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Bisoprolol is a drug belonging to the group of beta blockers, a class of medicines used primarily in cardiovascular diseases. More specifically, it is a selective type β1 adrenergic receptor blocker. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an application by Duramed Pharmaceutical for Zebeta Oral Tablets (Bisoprolol Fumarate) as a new molecular entity on July 31, 1992.[3] It has since been approved by the FDA for manufacture by Teva, Mylan, Sandoz, Aurobino, and Unichem.[4] I...
Paracetamol minitablet
plz tell me the marketed preparation of paracetamol and aceclofenac for mini tablet(2-3diameter) ## I'm sorry, but I really can't provide any information based on just the size of the tablets. The combination of Paracetamol with Aceclofenac is not something available in the U.S. and, in the countries that do market it, there are many possible formulations and name brands on the market. Can you post back with more specific details, such as what country you are in? This medication combination is usually used to treat pain, fever and swelling and it may cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, stomach irritation and headache. Learn more: ...
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Damage To Kidneys And Liver From Acetominaphen With Codeine
I am a Canadian resident in Costa Rica since 1984. I have a lot of med. problems. No thyroid (papillary carsinoma), ACFA patient, high blood pressure, sick sinus of the heart syndrome, pacemaker, 2 heart valves need replacement, abdominal hernia, needs surgery. foot bunions and distorted feet waiting surgery many years, shortness of breath, electrical pain from osteo arthritis in all joints, and pelvis, impinchment of pelvis, worn out bone surfaces at joints, using a lot of meds for above conditions. Using acetaminophen with codeine, 4 tablets in 24 hours, to cover the pain. Less won't work. Have treatment for retention of water, anticoagulation (warfarin), blood pressure, arrhythmea, and thyroid (eutiroxina). Will the pain medicine cause lesions to kidneys and liver? ...
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Tue, May 07 '13, 11:47 AM   0 
Is there a white round muscle relaxer with tiny beige specks in it and no markings?
I need to take my pill, but it is not in the correct bottle, because I have had them for a while, and don't throw away my meds. But I need to make sure it is the muscle relaxer. Haven't had very many prescriptions except for something for the flu or ear infections. So it has to be the pill I got for my should spasms and leg cramps last year. ## Hello, LadyJ! How are you? No, if they have no markings, then they aren't a prescription medication. All prescription tablets in the U.S. are required to have markings to enable their identification, in case of emergency. Tablets without markings are over the counter products, of some type. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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US equivalent to Enantyum
Can anyone tell me what the US equivalent to Enantyum would be. I had dental surgery in Guatemala and was given 25mg tablets but running out. I'm hoping not to need them but want to keep my options open. ## Hi Jackie, Based on my research, Enantyum contains Dexketoprofen. I've read that ketoprofen would most likely be the equivalent in US. Ketoprofen is in a group of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Ketoprofen works by reducing hormones that cause inflammation and pain in the body. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Ketoprofen Details I hope this helps! ...
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hydroco/apap 7.5-500tab overdose
What would be the reults of ingeting 40 hydroco/apap 7.5-500tab at one time? ## Ignoring the huge amount of a very potent narcotic that the person would be taking, the amount of Acetaminophen ingested would be fatal. ## white round pill with C above score and CT below the score. Blank on other side. What is it? ## These tablets have the #'s M357, M358, and M359 on them. Are these in fact hydroco/apap? ## M357 contains 500mgs of Acetaminophen and 5mgs of Hydrocodone. M358 contains 500mgs of Acetaminophen and 7.5mgs of Hydrocodone. M359 contains 650mgs of Acetaminophen and 7.5mgs of Hydrocodone. So, yes, they are all generics for Lortab, just different dosages. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, dry mouth, constipation and drowsiness. ## If u ingest 40 7.5 lortab u ... ...
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roxycodone 15mg
small mint green pill ## On posts such as this, without more details, there is actually no way for anyone to confirm whether or not the tablet in question was Oxycodone. The reason for this is due to the fact that the colors actually don't mean anything, it is the markings on a tablet or capsule that enable it to be identified. If they wanted to, any given manufactured could toss the proper coloring agents into all of their pills to make them a mint green color, the could make them all round and as close to the same size as they could, there are no regulations preventing them from doing so. That said, there are several round, green tablets that contain Oxycodone in the regular release formulation that is a generic for Roxicodone, but as I said, with only this limited information pro... ...
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sprintec no period helpppp
I never miss pills ever I take them religiously and I have a alarm to warn me to take them so never missed a pill , but I always always start on the Friday of my white pills arounnd1 pm AMD it's now 6 and I still haven't syarted. I am very intimately active but never had an accident with my boyfriend coming in me. I never take the white pills because my mom told me they didn't matter. I'm such a wreck and I know stress doesn't help but I don't know what to do. Help ## Hello, alg! How are you? Did your period start? Your mother is correct, there are no active ingredients in those tablets. You will experience many more changes as the years go by, so you really need to get used to the fact that things aren't always going to be the same. Your body and hormone lev... ...
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thyroxine vs levothyroxine
is there a difference between levothyroxine tablets & thyroxine tablets? ## Hi Rose, From what I could gather, Levothyroxine (also known as L-thyroxine or T4), is a synthetic form of the thyroid hormone "thyroxine", which is normally secreted by the follicular cells of the thyroid gland. So to answer your question, they are the same exact medication. However if they were manufactured by different companies, it's likely that each tablet contains a different set of inactive ingredients (otherwise known as binders/fillers). To my understanding, the different variations of these inactive ingredients, have a significant impact on the overall efficacy of certain medications. Do you happen to have any experience or feedback on either of these brands? You can learn more about th... ...
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i want to increas body weight
i want increas my body weight my age 24, height 5'.6'', weight 52. so my body very lean i want increas my weight for that plz say any tablets ## There are some medications on the market that can cause weight gain as a side effect, but trying to use them to do so is not advisable, because they all carry the risk of causing problematic side effects and, any weight changes they may cause, are only present as long as someone continues to take the medication. Side effects are usually not permanent. Have you consulted a doctor? The best and safest way to gain weight is by increasing the healthy calories in your diet and getting proper exercise. However, some people are just naturally meant to be small and you may never gain a significant amount of weight. ...
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round white pill with ip 145 imprinted on one side ## HYDROCODONE; IBUPROFEN (Vicoprofen®, Reprexain™) is a combination of two different types of pain medicine. Hydrocodone; ibuprofen combination products are used to treat moderate to severe pain. Federal law prohibits the transfer of this product to any person other than the patient for whom it was prescribed. Generic hydrocodone; ibuprofen tablets are available. ...
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xanax purple
xanax 10 scored film coated oblong purple color ## First, I would like to state that there is no 10mg Xanax on the market, it is only available in a maximum of 2mgs of Alprazolam. That said, are there any markings on the tablets? It is the markings that enable us to identify them. I am also not finding any purple tablets, but there are several blue, oval tablets, some of the markings include: G 3721, 1mg GG 258, 1mg 2089 V, 1mg BP 632, 1mg 605, 1mg and ALP 1 APO. And this is not a comprehensive list, since it is available as a generic. Can you post back with the markings on the tablets in question? ## The only markings on this tablet are Xanax 1.0 - not 10. There is nothing else on it at all and it is coated with a film, whereas alprazolam is not and is blue, the supplier said it is a b... ...
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our doctor said that iselpin should be dissolved in water before taking (as in effervescent tabs) but literatures do not say so. what is the correct way? the tablet doesn't look like an effervescent one. how many forms does iselpin have? ## Iselpin contains the active ingredient Sucralfate and it is normally used to treat active ulcers. And yes, it does come in several forms and it sounds like you have the regular tablets, which are just intended to be swallowed orally. I'd suggest checking with your pharmacist, before using them, just to be certain. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Im taking Iselpin before lunch and before bedtime as prescribed by my doctor together with domperedone 3x a day and esomeprazole before breakfast and dinner for one month. Is it ok to ta... ...
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what does 80mg oxycodone look like
what color is an 80mg oxycodone pill ## Mattg ## How can I i.d. 80 oxicontin,the old version.No jell,no time release.Only the fast release.Also how to id the 30 mg,no time release or jell.I know the 30is blue and the 80 green,i think ## what are the 80 mils with nothing on them but came from a famous purdue pherm. in conn. are they real they were in in a bubble safe package ## In the U.S. and Canada, there is not now, nor has there ever been a regular or instant release 80mg Oxycodone tablet. The 80mgs tablets are only available as the name brand Oxycontin, though for a brief period there were some generics on the market, but all were controlled release in this dosage. The original name brand 80mg tablet was green with an OC on one side and 80 on the other, the new formulation has an OP... ...
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Hydrocodone Acetaminophen 5 500tb
My wife will be taking hydrocodone acetaminophen 5 500 tb for the first time to help her get through her physical therapy. How long before the therapy starts should she take the pill to get maximum relief during the session. ## It's really difficult to say, because it takes 15 to 20 minutes for the regular release tablets like this to start being digested and enter someone's blood stream and then, of course, you want it to be working, before she goes in for the session to minimize the pain. I'd say she should take it at least half an hour before. Learn more Vicodin details here. However, I'm not a doctor, so I'd suggest she call hers and ask them, just to be certain. Additionally, like all analgesics, they really work better at preventing pain, rather than relieving ... ...
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adtrol plus side effects
oval shape yellow color tabletcalcium csarbonie calcitrial ## Bright Instrument&control System [Address]Duttapukur Nebadhai Kolkata---743248 ## Whar are the side effect of ADTMROL - Plus Tablets. I am using it for cervical problem I am diabetic but under control with small dose of oral medicine. I had heart problem 51 years back but cotrolled with medicine and I am ok ## What are possible side effects of ADTROL PLUS. Does it cause excessive gas formation?My wife is taking this for last four weeks and has experienced lot of gas problems.Could this be due to this supplement? ...
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Potent narcotic analgesic. C(II): 2 mg tablet and 2 mg, discontinued ## Hi endorphin, I'm not finding any specific details on the discontinuation of Levo-Dromoran (levorphanol tartrate). Do you know whether or not this only pertains to a certain dosage or brand of the medication? It's quite possible that one of the manufacturers stopped making a particular tablet. Whereas another company could've resumed production. From what I could gather, Levo-Dromoran 2mg tablets are still currently manufactured for: Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, out of Costa Mesa, CA. Ref: Any thoughts on this? ## Hello, I just thought I'd provide some additional information for Levo-Dromoran... Based on my research, Levo-Dromoran conta... ...
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Uses Of Ovaa Shield Ds
I need to take ovaa shied de from my next cycle..want to know it's uses and syd effects and also success rate ## I am TTC from past 1 year. One IUI was failure. Doctor has suggested this cycle for Ovaa Shield. How does this medication help? ## what is use and purpose of oova sheild tab for womens ## One IUI was failure. Doctor has suggested this cycle for Ovaa Shield. How does this medication help? ## hi , I am 27 years old and trying to doctor suggested me ovaa shield tablets from 3day of my period till 27th day.Follicule ruptured on 14th day(got to know through inernal scan).This is the first month i am using ovaa shield and duphaston(from 17th day to 26th day).usually i get my period on 28th day,but this time i didnt get it even on 30th day.does ovaa shield delays a p... ...
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round white pill S AD otherside 30
round white pill S AD on one side 30 on otherside ## This is 30mgs of Mixed Amphetamine Salts, the active ingredient in Adderall. This is a stimulant used to treat ADHD and Narcolepsy. Common side effects may include: nausea, headache, irritability and insomnia. Read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## If these Pills are white, round with AD on one side and 3|0 on the other side are they fake? If they are the real thing just without the and look identical to the orange ones except they are white, do you know what company they are made by. Or are these white colored round tablets that are supposed to be Adderall Just fakes. ...
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xanax color ?
xanax comes in different colors so which color is the xanax with milligrams of 0.025 ## one side says &R it looks like a R but on the other side says 031 ## what colors do 2mg xanax come in? ## I NEED TO KNOW IF THIS IS A XANAX OR NOT. IT'S WHITE AND RECTANGULAR WITH A V ON THE FRONT & THE NUMBERS 2090 ON THE BACK ## Xanax bar with G L on it ## I received pills with the name Asimax-Forte that are yellow and oval from Banson Pharmaceuticals LTD.that are Alprazolam Tablets 1 mg.Can you tell me what they are? Thank-you Dick ## Yes that is definately a xanax bar. Is it yellow? ...
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