... ...
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White Oblong Capsule
I am looking for a drug name for slighty Beige capsule and it came out a bottle of Xanax, but it didn't match the description. I just wondered what it could be. No imprints on it, I am just wondering if it was a vitamin. ## If it has no imprint and/or logo, there is no way to say for certain what it contains. It could be any one of a number of over the counter items. The only way to find out for sure, would be to pay to have it lab tested. There are similar capsules that contain laxatives, as well as many other OTC medications. Does any one else have any ideas? ## i'm looking for an oblong pill that is off white that resembles xanax but is actually a laxative ...
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small white pill 44 352 what is it
small white pll writing on ons side on top 44 on bottom352 about the size of a asprin ## This tablet contains 200mgs of Ibuprofen, a generic or store brand of Advil. I'm assuming that this pill is discontinued, as it does not show up in many drug databases. Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used for relief of symptoms of arthritis, primary dysmenorrhea, fever, and as an analgesic. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ...
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Diazepam Tablets I P 10mg Tablet
ZEPOSE 10MG DIAZEPAM WHITE ARE THE GENIUNE FULL 10MG STRENGH LIKE THE BLUE ONE'S IN THE UK ## I can confirm that as my doctor was trying to say thhey are fake but benzo came upin my drug test ## lhdfhsfv'ojs'fg ## Are you sure? I just received an order of 10 mg Diazepam that are round, white with score marks ( to like cut into fourths). However, they have the name Zepose -10. Are they the real thing? Thanks ## Yes they are real, but there are some fakes, I have some an they are very good ## I just recieved cross scored white-ish pills with a logo, best I can describe, looks like circles or "o" with what looks like a "p" and "e" coming out of the circles. I was told its 10mg valium but cant find any information on it. Anyone help! Thanks ## can anyone ... ...
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White Round Pill N (10 mg)
Its small and has the letter N on one side and the other the number 10. The writing is in black and is not imprinted. Ive been told it was a painkiller. ## Hi dr, Information I've gathered states that the pill you are describing is Canadian and manufactured by a company called Novopharm. It's one of two drugs with the same imprint (both being white). If the "N" is very fat then it's a 10mg Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) tablet, which is an anti-estrogen drug. If the "N" is normal it's 10mg Domperidone (Novo-Domperidone), a gastrointestinal drug. There's other "N 10" imprints but they're different colors. Novopharm is bad about ambiguous imprints, they have at least 10 different N 10 pills as far as I can tell. I hope this helps! ...
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H 114 White Oblong Pill
is also used for opiate withdrawals ## A white oblong pill marked "H 114" is identified as Methocarbamol 500 mg. Methocarbamol is a muscle relaxant; used in the treatment of muscle spasm, tetanus, & opiate withdrawal as you mentioned. Manufacturer: Hetero Drugs Limited National Drug Code (NDC): 65977-5033 Learn More: Methocarbamol Details I hope this helps! ...
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Sex during white pills?
I usually don't start my period until the second or third day of the white pills. Does that mean I could get pregnant if i have sex on a day where I take the first two white pills since they are just "sugar pills"? ## No, as long as you haven't missed any of the active pills, you are still fully protected for that entire week, even if you do not start your period immediately. In actuality, those placebo pills are only in there to help keep you in the habit of taking your pill each day, they are not necessary and you can skip them entirely, if you wish. Are there any other comments or questions? ...
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Small White Pill With Letter B And G On Same Side
Small white, round pill with the lettters B and G on the same side. there is an indentation/ slash straight horizontal line that seperates the letters. There is nothing else on the other side. ## Hi Ruthy, Unfortunately this pill description does not show up under any of the U.S. prescription drug databases, so I can't find any information on it. I also tried searching a few different variations of the imprint (GB, 8G, G8, etc), but no luck, even on google searches. The closest match I found is "G 8", but they are on different sides of the pill. Odds are that it could be either manufactured outside of the U.S. and/or that it is some sort of over the counter medication, as OTC meds aren't required to be listed in the drug databases. Just out of curiosity, did you find thi... ...
Updated 2 years ago.
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White Oblong Fp Imprint
does anyone know of hydrocodone 7.5/750 with thats looks white oblong with f p print on one side of it. ## Not that I'm aware of, however, there is a Combunox tablet that has the markings of FP on one side and the numbers 5400 on the opposite, it contains 400mgs of Ibuprofen and 5mgs of Oxycodone. Does this meet the description of the tablet in question, or does it only have the FP on it? ## ive never seen one ## i ordered 7.5/750 vicodin es online and by the pic that they show has "F" on left side and "P" on right side. i really hope that its not a scam. i severe chronic pain in my lower back. I have 2 herniated discs at L4-L5 and L5-S1 along with that i have lumbar spondylosis same place. Does anyone know of a reputable online pharmacy to order legitimate pain meds... ...
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Round white pill 4839 A V
round white pill. blank one side and other side reads 4839 on top line across and a v on the bottom. i found this in my grandchilds pants any help identifying would be greatly appreciated. ## This is Acetaminophen 325mgs and Oxycodone 5mgs, a generic for the Narcotic pain releiver Percocet. Your are correct to be concerned, these are highly addictive and dangerous to use if you haven't built a tolerance to narcotics, and of course illegal to have or use without a prescription. ...
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Tue, Mar 21 '06, 3:16 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 169324
Underline N White Round
White round pill with the letters ON underlined and 10 on other side... ## Hi Mikaela, Based on the description provided, I'm led to believe that this white round pill is Canadian and made by Novopharm (Teva Canada). I may not have an exact match here, but there are two other drug descriptions I located with the same imprint (both being white). If the N is very fat and looks embedded then it's 10mg of Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex), an antiestrogen drug. If the N is normal looking then it's 10mg of Domperidone (Novo-Domperidone), a gastrointestinal drug. There's other N 10 imprints but they're different colors. Novopharm is bad about ambiguous imprints; they have at least ten different "N 10" pills that I'm aware of. If it helps, you could try contacting th... ...
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White Oval Pill T 30m3 Ii
Updated 1 year ago.
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lo loestrin white pills
i skipped the last white pills didnt take the brown placebo pills and missed taking the first blue pill on the new pack but i took two blue pills the next day, is it fine if i missed that white pill and never took it later? i also was sexually active during those days but i wont be for another week if that makes a difference. thank you. ...
Updated 7 months ago.
Mon, Nov 18 '13, 6:26 PM   0 
Watson 241 1 Small Round White Pill
May I snort said pill? Will I get high? ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Wed, Jan 16 '13, 11:55 AM   0 
White capsule with the number EP120.
I have a bunch of white capsule with the number EP120. Anyone know what these. Thanks, Stephen ## I located the pill in description marked EP 120 to be Bethanechol chloride (25 mg). NOTE: these white pills are noted to be round and not capsuled shaped (in the drug databases). Bethanechol is sometimes given orally or subcutaneously to treat urinary retention resulting from general anesthetic or diabetic neuropathy of the bladder, or to treat gastrointestinal atony (lack of muscular tone). To view information about this drug, please click on the link below... If you have any other questions or concerns about this being your pill, please post back and I will be happy to assist you. ## WHAT IS THE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Of white and blue tablets? ## active ingredients of white and pale blue tab... ...
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White Round Pill 250 nothing on back
This looks like penicillin but it has nothing on the reverse side. It is white and round. It has PVK in capitals, a bevelled score through the middle and 250 under the lineN, but there is nothing at all on the back. ## If you've been searching the pill identifiers online, those are mostly only relevant to the U.S. and since that's not where you are located, this one wouldn't be listed in them. However, with that marking, from what I can find, it is indeed a 250mg Penicillin tablet, that's used to treat various types of infections. Learn more Penicillin details here. However, you can also double check this information with a pharmacy, just to be sure. Where did you find it? ...
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Mon, Nov 26 '12, 11:21 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 238919
Can i get pregnant having unprotected sex while taking the sugar pills, after my period came and went? This is my first month of taking them. ## Not as long as you have taken the active tablets daily, without missing any. Even though it is a week where you take a placebo pill, the other active tablets work by preventing ovulation, so you are still protected, even during your period week. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Methamphetamine White Pill U Shape 10 On One Side
I have a white pill that is white u shaped or more like a D shape with 10 on one side and what looks like a large D on the other side. I was told by a friend that it is methaphetamin Not sure on the spelling ;( Thank you.PN ## This is a 10mg Focalin tablet, with contains the active ingredient Dexmethylphenidate, it is similar to and used to treat the same conditions as Amphetamines, but it is not Methamphetamine. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## I was prescribed 7.5 mg. Lortabs for pain, after a minor surgery about 3 months ago and only took a few of them. I had a bicycle accident yesterday and hurt my back, so I started taking them again. I am subject to random drug testing at work, and need to know if it is legal to take them or, will I fail a drug test due to th... ...
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Round Grey and White Pill
I have found a round tablet about 5mls across. No markings, white one side and grey the other. About 2mls depth, can anyone help please? Thanks UK ## Hi sweetpea, Just out of curiosity, where did you find this pill at? From what I could gather, there really is no way to ID a pill that has no markings. If it falls into this category, the pill is more than likely classified as one or more of the following: foreign illicit OTC supplements/vitamins fake Some sites such as esctasydata will analyze a pill's ingredients for a stiff fee of $120-$150. But I wouldn't suggest going that route unless you think it could be something important to you (depending on where you found it I would imagine). Does anyone else recognize this pill? ...
Updated 1 year ago.
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small white round pill 78
Unless I am unaware of some new test..................My friend goes to a pain doctor here in Alabama. Her drug test came up (a benzo other that clonopin) which she is prescribed. Number one she did not take anything else, and two they can't tell one benzo from another. Does anyone know for a fact that these tests exist? ...
Updated 2 months ago.
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