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Can You Inject White Pill 54 411 Aka Subutex?

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Chris Says:
So my friend gave me two circle white pills with 54 411 on one side and nothing on the other. I have searched the pill and realized that it is a 8MG Subutex. I was told it can be Injected.. Is this true?

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Jo Says:
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Careful cause ull never wana do them any other way after that so i advise dont start. 2 yrs later i still cant stop

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cBoz Says:
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Boy I wish it had made me feel that way! Was there some special way you had to work it up? I battle with my addiction everyday and maybe I'm just expecting that same feeling you get from ron. At least I'm doing this than that.

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drew Says:
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It is not recommended.

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Thomas21 Says:
I have seen people do it. it Is a hassle though. I heard that if you try to cook it it will turn into a paste. Be careful!!!!!! it is a strong medication. If you don't have a tolerance o a drug habit it can kill you. Don't take it alone!!! I have lost a few friends that way...

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james707 Says:
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My girlfriend may be shotting up her subutex. I dont know forsure though. Found an icecream scooper in our bathroom drawer with a chalky white residue on it. She is pregnant and I am worried. The residue wiped of like chalk would when I rubbed my finger through it.

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Betternow Says:
The scoop could mean she was shooting it… but I always crushed it before I put it under my tongue. It made it seem to adsorb better that way. So if it was really powdery, there is a chance she was doing that.

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Skinny girl Says:
I have 5 8mg pills of subutex can I detox myself off herion with these pills I never use subutex before?

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Scared Sally Says:
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My husband has been on subutex about 6 months. Lately I've been noticing very strange behavior. And track marks. And u real bad mark on the top of his foot. How do I figure out if he's shooting heroin or his subutex?

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Vinman Says:
I am an addict. Why would you ever even think about shooting subutex or suboxone? The one girl on here. "My husband has been on subutex for 6 months and his behavior is weird and he has track marks and something on his foot. How do I know if he is shooting heroin again or if it is his subutex?" I'm pretty sure your husband is taking heroin

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Scared Sally Says:
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If he's shooting heroin how come he keeps coming up clean for drug tests?

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Jay man Says:
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You don't even need all 5 likely. The thing you want to do is use them when you feel really, and I mean really s***ty. Like wait at least over 24 hrs from ur last does of her ion and just make sure u feel really s***ty bc if u just have watering eyes or this or that, if u can manage than manage because if u take the sub too early u will put urself into immediate withdrawals for like 3-5 hours. All you need to do is take some sub prolly two or three times throughout your withdrawal period whenever you feel really really bad.. And u don't need to take a whole sub, you should be fine to start by taking a quarter of one and feel good for the day. If not the up the dose a little. The important thing is not to take all 5 and take the least amount needed bc then your body may become dependent on the subutex.

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Scared Sally Says:
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Then why does he keep passing drug tests?

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helpful observer Says:
Hey Sally he might keep passing because it only takes 3 days for Ron to get out of ur system. So if he has the slightest idea he's probably switching back to his subs 3 days ahead of his test and then possibly going back to ron. I know quite a few people who do this so they can still have their subs when ron isn't available. But theirs still a chance he may not be on ron, I don't know him, but it is likely if he's used before

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Scared Sally Says:
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Thank u for responding. One last question~how long in between do u have to wait switching between Ron n subutex? Do u have to wait until u feel sick or can they be done sooner? I know w suboxone u have to wait because of the blocker.

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Thors Hammer Says:
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No you can take subutex and then go IV some Ron and there would be no problems. But he's most likely just IV'ing the tex. Trust me, its sad to say im a 3rd generation opiate abuser. So I would know haha. (I'm only laughing at myself)

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Scared Sally Says:
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Thank u for responding Thor <3

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JenJen Says:
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Hey, I have a question. When you use your subs intravenously do you {edited for safety}? I want to try this but not sure how to do the subs. I was on Morphine for 8 years.

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Thors Hammer Says:
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No problem Sally :) I hope everything works out for the best for you.

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Thors Hammer Says:
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Jen, yeah that's how I did it. Except {edited for safety}. Also everyone says to never do more than 2 mgs at a time... Best of luck

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Bittersweet Says:
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I know! Once you IV that dope you want to IV everything. I just decided to let it dissolve under my tongue than go through all the hassle and then chance wasting my one salvation sub I've got since starting withdrawal four days ago...and now its starting to kick in and I'm feeling lovely and will finally get some sleep! Don't be a hype just ingest it!

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