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round white looks a little like co codamol tablet with the letter C on top of the indented line but JO on the bottom half it is a tablet n was found in a green but seethrough tub ## found some tablets - white marked c and jo. what are they for as label is missing on the bottle thanks ## what are small white tablets with c jo on them and what are they for ## This is Disulfiram for alcoholics. ## is it defo disulfiram as i got a panick there thinking my hubby had switched them to co codamol to make me think he taking them :( ...
Updated 1 year ago in Disulfiram.
Fri, Apr 05 '13, 3:51 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 201205
Levofloxacin 500 Mg
my doctor has prescribed levofloxacin fynal 500 along with a few more tablets she gives me normally......i would like to know what is fynal 500 meant to treat? ## I'm not sure what the fynal is, BUT beware of the Levaquin (levofloxacin). Go to the FDA's MedWatch site and read all side effects. They are very powerful antibiotics, but are not to be mixed with other particular medications. One that it is regularly prescribed with are Steroids. This be even more cause for an adverse reactions, but adverse reactions can occur even without mixing the antibiotic with other medications. Good luck. ## Levofloxacin is an antibiotic that is used to treat various types of infections. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Learn more: Are there any ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Levofloxacin.
Sat, Feb 11 '12, 3:31 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 227302
Bleeding After Hydrocodone Apap V Mlk Cm
The original prescription filled Hydrocodone 5 500 TAB MLKCM. imprint M357 They refilled with Hydrocodone/APAP*** (WATSON 349) and now I sometimes have blood in stool. Does the APAP have aspirin which causes internal bleeding with me, and caffeine, whcih the M357 does not seem to have that effect. What should I do? ## Neither of the tablets you mentioned contain Aspirin or Caffeine, they both contain Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen. (The Acetaminophen is what the APAP stands for.) It is not common, but it can cause stomach irritation and thin the blood, especially if you are taking 3 to 4 of these tablets a day. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Hydrocodone.
Tue, Mar 29 '11, 10:48 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 215727
hydrocodone apap 5 500 tab wats
i get hydroco/apap 10-500 they used to be pink and now they are giving me white ones that seem to be weaker and i am just want to know are they giving me the right meds or are the giving me a weaker brand I think they are giving me 5's instead of 10's the writing on the pill looks like watson 540 thank you ## The tablets with the WATSON 540 marking contain 10mgs of Hydrocodone and 500mgs of Acetaminophen, so they did provide you with the correct dosage. However, Watson recently changed them to remove the dye, which is why they are now white and there have actually been many posts from people saying that they no longer seem to be as effective. Learn more Vicodin details here. Another note I'd like to added is that as of 2013, the FDA has made a request that all manufacturers ... ...
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Fri, Jul 19 '13, 3:32 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 249371
White round Pill Muscle Relaxer
I found a white round pill that is suppose to be a muscle relaxer it has no markings on either side. ## If you found it, how do you know what it's supposed to be? In the U.S. muscle relaxants require a prescription and prescription tablets are all required to have unique markings to enable their identification, in case of emergency. Thus, if it has no markings, then we can rule it out as being a U.S. manufactured muscle relaxant. Muscle Relaxant Where was it found? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Muscle Relaxer.
Mon, Jun 11 '12, 9:53 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 231690
Do Blue Diazapam D 10 Whith Blank Back Light blue Are They Fake
i got some light blue d10valium and no score line and plain on back are they fake ## Where were they obtained? SInce they aren't available in the U.S., I am not familiar with them, but there are 10mg Diazepam tablets with this marking. Do you happen to know who the manufacturer is? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Diazepam.
Tue, Nov 29 '11, 5:07 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 220842
Tramado-small oblong white pill
I ordered Tramadol thru the mail and was sent these small, oblong, white pills. Stamped on one side is APO, other side is stamped TR/50. This doesn't look anything like I've ever seen for Tramadol. Is this real Tramadol? ## Hello, Based on the description provided, I can vouch that these white oblong pills are in fact legitimate 50mg Tramadol Hydrochloride tablets, used for treating moderate to severe pain. If you need additional verification, the manufacturer is reported to be Apotex Corporation and the pill itself carries a National Drug Code of 60505-0171. I hope this helps answer your question! Please post back if there's anything else I can help with... ...
Updated 23 days ago in Tramadol.
Tue, Oct 07 '14, 3:22 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 274698
white oval L612
I found these small white oval pills with L612 in my purse. I don't know what they are for. There isn't anything on the other side. Can you help me? ## Hi, Cecelia! How are you? These tablets contain 10mgs of Loratadine, which is an antihistamine that's available over the counter, it's better known by the name brand Claritin, this is a generic or store brand. Learn more Claritin details here. Side effects may include dizziness, drowsiness and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Loratadine.
Mon, Sep 23 '13, 10:15 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 252782
 Geritol Complete
Geritol is a United States trademarked name for various dietary supplements, past and present.[1] Geritol is a brand name for several vitamin complexes plus iron or multimineral products in both liquid form and tablets, containing from 9.5 to 18mg of iron per daily dose.[2] The name conveys a connection with aging, as in "geriatric." The product has been promoted from almost the beginning of the mass media era as a cure for "iron-poor tired blood". In the early 20th century, some medical doct...
Cold, Cough & Sinus infection - Okacet Cold tablet
Since a week, I'm suffering from cold, cough & sinus infection. I tried lots of home made medicines, as i always avoid visiting Doctors. But, due to no results, i visited a chemist shop and he gave me Okacet Cold tablets (dosage 1-0-1). Do this really helps in providing relief for cold, cough & sinus infections. ## Okacet Cold contains Acetaminophen, Cetirizine and Phenylpropanolamine. Learn more Acetaminophen details here. Learn more Cetirizine details here. Learn more Phenylpropanolamine details here. That said, it can help with some of the cold symptoms, but no it will not do anything for any type of infection. Why do you avoid doctors? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Acetaminophen.
Sat, Dec 29 '12, 9:06 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 238522
Glycomet-500 side effects
Hello I am 25 year married girl I want to ask that last 1 year before my doctor suggest me to take glycomet 500 3 times a day because my cycle was irregular n I am facing problem while getting pregnant n my doctor said that i am over weight and I continues this tablets for six months. But now I am not taking such tablet during some reasons. Please I want to know if there are any side effects of not taking these tablets since the last six months. I read some suggestions that's why I want to know from u pls suggest ## that is a diabetic medicine that why your doctor suggested you to take. may be your blood sugar level is high. ...
Updated 22 days ago in Diet / Weight Loss.
Thu, Oct 09 '14, 1:25 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 273581
Green Vicodin
are the green hydrocodone loratab, or lorecett? also are they stronger than the blue 10s? ## I'm sorry, but I can't really tell you anything just from the colors, because they actually don't mean anything. Are there any markings on the tablets in question? If you can post back with this information, then I can answer your questions. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Vicodin.
Sat, Feb 25 '12, 6:40 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 226368
Hyoscine 10 Mg Tablet
recently i got sinuses the doctor give hyoscine 10mg. its orange colour. i would like to check the colour of hyoscine 10 coz whn i go thru in net it stated white. please help on. thank you ## can these tablets bew used for seasickness if so what is the brand name ## can i take hyoscine tablets,i had a pyeloplasty on Feb 16 this year ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Thu, Apr 05 '12, 2:07 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 217803
square pink pill b d and 10 on other side
what is a pink to hot pink pill with B D with a scored line in between to the two on the pill and a 10 on the opposite side ## These are sterod tablets, manufactured by British Dragon Pharma, the color is the only way to tell them apart, they use the same marking on all of them. These square pink tablets contain 10mgs of Methandrostenolone. this is an anabolic steroid. You can read more information here: Where did you find this? ## That answer is incorrect. The small pink pill w a 10 on one side and scored down mid. is oxandralone or also called anavar. Much safer than the drug described in the previous answer. The drug is prbly. one of the safest steroids out there. The other persons answer leads you to one of the most dangerous if not the worst steroid ever made. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Steroids.
Sat, Mar 24 '12, 11:59 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 200227
pill with a q
Under duress (syringes n threats of guns) I took at least 4 but more likely to be 10 pills. The guy reluctantly said they was called dihydrochloride. They were small white tablets with dh 30 on them. My memory is blurry n there r huge gaps were I dont no wot happened. My heart was goin fluttery speech slurred n I cudnt eat or sleep. Efects at first seemed similar to amphetamines. Still feeling pretty out of it. Wondered if there was much need for concern ## Hello, Linzi! How are you feeling? I'm sorry that you had such a terrifying experience. Yes, you need to see a doctor and tell them exactly what happened. Even if you're feeling okay now, there could still have been some damage caused to your kidneys, liver or heart that may need medical treatment to protect your life. How lo... ...
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fear of addiction to percocet
My pain Management Dr. prescribed Percocet (512 pill), 4 times daily, 6 wks ago for my Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis and Arthritis. I am finally experiencing some pain relief . My MRI doesn't warrant surgery at this time. My big fear is that I willI become addicted to these Percocet tablets? Can this happen? ...
Updated 6 years ago in Percocet.
Mon, May 05 '08, 7:07 PM   0 
how to use akt4 kit
im taking red tablet with empty stomach,after brealfast shall i take all the three tablets together or by giving break ## HOW TO TAKE THE MEDICINE HP KIT FOR ULCER BEFORE OR AFTER IS THERE ANY SIDE EFFECT ## HOW TO USE AND HOW LONG ## dosage of each tab in AKT4 for a kid with weight 20kg ## How to use AKT4.Today sunday so doctor plese sent me advise ## how to use AKT4.please sent friend ## you dont give clear message how to use this medicine ...
Updated 3 years ago in Ulcer.
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pcod and delayed menstruation
HI I am 36 years old married woman with 2 children and have undergone birth control surgery. I have a problem of irregular periods and also were suffering from PCOD. However my periods were timely for last 2 years and recently they are not timely and can be a delayed by more than a month sometimes. Even after taking regesterone tabs( 3 tabsX3 days) there was no menstruation. Please let me know after how many days from completing the course of regestrone tablets the periods are expected? Also what are the remedies for the timely menstruation? ...
Updated 18 days ago in Birth Control / Contraceptive.
Sun, Oct 12 '14, 9:05 AM   0 
R-Cinex Capsules - Negative effects
Pl let me know the after side effects of taking R-Cinex 450 mg for about 3 months. ## R-Cinex contains Isoniazid and Rifampin. Side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, skin rash and diarrhea. read more: Do you have any other questions? ## sister is taking the following tablets (R-CINEX 450mg,COXERIN,MYCOPAS GRANULES,LEVIPIL 250mg) for tuberculosis of meningids which are multiplying and multiplying...please reply are they effective or should we consult another opinion from doctors.she is getting medicated from last four months but we are very little satisfied..please assist or call me at- 9921122355 ## My wife is suffering fever for the past 18 days. She has loss of weight & continous fever. The dr asked us to take several tests the results of which are as follows:- c... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Rifampin.
Mon, Apr 08 '13, 8:10 AM   6  Subscribe to thread 204575
Drug Rejunex Od
my son is advised Rejunex OD 1 tablet a day. Please advise the side effects of these tablets. ## Rejunex-OD is just a nutritional supplement that contains Folic Acid, Methylcobalamin, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin B6. Learn more vitamin details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## my husband was advise to take rejunex od by doctor as his vitamin b was low &was in severe depression.he was ask to take vitcofol injections.BY mistake he has taken 2 tablets a day.he ws prescibed once aday.he has taken twice aday for 1 there asideeffect or any harm of rejunex od overdose ...
Updated 1 year ago in Folic Acid.
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