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Lo Loestrin Fe Pill
I am 33 and started lo loestrin fe as my first contraceptive pill. I was very happy for first three weeks, then I missed my period and started having severe headache and body ache/discomfort. I stopped sleeping...only 2-3 hrs a day at the most. All this while I never missed a pill, had a ph reminder set for early morning. I was concerned about missed period so consulted my gyn who asked me to continue the same. For the next cycle I did get very light period but the pain never stopped and by the end of second month I started having radiating pain in my back, shoulders and head. Finally the pain started radiating to my left arm..that's when my gyn asked me to stop the pill although the sleeplessness continued for almost two weeks after stopping the pill. In the mean time, I was tested... ...
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Tue, Jun 24 '14, 1:45 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 222235
lo loestrin fe blue pills all month only
I started a new pack. But then like a week later I couldn't find it so I decided to take the pills from another new packet I had. Then I found my original pack but decided to stick with the second one. I tried to remind myself that because I had a different pack I had to remember that when it is supposed the last four days of a pack, I need to take the white and brown ones. Just forgot about it. So the last four days I took blue pills. And now I am starting a brand new pack. So basically the last month was all blue pills. And I wont take white or brown ones until the end of my new packet. Is this bad? ## No, many women do this on purpose to skip their menstrual cycle at times it would be inconvenient to have their periods, such as for a long planned vacation or wedding. It is basica... ...
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Mon, Jul 08 '13, 1:43 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 248721
Betadine Maximum Strength Ointment
I know that the Betadine ointment is available with Moisturizer OR with a pain reliever and these 2 products contain Aquaphor which contains Lanolin Alcohol and I'm highly allergic to Lanolin in any form. BUT does the maximum strength ointment also contain Aquaphor? If it does, I wouldn't be able to use it. Betadine ointment was taken off the market several years ago and now it's back - but the formula has been changed. I used it for years without any problems and now I don't know if I can use it again if it also contains Aquaphor. ## I suffer from a blood vessel disorder called Vasculitis. It affects the small blood vessels in both of my feet and legs. I've had this bout for 17 years now. Over a period of years the prescription anti-biotic ointment I'd been usin... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Betadine Ointment.
Tue, Jun 07 '11, 8:09 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 214734
Lexapro and the bad side effects
I just recently decided to try Lexapro 10mg nine days ago. My OBGYN recommended this for me to try if I wanted to because for 2 weeks out of every month before my period my hormones are completely out of it. I'm an emotional roller coaster. So, I thought what could it hurt to try. My experience has been awful with Lexapro. The very first day of taking it, I could not sleep, I felt very sick to my stomach. Second day.....still sick to my stomach, couldn't sleep and ringing in my ears. By the 4th day on this med all the side effects above including feeling like I have to bite down hard, grinding of the teeth, and cannot climax when me and my husband are having intercourse. Me and my husband are extremely intimately active with each other (5x a week) It's awful in my opinion. A... ...
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Sun, Aug 31 '14, 5:12 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 270437
bleeding - out
Bleeding-out is a slight possibility if you take ramucirumab. Do we know if there was anything in the profiles of those who bled-out that we can discern whether we will likely bleed-out? Was bleeding up front, or anytime during the time they took the drug? Was bleeding-out an "all at once" thing, or was it spread out? Can you likely be saved by the emergency room procedures? ## Hello, Ron! How are you? No, there is nothing that's been found to pinpoint anyone being more susceptible to bleeding out than anyone else. Bleeding out is actually considered to be sudden, heavy bleeding that can result in death within a very short period of time. If the person is bleeding more gradually over a 'spread out' period of time, there is a chance of combatting it by having them sto... ...
Updated 13 days ago in Ramucirumab.
Fri, Oct 17 '14, 4:03 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 275209
subutex and suboxone
Why do people stay on suboxone for long periods of time? I was on 8 , 10/325s a day for 6months, and I was able to get off opiates with 2, 8 mg pills of suboxone. I took a whole pill (8mg) the first day, 1/2 (4mg) the next day, 1/4 (2mg) the 3rd day, and I stopped taking it. I saved 2mg just in case I withdrew. But I had little to no wd's. I would relapse a few months later for about two weeks. And was able to get off the opiate with just one 8mg sub. By taking a 1/2, a 1/4, an 1/8, and an 1/8 the 4th day. No wds. Knowing I had access to the subs gave me a way to use the opiates recreationally cuz it felt good. Kinda wish it wasn't available. But if it wasn't, I'd be stuck on the opiate. Thankfully I haven't used in 16 months cuz it can get expensive. :-\ ## well I a... ...
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Progesterone Soft Gelatin Capsules 200 Mg
Dr prescibed Progesterone Soft Gelatin Capsules 100 Mg twide daily, but my wife took 200 mg twice daily by mistake for about 15 days (28 capsule) and she is in her 3rd month and this is our 1st baby, will it affect the baby in any manner, please kindly let us know ## Has she consulted her doctor? Progesterone is a hormone that's vital to a healthy pregnancy, but it is hard to say if that dosage was too high and may cause any problems. Only her doctor is going to be able to evaluate that and let you know. ## My wife's pregnancy is 2 week late after the date of her periods time. Doctor give 200 mg progesteron soft gelatine capsule. This capsule is healthy for her or not? ## my sister use the progesterone soft gelatin capsules and she intake it my mouth and use as tablet it may cau... ...
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Mon, Jul 21 '14, 9:18 AM   8  Subscribe to thread 227684
ecosprin gold 20 and polyps surgery
Sir my father suffered from massive heart attack and had undergone angioplasty on 30th January 2013. now he is consuming Tazloc 20 tablet star press xl 50 1 tablet and ecosprin gold 20 1 tablet in a day recently a polyp hasbeen detected in his right nose.the e n t specialist has suggested to stop ecosprin gold 20 for at least 10 days in order to operate the polyp. in this case can ecosprin gold 20 be stopped for cardiac patient at this situation ## Hello, Sudipta! How are you? Ecosprin contains Aspirin, which is used in such cases for its blood thinning effect, so it does often need to be stopped for a period of time, before surgical procedures. However, with his heart condition, he should double check the safety of doing so with his regular doctor. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 4 months ago in Aspirin.
Thu, Jun 26 '14, 1:23 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 266861
Spotting on Loestrin vs. Lo loestrin
Hi, all- So the general rule of thumb I've always known is the lower the dose, the higher the chance of spotting/breakthrough bleeding. However, my doctor advised me that LO loestrin might actually lessen the change of intermenstrual bleeding because at a certain point, the dose gets so low that the lining of the uterus doesn't build up sufficiently for any bleeding to occur at all. My question: has anyone had experience with taking both Loestrin and Lo Loestrin? Did you experience, more, less, or the same amount of spotting/breakthrough bleeding between periods? I totally trust my doctor, yet I'm somehow reluctant to try lest it get even worse... Thanks! M ## My 15 yr old daughter had heavy bleeding and started bc to stop . She continued with heavy break through bleeding fo... ...
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Tue, Dec 24 '13, 10:30 PM   56  Subscribe to thread 217994
Was prescribed for heavy vaginal bleedingand irregular periods. ## HOW WILL PROVERA HELP ME WITH HEAVY BLEEDING, CLOTTING TAKEN IN CONJUNCTION WITH OVRAL? ## Provera contains a synthetic form of Progesterone, which is a hormone vital to the female menstrual cycle. In many cases, issues such as amenorrhea, PMS, PCOS/PCOD and the symptoms associated with perimenopause/menopause are caused by a deficiency in it. Thus, supplementing it back can help correct the issues. You can learn more Provera details here. Since this one is a synthetic form, it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, weight changes and headache. And something such as Ovral is often given to help try to keep your hormones regulated long-term, once you are finished with the Provera. Are there any comments and qu... ...
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Is Levosimendan available in the US ## The US trade name is Simdax, it is manufactured by Abbott labs. ## Where can get Simdax in the U.S. ? My mother is aged 73 and currently has a pacemaker implanted. She has been diagnosed with congenital heart failure and is having a very difficult time walking around for extended periods of time and keeping her energy levels up. She was told about the above-mentioned medication as a probable solution for giving her back some of that energy that she has lost. She understands that it’s not a long term solution but would like to explore the option. ...
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Mon, Aug 01 '11, 3:24 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 173985
WHICH WOULD WORK THE BEST SEVERE CONTINOUS BACK/NECK PAIN. I HAVE SUFFERED PAIN FOR MANY YRS FROM THE RESULTS OF A BROKEN NECK, DUE TO AN AUTO ACCIDENT. I DONT LIKE THE IDEA OF BEING "HIGH" OR ANYTHING, BUT NEED MEDS TO HELP TAKE THE SO CALLED EDGE OFF MY PAIN. ## For continuous intense pain, the time released formulations are usually used, because they can provide much longer pain relief. Though for pain management, many people end up using both, an immediate release to get faster relief, while waiting for the time released ones to kick in. The time released Oxycodone, which is available under the name brand Oxycontin, slowly releases the narcotic medication over a 12 hour time period. Since it's not all released at once, this also helps avoid the euphoric, high feeling for... ...
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primolut n does the cycle start from day 1 after course completed?
Hi we are currently trying to conceive and are charting cycles etc I am due day 1 of cycle 5th of april and then my cycles are 27/28 days so next one would be 3rd of may We fly out for 2 weeks vacation on the 2nd may and i wanted to delay the cycle until we return. My question is if i take the tablets this time (start of the 2nd april) will this mean the next one will be 28 days after my period appears (eg take tablest for 2wks 2/3 days wait then period starts 19th april approx) Please help as i am confused how it works Thanks ...
Updated 7 months ago.
Fri, Mar 28 '14, 6:40 AM   0 
Side Effects Of Lady Pills
helo ive been using TRUST PILLS for about 4yrs after which i switch to LADY PILLS because i find it cheaper without even taking an advice from a doctor, then i noticed that taking the pills i started feeling different like difficulty of breathing,i experience insomia and something inside of me when that attacks i loose my energy and as if i wanna faint i perspire a lot then up to now i noticed that im getting a little nervous till to the point im afraid or scared when there is nothing to be scared about.i hope that you could help me on my situation tnx a lot God Bless! ## ill take a trust pill before my period i had a pigsa in my under arm and now ang gamitko lady pills di po ba masama ung papalitpalit ng pills ## Is it safe to take myra E while I'm taking lady pills?tnx po ## Myies... ...
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Wed, Oct 08 '14, 9:58 PM   12  Subscribe to thread 233903
can ambiene be addictive? can u be pregnant while on ambiene? how long should someone be on ambiene without long term problems? ## Ambien contains the active ingredient Zolpidem and, like any other medication, it can be habit forming, if taken for a long period of time. As to long-term problems, it is actually only meant for the short-term treatment of insomnia, it is not intended to be used for lengthy periods of time. It is usually only prescribed for 2 to 6 weeks. There are some potential risks, if it is used during pregnancy, so it should only be used if your doctor has specifically recommended it and is monitoring your use of it. Learn more: Are there any other questions? ...
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Tue, Jul 19 '11, 10:49 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 220162
kenolog ruined my life
I had mild psoriasis on my scalp, elbows, and a few on my legs. Within three days of being given an intramuscular injection of kenolog10 my hair began to fall out and I started getting these small dots in various places on my body. My dermatologist swears it is unrelated to my injection, but two months later I am covered head to toe psoriasis, including my face, and I have lost 80% of my hair. I have also been on my period for going on four weeks now. This stuff is pure poison!!! ...
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Wed, Jul 02 '14, 6:47 PM   0 
subutex small white pill with 54 755
Why do people stay on suboxone for long periods of time? I was on 8 , 10/325s a day for 6months, and I was able to get off opiates with 2, 8 mg pills of suboxone. I took a whole pill (8mg) the first day, 1/2 (4mg) the next day, 1/4 (2mg) the 3rd day, and I stopped taking it. I saved 2mg just in case I withdrew. But I had little to no wd's. I would relapse a few months later for about two weeks. And was able to get off the opiate with just one 8mg sub. By taking a 1/2, a 1/4, an 1/8, and an 1/8 the 4th day. No wds. Knowing I had access to the subs gave me a way to use the opiates recreationally cuz it felt good. Kinda wish it wasn't available. But if it wasn't, I'd be stuck on the opiate. Thankfully I haven't used in 16 months cuz it can get expensive. :-\ ## I guess ... ...
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new to zoloft
I started 100mg zoloft for 3 days then 100mg twice a day. Sees like too much for me. Its only been a week so can I just stop taking it safely? ## I would think that you should be fine since it's only been a week; however, I know everyone responds to these types of drugs differently, so I can't say for certain that you wont experience any withdrawal symptoms. If you do feel the need to take it slower, usually for drugs like this the safest way to stop taking them is to tapper off them, if possible. Some medications can be taken in fractions (actually cut into pieces) and these smaller pieces can be taken in place of the regular dose for a period of several weeks until the body is no longer dependent upon them. I hope this info helps! ## i stopped taking effexor 75mg on tuseday an... ...
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amerigroup real solutions
Does medicaid pay for neurontin or lyrica? ## HI THERE MY NAME IS MICHAEL, I HAVE A NEW INSURANCE CALLED AMERIGROUP REAL SOLUTIONS, I WAS WONDERING IF IT COVERS THE DRUG CALLED SUBOXONE, MANY SITES ARE SAYING DIFFERENT THINGS, I WOULD APPRECIATE AN ANSWER, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.. ## Hi Linda, From what I've read, Medicaid does provide coverage for drugs like Neurontin and Lyrica. However, you might also want to call the pharmacy ahead of time to verify whether or not there's a copay. @Mikey, According to Amerigroup's webpage, coverage is available for generic Suboxone (buprenorphine + naloxone), but it does require prior authorization and there also appears to be quantity limits of 120 for a 30 day period. You can view more specific details on page 5 and 33 of the following... ...
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Can you take Tylenol with diclofenac sod 100 mg sa tab?
Can you take Tylenol with Diclofenac sod 100mg to relieve lower back pain? ## From what I could gather, there are no drug interactions or contraindications listed between Tylenol and Diclofenac. So based on that information, you should be fine taking the two together without experiencing any such complications. The main concern with Tylenol (acetaminophen) in my honest opinion, is just staying within safe dosing limits, due to it's notorious reputation for causing liver damage at higher doses and/or when taken for a prolonged period of time. I hope this info helps. Get well soon! ## i am taking nexito forte is it any indication in blood result such as show hepetitise ## My Dr. said that taking a diclofenac and one tylenol and the same time boosts the pain relief. Anyone know anythin... ...
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