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Loose Motion Control Tablet
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I am experiencing loose stools 3-4 times in a day. Please advise. ## Have you seen a doctor to get to the root of what is causing your problem? There many different things that can cause you to have frequent bowel movements and the best solution is usually getting to the root of that and correcting the problem. It could be something you are eating, another medication you are taking or any one of several other options. I am not sure what country you are in, so I don't know what's available to you, but in the U.S. we can purchase Loperamide over the counter for assistance with such problems. Learn more: ## i am in tamilnadu in india,i have stomach problem with three to four times motion in a day and also facing pain in left and right side of my stomach at bottom. now i am taking r...
Updated 21 hours ago in Loperamide.
udiliv 150 is taken for enlarged liver size
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My liver size is enlarged and doc suggested udiliv*150 gor 1 month it is good for ## My liver size is enlarged and doc suggested to take udiliv*150 for 1 month its correct for me but what diet I shud follow or what food shud I eat pls let me no that ## Is diareah is symtom of liver damage ## Hello Doctor, last year in July I was diagnosed with GERD, acidity issue. I have been consulting Gastroenterologist and had NEXPRO RD 40 whenever required. Now 2 weeks backs again I started feeling acidity in my throat and sometimes I felt pain in abdomen towards right whenever I used to skip any meal for hours(breakfast,lunch or dinner). Now I have got ultrasound done for full abdomen and everything is fine except I have minor stones 1 to 3mm in my gall bladder and doctor has adviced me to take Eso...
Updated 6 days ago in Baraclude.
dosage directions for altosec 20
4 Replies RSS
Why is the package insert ABSOLUTELY SILENT on WHEN the Altosec 20 is to be taken? ## Hello, Oubaas 74! How are you? Because there is really no specific time of day that it must be taken, other than before a meal. It is classified by the U.S. FDA as a proton pump inhibitor that helps reduce the amount of acid produced by your stomach to help treat or prevent conditions, such as heartburn, GERD, gastritis and ulcers. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach pain. Is there anything else I can help with? ## From:- Oubaas 74. Thank you for your reply, this is the 1st Time that anyone has told me to take "Altosec 20mg" BEFORE a meal. Please note that the package insert is SILENT on this advice!!! Since my Acid Reflux problem (???) is at ni...
Updated 8 days ago.
razo d tablet
5 Replies RSS
I am a GERD patient, I am advised to take Razo D capsule by doctor, but this capsule is giving only temporary relief, is there any medication to cure Acid Reflux permanently? ## Hi, Ginnela! Sorry about the problem that you're having. However a cure, per se, is really a matter of time. By the time you're feeling the results of the reflux, that means some damage has been done and it has to heal, which is why the medication seems to only provide temporary relief. You also need to watch what you eat for awhile, such as staying away from alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods, because all of those can raise the level of acid that your stomach produces. Learn more Rabeprazole details here and you can learn more Domperidone details here. And the reason I said "cure, per se" is beca...
Updated 15 days ago in Caffeine.
Is Iberet Folic 500 suitable for Reflux patients?
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Hi, I would like to know if anyone here who has Reflux / GERD / LPR tried Iberet Folic 500 b4? How does it feels after taking it? Does it induce the GeRD? I have tried many kinds of Vitamins, multivits however none of them seemed to help me at all. I just cannot take it, each time after taking it, i'll tend to feel difficulty of breathing, belching and very nauseated due to the GERD i suppose.. Which i could feel the sensations of something pushing up through the eosophagus n throat, and causing me difficulty of breathing. I tried Usana's multivits n chelated mineral.. which didnt do any good to myself, not even any kinds of Vitamin C which i bought from the pharmacies. Therefore i think my body or i would stomach is very very sensitive and it cannot tolerate any acidic compound...
Updated 30 days ago.
are pan 40 pantocid and the same
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Tell me tha basic difference between tablet PAN 40 and PANTOCID 40. And in what conditions of gastro problem these are supossed to be taken.Thanks ## Yes, they are the same and they are most commonly used to help reduce the amount of acid produced by your stomach to help treat or prevent conditions such as heartburn, GERD, gastritis, and ulcers. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain, flatulence, and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 1 month ago.
lomofen and lomotil
2 Replies RSS
i am having irritable bowl syndrome. is it safe to taken lomofen? is there any difference between lomotil and lomofen? as i heard that lomofen is bannde in US. currently i am in India. ## I AM SUFFERING FRO I.B.S., PLEASE SUGGEST MEDICINE FOR RECOVERY. ALREADY I TAKES LOMOFEN. ## I used nortZ.for ibs and urinal infection. how this help?
Updated 1 month ago in Lomotil.
Para Que Sirve La Pastilla Dexilant 60 Mg
7 Replies RSS
nese sito saber para que sirve esta pastilla selasdieron ami esposo el tiene deabetis i medijieron que sirben para adelgasar quiero saber sime laspuedo tomarllo ## Tuve algunos problemas para la traducción y la comprensión de su mensaje, así que pido disculpas si mi información no abarcan de hecho a su pregunta. Si no, por favor, después de vuelta y voy a tratar de ayudarle. Sin embargo, Dexilant contiene el ingrediente activo dexlansoprazol, es un inhibidor de la bomba de protones que se administra más comúnmente para el tratamiento de la ERGE. Puede producir efectos adversos, tales como: náuseas, mareos, dolor de estómago y flatulencia. ¿Hay alguna otra pregunta? ## NECESITO S...
Updated 1 month ago in Dexilant.
What Time Of Day Should I Take Dexilant Dr 60 Mg
7 Replies RSS
Is it better in the morning, afternoon of nithg before bed. ## Hi Sal, The dosing instructions for this medication state the following: "Dexilant (Dexlansoprazole) comes as a delayed-release (long-acting) capsule to take by mouth. It is usually taken once a day. Dexlansoprazole may be taken with or without food, but it may provide more relief from after-meal symptoms if it is taken before a meal. Take dexlansoprazole at around the same time every day." It does not indicate a specific time of day to take the medication, so that decision is going to be up to you at your own convenience. If it's something that effects you the point of not being able to function at a normal level, then it may be best to take it at night or in the evening hours when you may be in the comfort of y...
Updated 1 month ago in Dexilant.
what is pantodac used for
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I have a shoulder pain and my Dr. advice me to take Pantodac 20, 2 tablets daily after it ok to continue . ## This medication is used to help reduce the amount of acid produced by your stomach to help treat, or prevent conditions such as heartburn, GERD, ulcers, and gastritis. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain, and flatulence. Did your doctor prescribe anything else with this medication?
Updated 1 month ago.
Cost of Dexilant
2 Replies RSS
I am a 67 yr old white woman who had been taking Dexilant 60 mg for over 10 years for Hiatus Hernia and Gerd. When I was on Empliyer Insurance I maybe received $50 toward each Dexilant prescription. Now I am on Medicare Plan F Prescription Ins. And Dexilant, (company) will not help senior citizens at all? I am through the loop end of my Medicare Prescription plan and Dexilant went from $93 for 3 months to $282 for 3 months. It seems my pay per yr is too high, so basically no help for Seniors Citizens s with cost of out of pocket total cost for Dexilant? ## Hello, Linda! How are you? Have you spoken to your doctor about? There are other medications in this class that are available as generics, such as Omeprazole and Lansoprazole, which would be much, much cheaper and your Medicare may ev...
Updated 2 months ago in Dexilant.
Dexilant 60mg
4 Replies RSS
I am looking for an over the counter alternative for Dexilant 60mg cap. Is there one available? ## Hello, Quadcities1! How are you? It isn't available over the counter, but there are others that are, such as Lansoprazole, which is also known by the name brand Prevacid. However, please check with your doctor, before switching to make sure that it is safe for you to do so. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Drink a shot glass of Apple Cider vinegar, every morning. You may also drink it if you feel acid reflux is coming on due to the food you are eating. Stop eating fried foods. Try the 3 B' Bake, Boil and Broiled to heal your stomach. ## DO not drink a 'shot' of apple vinegar without diluting or you risk damage to your esophagus!!!!!!!! ## If I take Dexilant once p...
Updated 2 months ago in Dexilant.
Kapidex and rash
6 Replies RSS
I have broken out in a rash around my neck, shoulders, arms and legs really bad. Didn't know what was the cause. Went to dr. he said it looked like a inward reaction and nothing topical. Well, I had started taking Dexilant (Kapidex) just about the time I broke out. My question is ....those of you who have experienced this? How long did the rash last after you stopped taken it? ## So glad to know I am not alone. I started Delixant/Kapidex 3 weeks ago.After about a week I had a rash on my hands and arms. I continued taking the medicine because I was not fully convinced it was the culprit. After another week my itchy red rash had spread from arms to the rest of my body. I called the doctor and they said to come so they could rule at eczema. Byt the time I call in to see the doctor I wa...
Updated 2 months ago in Kapidex.
3 Replies RSS
possibly an antibiotic, name may be misspelled ## What Dipheniatrop pills are prescriped for? Thank you for your assistance. ## Diphenoxylate and Atropine are the active ingredients in a medication more commonly known as Lomotil or Co-Phenotrope and it is most commonly prescribed to help prevent or treat diarrhea. You can learn more Lomotil details here. Thus, it's most common side effects is constipation. Are there any questions or comments? ## Dipheniatrop is not misspelled. This the proper spelling for the drug.
Updated 2 months ago in Diphenoxylate.
Long-term usage!!
2 Replies RSS
I have been on dexilant now for 3 months and for me it's been good. My concern is of course the long-term effect with this medication as it seems this medication is used for short-term up to 6 months from what I have read. Why is that?? My wife has been on another proton pill for like 15 years now but this one seems different. Can you actually take this one forever? What's the alternative if you're not able due to the long-term issues? This medication works for me but I'm a little nervous if I'm not able to take this one long term. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. ## Hello, Bert! How are you? Actually, all of them increase the risk of hip fractures, with long-term use, especially in the elderly, according to the NIH. This applies to all PPIs. Other side ef...
Updated 2 months ago in Dexilant.
Pantodac medicine
1 Reply RSS
sir, i am Kanchan. I want to know alll detail Pantodac . Hoping an action. Thankxx. ## This medication is used to reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach to treat or prevent conditions, such as heartburn, GERD, gastritis, and ulcers, as reported by the NIH. Its typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain, and flatulence. It is usually best taken before a meal, though I often take mine at night, before going to sleep, since my reflux can be worse then. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 2 months ago.
Pantosec tab for acute back strain
1 Reply RSS
I am having a back pain problem and my Dr suggested this tablet. Is this suitable for back pain? I am curious how an acid control tab is useful for back pain... ## It isn't, it is only used to help reduce the amount of acid produced by your stomach to treat or prevent conditions, such as heartburn, GERD, gastritis, and ulcers. Are you sure that's the medication he recommended? Are you on any other medications?
Updated 2 months ago.
Razo 20 and lesuride 75
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I am having erosive painful gastritis with gerd. I have been prescribed razo 20 and lesuride 75 to be taken in the morning before breakfast. I'm confused, can both be taken together before breakfast or when and which one should be taken first? ## Yes, they can both be taken together, before breakfast. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, flatulence, and stomach pain. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 2 months ago.
sompraz it & nusam 400
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i am taking sompraz it daily 1 tab.& nusam 400 2 tab.i am suffering from gerd & liver diease.i want to know when i stop sompraz tab.acidty starts again,i want pernament solution plz help.... ## What types of foods do you eat? Do you drink a lot of soda, or alcoholic beverages? All are listed as possible contributors to GERD and general acidity, according to the AMA. Anything spicy or acidic can cause it to recur. It is best to keep a bland diet for awhile to allow things to heal and let the acid settle down, while taking the medication prescribed for you.
Updated 2 months ago.
Side Effect Mecobalamin 500mcg
8 Replies RSS
I am taking mecobalamin 3 times a day, are there any side effects later? thanks ## Side effects of Mecobalamin (Methylcobalamine) can include any of the following: Gastrointestinal adverse drug reactions including anorexia, nausea, and vomiting. Rashes may also occur sometime. This is definitely the better, non synthetic version of Vitamin B12. So I think if you keep following the dosage instructions on the package you shouldn't experience any (maybe very little) side effects as your body assimilates and uses this nutrient over a long period of time. If you feel like the dose is too high for any reason, just cut back on a dose and work your way up over time. You can view more information about this pill by following the link below... Please post back if you have any other general qu...
Updated 3 months ago.

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