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side effects of orcerin
I take orcerin tab bd for my knee joint. Doctor advised me to take it 6 months continously. Kindly inform me the side effects of it. ## Orcerin contains the active ingredient Diacerein, it is classified as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. It is used to treat pain and swelling. Side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and stomach irritation. Read more: Do you have any other questions? ## USE OF ORCERIN G IN HYPERTENSION & DIABETES ...
Updated 2 years ago in Anti-Inflammatory.
Sun, Dec 25 '11, 5:14 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 206781
Side Effects of Ovacare
Is there a side effect of Weight Gain due to intake of ovacare tablet. ## What are the side effects of ovacare tablets ...
Updated 3 months ago.
Sun, Jan 12 '14, 8:52 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 225132
Side Effects Of Zifi 200
i take a small peg of alchohol every night but now the doctor has prescribed zifi 200 & wikorl tablet i take both these tablet in the morning & afternoon. but night ihave my small drink is there any chances of side effects. ## You can Take after 3 hour because to absorb alcohol liver takes 3 Hours to complete the process of dilution.... ## @alex, It is important to know that all prescription drugs pose the risk of side effects. Whether or not you should continue taking a medication because of any possible side effects is up to you and how you feel. Listed below are the side effects associated with Zifi (Cefixime): • upset stomach • diarrhea • vomiting • mild skin rash • headache â̈́... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Cefixime.
Mon, Apr 30 '12, 7:43 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 227619
Side effects of Predmet
I am an Old Female Patient Age 81suffering from ILD (Interstices Lung Disease) and R.Arthritis. Having Predmet Since Last 4 Years With Varying Doses (16mg To 6mg) as per Doctors advise. Since last Six Weeks Dose of Predmet reduced to 4mg daily. In addition to General Weakness and Blood Sugar Disorder (which Is due to Predmet according to my Doctor), I am Suffering from Short Time Memory Loss during last 6 to 8 Months. Other Medicines taken are Ramistar5, Volibo03mg, Minipress XL5mg, Aztor20, Shelcal500 daily. Have BP 120/80 more Or less uniform Also Take Idrofos 150mg 1 Tab /month . Let me know if the Prolonged Uses affecting current memory loss OR advise. Regards Full Rani Dasgupta ...
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Sat, Jul 16 '11, 10:51 PM   0 
ibuprofin side effects
you note that generic meds can be marked same as proprietery "other" meds. how to be sure what I have? ## Hello, Dr Dre! How are you? No, the generic cannot be marked the same. It has to have its own unique markings that allow it to be identified according to drug, dosage and manufacturer. Can you post back with a description of the tablet in question, as well as its markings? If so, I will gladly check it for you. Thanks! ...
Updated 1 month ago.
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side effects of forecox
i would like to know more abput the side effects of forecox ## side effects of forecox medicine ## Forecox contains: ethambutol 400 mg, isoniazid 150 mg, pyrazinamide 750 mg, rifampicin 225 mg It is used to treat tuberculosis. It is available in India and since it is not available in the US, I am afraid I can't find any other information on it. Does anyone else know anything? ## I WANT TO KNOW ABOU THE POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS OF FORECOX (TWICE IN A DAY)ON A FEMALE AGED 25YRS ## there are not too much of side effects of forecox,, after 20-30 days of consumption u become habitual of this medicine, don't worry at all forecox is a perfect treatment for normal tb. God bless YOU! ## I am using fore cox since last three months. Doctor says it is enough to use this tablet for 2 months. Bu... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Ethambutol.
Sat, Dec 28 '13, 9:17 AM   9  Subscribe to thread 197066
side effects of amisulpride tablets
hi i'm a 24 yr old woman suffering from tourette's syndrome. i have been on amisulpride ( brand name sulpitac ) for the last 5 months. my dosage is 300 mg daily. it's awonderful drug as compared to haloperidol which i was previously taking. 1) i am a little concerned about the long term side effects of this drug. my spatial ability seems to have been affected. for eg. i keep bumping into people coming from opposite me, furniture n walls. i want to know if this is because of the drug. what r the other side effects that i should expect? 2)second, what r the drugs that i should avoid while on this medication. because with even a simple paracetamol, i become sort of disoriented if i take it with sulpitac. ## can amisulpride 400mg aday cause convulsion ## Hello, I am also using a... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Haloperidol.
Fri, Jul 06 '12, 10:39 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 185596
Side Effects Of Tablet Levesam 500mg
I was on epilex chrono 500 mg twice when the medication was reduced and stopped. This happened twice during a period of 6 years (break after 3 years). But every time the hand tremor reoccured. Presently I am on levesam 500 mg thrice since Feb 2009. Its been 3 years and I dont think that the doctor wants to reduce the medication or intend on stopping it. Are there any side effects that I may face if I continue this medication? I also plan to start a family, could this medication harm my child? ## Levesam contains the active ingredient Levetiracetam, which is an anticonvulsant. Learn more Levetiracetam details here. There are possible risks associated with taking any medication, but at this point your doctor probably feels that the possible risks are outweighed by the benefits it's pr... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Levetiracetam.
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Side Effects Of Rose Day Tablets 10 mg
My wife has been prescribed.Kindly inform on the side effects. Does it cause racing hear beat ## our doctor has prescribed roseday 10 to my wife.please let me know for what the medicine is prescribed and what may be its side efffects ## This contains the active ingredient Rosuvastatin, which is used to help lower cholesterol. And no, an accelerated heart rate isn't a common side effect, if she's experiencing that, she needs to contact her doctor immediately. Common side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and joint/muscle aches. Learn more Rosuvastatin details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ...
Updated 9 months ago in Rosuvastatin.
Tue, Jun 18 '13, 2:10 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 243242
Side Effects Of Melmet 500 Sr Tablets
I want ti know if the tablet Melmet 500 mg can cause dry cough ## Melmet is a brand name from India for the medication Metformin, commonly sold in the US under the name Glucophage. This is an antidiabetic drug, used to help lower blood sugar. Referring to your question, the answer is no. The most common adverse effect of metformin is gastrointestinal upset, including diarrhea, cramps, nausea, vomiting and increased flatulence. The most serious potential side effect of metformin use is lactic acidosis; this complication is very rare, and the vast majority of these cases seem to be related to comorbid conditions such as impaired liver or kidney function, rather than to the metformin itself. You can read more about this medication here: Please post back if you have any other questions or c... ...
Updated 4 months ago in Metformin.
Sun, Dec 08 '13, 4:42 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 212588
tablet tayo 60K side effects
I am 67 was advised by doctor to use Ta y o 60K along with superacal calcium for 4 weeks. Instead of Taking Tayo 60K I.U. with water I chewed before swallowing,I could not read that chewing is required for Theraepeuitc use.After chewing it ,i started feeling stiffness in my left leg,when I Chewed it the 2nd tablet I started feeling stifness in right leg, and instead of feeling better I am feeling More back pain. I think I have done some thing wrong by cheweing tablet. Please let me know how to remove this side effect. ## Tayo 60k is just a vitamin D supplement, so neither chewing it nor swallowing it whole should have caused such side effects. Have you consulted your doctor? It sounds like something else may be going on that's worsening your condition. ...
Updated 4 months ago in Vitamins & Supplements.
Sat, Nov 23 '13, 5:15 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 255359
Loparet Tablet side effects
I am taking loparet tablet regularly twice in a week for a long time.. if we take loparet for long time (nearly six months), will it cause any side effect? ## All medications carry the risk of side effects, even over the counter products and especially with long-term use. Loperamide is used to treat diarrhea, but generally only for a short period of time. If you need it that frequently, you should consult a doctor, because there could be a medical condition causing your problem that may require treatment. Normal side effects may include: nausea, constipation, abdominal pain and bloating. Learn more: Have you consulted a doctor, yet? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Loperamide.
Thu, Aug 25 '11, 9:45 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 221690
Tab Flavedon Mr Side Effects
SAFETY OF USE OF 1. Trimetazidine ( Flaviden) 2. Nicorandil (Nikkoran) 3. Ranolazine (Ranozex) , and, 4. Ezetamibe ( Ezedoc) IN PORPHYRIA PATIENTS?? ## Have you discussed this with your doctor? When it comes to any medical condition and medications used, only you and your doctor can evaluate the safety of their use for treatment. Trimetazadine is most commonly used to treat angina. You can learn more about it here: Nicorandil is a vasodilatory medication that is also commonly used to treat angina. Its side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, mouth ulcers and headache. Learn more: Ranloazine is another antianginal, with side effects similar to what I mentioned above. Ezetimibe is most commonly used to help lower cholesterol, its side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, head... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Nicorandil.
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Thank Od Tablet Side Effects
I want to know Thank Od Tablet Side Effects ## side effect of thank od tablet and benefit of it ## what is banifit of Thank OD and the first and last best tablet for hemorrhoids? ...
Updated 9 months ago.
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Nise Tablet any Side Effects
I take nise everytime I get migraine.Half an hour to one hr, I am fine. About 5 tablets a month, that is I may have an attack of 5 times a month minimum. I do not know any side effects. Any one can, please help. ## Hi, Tomy! How are you? Nise contains the active ingredient Nimesulide, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that's used to treat pain, fever and swelling. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and skin rash. Learn more Nise details here. Have you consulted your doctor about your headaches? ...
Updated 7 months ago in Nimesulide.
Wed, Aug 21 '13, 2:05 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 243519
Trapic E Tablet Side Effects
i am unmarried and having severe bleeding problem from last year .bleeding is controlled by using regestrone 5mg tab. for 10 days in a month.may i use trapicE in spite of regestrone .MY ALL REPORTS ARE NORMAL LIKE SONOGRAPHY,THYROID TEST ## Has your doctor advised you to use it? Trapic-E contains Etamsylate and Tranexamic Acid and it is commonly used to control severe bleeding. However, it does carry some risks, such as unwanted blood clotting, which could put you in danger. Thus, I wouldn't advise using it, without consulting your doctor, first. ## I was having severe bleeding for the last few months.My age is 49 yrs. Consulted one Gynae and he advised me to undergo some investigations of blood and usg. of whole abdomen . The report revealed that Bulky Uterus with a Hypoechoic sol ... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Tranexamic Acid.
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zerodol tablet side effects
Hi All, I have been diagnosed with Ancalytic Spondalisis. I am having acute pain in my back. I am taking zerodol MR daily to relax(1 tablet daily in night). I am taking this medicine from last 6 months. PLease advice will there be any side effect to my body or bones. Will you prescribe any test for me to checkup the condition of the body. Please help me on priority as I am very worried. I am living in India. my email address is {edited for privacy}. Regards Gaurav ## Hi Gaurav, Sorry to hear about the back pain you're experiencing. From what I could gather, Zerodol MR contains the active ingredients: Aceclofenac (100mg) + Paracetamol (500mg) + Tizanidine (2mg). As far as side effects go, this drug may cause the following symptoms: muscle pain and weakness, fatigue, dizziness, insomn... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Aceclofenac.
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vega 100 tablet side effects
Does vega 100 affect fertility? ## After Using Vega 100 tablet twice, I noticed that my genitialia dose'nt respond naturaly anymore except when I use the tablet. I want to stop Using the tablet and perform Naturaly. What will I do? Because it's trying to make me feel Depressed and I dont want to Use tablets anymore...... ## Can excessive use of vega 100 kill and does it lead to impotency? ## i think poison control would do. and remember to keep it away from children next time ...
Updated 2 months ago.
Mon, Feb 10 '14, 10:07 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 248575
Meprate tablet side effects
My wife is 39 yrs old, she is having Thyroid from last 7 years when she delivered 2nd son. she is regularly consuming 10 tablets for ten days for every 2 months, then mensuration occurs her again after 15 days 2nd mensuration happens. Please advise us by taking Meprat tablet: 1. whether any side effects will happen. 2. Will she has to continue meprate life long. 3. Weakness is lot while doing household work. 4. Leg pains and she is overweight (85kg). 5. chest pain occurs occasionally. ## My wife is 39 yrs old, she is having Thyroid from last 7 years when she delivered 2nd son. she is regularly consuming 10 tablets for ten days for every 2 months, then mensuration occurs her again after 15 days 2nd mensuration happens. Please advise us by taking Meprat tablet: 1. whether any side effects... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Thyroid.
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Ovi F Side Effects
want to know side effects of tablets ovi f ## Hi, Sum! How are you? Ovi-F contains the active ingredient Clomiphene, which is used to induce ovulation in women. Side effects may include nausea, hot flashes, blurred vision and abdominal discomfort. Learn more Ovi-F details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 7 months ago in Clomiphene.
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