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Pharmacist Refusing To Fill My Script Of Suboxone. What Do I Do???
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Jaime Says:
I wet to my doc 7 days early because of running out early. I took my new script to pharmacy and said, this is early so I won't be using insurance. My doc said you can call him if necessary. Well no one wanted to. They filled two per day for three days. On the third day I asked to fill the rest on insurance for the next day. I was one day early. When I called the next morning to have my daily two filled the pharmacy manager said no we won't be filling it for another 5 days. Go to the ER for your withdrawals but don't come here because I won't give it to you. Has this happened to anyone else????

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Big dik Says:
Why would u be 5 days early (according to the pharmacy) U SAID U WERE A DAY EARLY? Doesn't make sense ? They wouldn't make u wait 5 days AFTER it was cleared by insurance? Something is being left out? Yer dr could have easily over ridden the issue IF EVERYTHING was legit? There was no sneaky tactics or moral issues!!

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PharmacyGuy Says:
via mobile
This is absolutely false. Most phamacists have the descretion to allow refills on Schedule III and below drugs up to 8 days early (barring there is a more strict restriction in your state). If it is too early to bill insurance (most require it to be filled no more than three days early), the pharmacist has the descretion to give you a full refill on your medication and bill your insurance for it later or to dispense just enough to get you through to the time it is supposed to be filled. All the above is moot in your case because you had a newly written script to get your 'refill.' It would not matter if you got your script filled and then were given another 5 days later by the same doctor. It's a new script with new instructions. The reason you want to visit a locally owned pharmacy is because they don't have these extra corporate policies that place even more restrictions on what pharmacists are allowed do.

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Blondie Says:
I had an ambien script filled with a xanax script at a Duane Reade through insurance. Two days later got automated call to pick up my ambien script. I called them and was told to come and get it. When I got there it was not ready, but they quickly got it together and it went through my insurance. How could this happen and will they notice?

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Cella Says:
Subs depend on the pharmacy & the mood of pharmacist. Ive gotten my subs filled & paid for by my insurance company at the small pharmacy @ my, Dr's office in the state of MA. CVS...I've gotten them to fill it 5 days early but @ CVS it really does depend on the location & mood of pharmpharmacist!!!

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Bree Says:
Try this, I got into a car accident so bad that i needed back surgery, i refused beings i was only 22 and pregnant. I was on L 10s and was like tired of taking more and more to subdue pain, So i started looking into natural therapy at home ( what did my greatgrandma use? since there was no drug use like now back then, the docs switched me to suboxone, later i find out thats for ppl who IV whatever they IV, why am i even on this i have no idea but recently walgreens is always out , i cant get it filled and it seems after being on this for 5 years that its 100% harder to get off this than the pain pills. i mean jesus christ i feel like imma die . walgreens changed and now if u not due for ur script based on the amount u purchased u cant fill it till 12:01 midnight , now im having a very hard time finiding it at all im so ready to go on subutex i hear its alot better and it seems since i never did any other dryg but Loratab 10's in my life i shouldnt even be on this. any suggestions on weaning off and pharmacy w subutex

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Chooky75 Says:
Oh my god, I SO agree with you, would you believe I started using Suboxone because when I shot it up, it felt like a coke rush??? I kid you not. Loved it, got addicted (had NO idea of the addictive qualities), now here I am 7 years later, sitting on 10mg a day. I pick up monthly supply from a chemist (I live in Australia) and it cost me $20 per month for that supply. I guess that's part of the reason I'm still on it, but it changed my life too, I don't even want to smoke pot anymore these days, don't drink, don't do anything, except put those little orange strips under my tongue each day before I head out the door. Have tried to detox many times, waited until 4 days and was pretty yuck... can't do it hey. The depression gets me, as does the insomnia and RLS. Would rather be dead than detox off that stuff!! I work too and have two small kids so if I ever do decide to come off for good, will have to be when my kids are more self-reliant. My doctor is putting me under no pressure to come down anyway, he's seen me at my very worst and now he sees me working, socialising, getting on with my family and its all down to Suboxone. Just wanted to share that with you, I always like to hear of other people's experiences as it seems so different in USA, sounds like we have it really good her in Australia, although some of the losers that hang around the clinic waiting to get their dose every day, whingeing because it's not open yet....they have no idea how good we have it here. Ungrateful scum most of them, still living and acting like drug addicts, throw tantrums when things won't go their way, yet can't understand that if they just provide 3 clean urines in a row, will get monthly takeaway's like me. Anyway,,,that's another story! Best of luck to you all.

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Great Regrets Says:
Hi. I've seen so much ignorance in this thread that I can't help myself.

First, Suboxone is a mixture of Buorenorphine and Naloxone (8mg/2mg ratio). The Nalexone is a pure Opiate "antagonist". If has saved MANY OD victims, by ripping the H (or whatever) off their opiate receptors, and taking their place. That's great if you're not breathing, but if given to an addict will immediately cause a serious "precipitated withdrawal". But Buprenorphine is a mixed "agonist/antagonist", there are a lot of strong analgesics in this category. Buprenorphine binds VERY strongly to your opiate receptors, and has a MUCH longer half-life than its Nalaxone component, so I've heard that inj. isn't really being thwarted. But that's neither here more there; if you are taking it Sublingually the Nalaxone isn't an issue.

Suboxone, given to someone physically addicted to a full agonist opiate, which is all the a usable ones we all know, will kick all of the agonist off, and replace it with Suboxone. Because Suboxone can't take the place (in your body), of a full agonist, it will can cause a VICIOUS precipitated withdrawal. Especially someone REALLY physically addicted to large daily dosages OD strong narcotics like H, Morphine, Dilaudid, Methadone, Oxycodone, and even Hydrocodone. I put "really" in caps because Suboxone is powerful, very addicting itself, and I see 3-4 Vicodan/day people get out on 16mg/day of Sub. Now the have a REAL monkey on their back, believe me.

I had (get this, it still disgusts me), a 300mg+ (never lower) Oxycodone (Mostly via chewed OxyContin) habit. I spend well over $100,000 on it. In 2000, it could be obtained fairly cheaply from Mexico. Western Union or mail money order, and Fed Ex to your door. Then EVERYONE discovered MY favorite drug, and I just paid what I had to. I actually kicked cold turkey over a king Christmas Vacation (I'm an engineer, and had no job problems, as long as I didn't quit). I didn't know about PAWS, and I'm prone to depression anyway, so I relapsed, but got into a Methadone Clinic almost immediately. It was right near work, 75mg/day for 5 years. LUCKILY for me I had a dirty UA, or I would have been eligible for 30day "take homes", and I'd have been on it for life. So back to daily visits, I said f* this prison I'm in, and talked to the Shrink I was seeing about Sub. He was a Sub. Authorized doctor too. He wanted me to jump immediately, but I'd read a lot of recommendations to taper Methadone down to 30mg/day before you jump. This because 1)Methadone has a VERY long half life --like Sub. -- and you have to be EXTRA sure you are really in moderate+ withdrawal, which might take 5 days, and 2) No amount of Sub. can replace a high Methadone dosage. I jumped over at 39 mg of Meth., and had no problems. EXCEPT, during my really rapid taper, I got to feeling really down, and got back on anti-depressants for the first time in years. My doc said he thought I was underestimating the mental effects of my taper. He was right.

I started on 24mg, but 16mg would have been fine. Withdrawal went magically away before 16mg, but I didn't feel RIGHT, so I took it to 24mg. I still didn't feel completely as "my normal on Methadone", and my doc said it was because of The "ceeling effect" of the Sub., it could never equal 75mg of Meth., which my body had been accustomed to. Time was all that would help. The ceiling effect is REAL AND DRAMATIC. I literally forgot I had taken my once/day morning dose, and took it AGAIN! 48mg of Sub.! And I didn't even notice. I counted the next day and figured it out. BEWARE: The "LESS IS MORE", stuff you hear is true. The normal dose internationally where Buprinorphine is prescribed as "Temgesic" for pain is 0.3mg!! It is VERY powerful in opiate naive (i.e. no tolerance). Remember that!!! It will kill someone! I'll never EVER forgive myself, but I gave 1/2 of an 8mg tablet to a friend (an luckily he broke it in half, so 2mg) who wanted to feel high. He got cold sweats, threw up, and dry heaved all night. 2mg, and I was taking 24mg, and had taken 48mg with no noticeable effect. Medicine chest raiders, would fall in droves, but they probably just swallow it, if their ignorant, where your digestive tract will destroy most of it.

Suboxone has a very powerful "blocking" effect to normal opiates like Oxycodone or H. If you are on Suboxone, and you take Oxycodone, you WON'T go into precipitated withdrawal. Even in fairly large doses the other opiate won't have hardly any affect. It's only the other way around, regular opiate, take Suboxone, where precipitated withdrawal is a problem.

Here is stuff I didn't see mentioned here but is huge. If on a narcotic for a long time, and tapering, (even temporarily because you ran out), you can cut your dosage in half, without major trouble. You won't feel great, but it's very tolerable. So take half doses to stretch things if you see you are going to run out early. I've been on Suboxone for over 5 years now. After a couple years, I started tapering and got to 1mg EASY! A16mg to 12mg cut will be NOTHING. But I stopped and have been sitting at 1mg for 2+ years. Why? Because I'm honest with myself. I love opiates! I'll relapse for sure. But even at 1mg/day Sub. has a
Owner full blocking effect. I cheated for a recent HS reunion, and took 4 30mg "Roxys", and felt "in a better mood". LOL. That was it. I had been seeing him for so long, I wasn't sick enough for my first induction (which I vigorously pointed out), so I did it 24 hours later, on a Sat., at home. I also got to skip the "group therapy" sessions, and got multiple months at a time. He knows me like a book.

Where I was headed is that if you are tapering 1mg to 0mg is the TOUGH part. Same with Methadone, same with tranquilizers. It's when you get to such low doses a normal person might not feel them, does it get tough. Sub., is VERY physically addictive and the withdrawal is prolonged. 0.25mg is too high to drop from comfortably. Start to skip days, then go to 0.125mg 7 days per week, start skipping days and jump from there. I've heard that works.

Sub changed my life though. I longer obsess over taking Oxycodone., or drool when I see someone has some. But I STILL am not "right", Iseem to have a lingering low grade depression, due to damage to my endorphins receptors, that I've read can be permanent, and that my 5 years at that Methdone Clinic, where I thought there was no hurry, might have helped cause this. Oh well, it's not that bad. Good luck everyone. For those on high doses of Sub., keep in mind that a lot less than you'd think, will probably work just as well, and be cheaper. And maybe (I'm not sure), easier to taper from.

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Chad Says:
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I've been on suboxone and pay cash at cvs. I live in Louisiana. I pick up what I can afford to every week. I hav picked up four times this rx and have ten left to fill. Cvs is now telling me they can't fill it bc it's been refilled too many times? Anyone have any suggestions? Also, I was told that people on subs can transfer the rx at any point. So shouldn't I just call another pharmacy and get them to fill last ten on rx?

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jolter Says:
Hi bklnbella, Good for you. Allways be polite but don,t be afraid to speak up if your not being treated right.
As for the young ones working there, just ignore them.
Addiction may hit one of there loved one someday and then they,ll learn.

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Bklynbella Says:
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Thanks for the kick in the butt to stand up for ourselves. The owner of the small town pharmacy I go to is very nice but his workers do look at me like u fkn junkie. I'm going to take your stand & speak up!

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Ash Says:
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Hey John I'm the same way, it seems my brain functioning is slowly becoming what it first used to be. I can't remember certain life experiences, events both prior to using and while I was. They say using opiates long term can actually cause minor and serious brain damage/injury. I've read numerous studies claiming even prolonged use of suboxone is known to cause it and can cause normal brain functioning and firing to slowly return to normal over a course of ten years if at all.

If you are on suboxone now or have been for awhile it seems to dull my senses and wit very much, even on low doses and I take as little as possible to cope. Then I practice cognitive brain exercises daily, read constantly and practice grounding exercises at least an hour a day to keep my perception accute and avoid the spacey, disassociated feelings I get from both PTSD/BPD and my opiate use. It helps having a father who treats brain injury and PTSD so I do have direct professional help without the financial expenses.

Just read up on your problems and you will find ways to function, progress and hopefully recover from the damage like i hope to one day.

Good luck!

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Chookygirl Says:
I agree, it's exactly the same as someone who is still using, leaving needles or drugs lying around for an inquisitive two year old to stumble upon. I live in Australia, I pick up from a clinic, the last thing they say to me as they hand me my month's supply is "please make sure you keep this stored safely away from children etc". By the way, just on the general theme of pharmacists treating addicts badly, I have found here that it's all about the way you present yourself, I get nothing but respect and friendly support from the people at my clinic, they know my kids, they know I work and provide clean urines, hence why I can pick up a month's worth at a time. My partner also picks up monthly and is treated with nothing but respect. If you act like a drug addict, chuck tantrums when they won't fill your script early and stuff like that, then of course they will treat you like a drug addict, because YOURE ACTING LIKE ONE!!!!

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Chookygirl Says:
I have to agree with you, I keep my Suboxone WELL away from my two year old's curious little fingers, I would never live with myself if he somehow took them. I don't know if it's true that her child threw them out...seems a bit convenient. I think sometimes people take more than their daily dose to try and feel better (or something)...knowing I will never run out makes me feel just fine!!! Keep to your daily dose and you shouldn't have to be hoping that some pharmacist will fill your script early. I live in Australia, and even though I get my Sub for free from a clinic, it's still VERY strictly controlled, no excuse under the sun will make them fill your script early here if you run out, too bad too sad. I'm going to be picking up from a pharmacist soon so will start costing me about $30 per month. From what I've been reading, we have it REALLY good in Australia, nowhere near as expensive as other countries. Suboxone gave me my life back, never again to I have to "chemist shop" or "doctor shop". I'm done with that behaviour and have been for years.

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JohnR Says:
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Wow I'm not trying to be nosey . so please don't take offense , but did you become a school teacher before or after you got addicted ? It just seems like ever since I've gotten addicted that it is so hard for me to learn anything new ,and the apathy makes college or anything else that much harder . Again I'm not trying to be nosey It just gives me hope when I see people like you who accomplish such great things with this huge "monkey" on their back.

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Chookygirl Says:
That's because you are on such a high dose!!!! The half-life is incredibly long so therefore makes sense that you wouldn't feel anything for four days as your receptors are soaked in the stuff....ask somebody who takes 2 or 4mg a day and they will tell you a very different story...probably would start feeling gross after 1 day max.

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Kim Says:
Another South Carolinian here - Columbia to be exact!

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Keikee Says:
Dang CeCe! You go girl! That pharmacist was WAY out of line. You should file a complaint! What an a#@ hole!!!!!!

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Keikee Says:
Oh dear Jaime, I'm too sorry to hear you're dealing with this! Gosh. Dang it! Nothing can be done about it at this point. You pretty much own it so no reason to deny you screwed up and you're SO sorry! I know this, you know it & your Dr knows it(?) Could you go to your Dr explain what the pharmacy is doing to you? I don't think I'm really clear on why the pharmacy even gave you the three days worth in the first place. What reason did you give your dr for needing the script early? Depending on that, perhaps you could explain to her what the pharmacy is doing to you and could she either give you a new script for a month or give you a script for the amount the pharmacy owes you. Then I'd hightail it over to your new pharmacy. Secondly, I don't know as I'd have right off the bat given a dissertation as to the fact ït's early so I'll be paying cash". Might've been better to say nothing and let the script go thru the channels, you never know, if all your stars where in line and the moon was in gemini……it's a long shot I know but things happen! Once last year I took my adderall script in 5 days early, it was weirdly dead quiet in the pharmacy. The pharmacist took my script. I didn't say anything to the her but stood there at the window while she typed into the computer, after 60 seconds I quietly said ït's a few days early, I hope it goes thru" Couple seconds later she goes "it went thru!!". "It DID?!" I exclaimed. She gives me this big smile, fills the script & I'm on my way in ten minutes! God, I love that woman. LOL For future reference, have you ever heard of a vacation override? A vacation override in regards to your insurance that is! Your Dr obviously had no problem giving you the script a week early, no? Once or twice a year, depending on your insurance carrier, you can call the patient rep for the Rx dept explain you're going to some tropical island like um… St Maartin or Kitts or even that you're going to Disney World with your kids/grandkids. Because you can't get that stuff filled out of state and you must have it & it's once lifetime trip for you, you're gonna need your medication filled early. Be prepared to say what date you'll be returning and be prepared to make sure the date is well beyond the date you'll run out of the medication. Usually if the Dr and Insurance co approve it, you can talk the pharmacist into it. Lastly, and this is no lecture but if you're running out early perhaps it's time to reassess your medication as it's no longer working as well as before. Best of luck to you Jaime!

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Kim Says:
I live in SC as well and you're right - once I started dealing with a local pharmacy rather than a big chain, my experience improved a lot. Of course they're still weird, but I guess there's no avoiding that. I just don't understand what difference filling the script one day early makes in the great scheme of things. I'm having to postpone going on vacation next week because of this (because if you've ever had to deal with getting your script filled in another state, I know from experience it's not worth the headache).

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Alejandro Says:
via mobile
Kid threw it out? Really? Did the dog eat your homework? I'm sober since 2001, I take suboxone, I've never run out, or "lost" them because that's what I have to do. How scary is it that your children have access to your narcotics? If that's true shame on you. Trying hard to fly straight? Wah wah wah. I've got three kids and a wife and a career. Stop whining and looking for pity and "trying" do what needs to be done and suck it up

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