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Birth control, also known as contraception and fertility control, is a method or device used to prevent pregnancy.[1] Birth control has been used since ancient times, but effective and safe methods of birth control only became available in the 20th century.[2] Planning, making available, and using birth control is called family planning.[3][4] Some cultures limit or discourage access to birth control because they consider it to be morally, religiously, or politically undesirable.[2] The most ...

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Possibly pregnant
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Took a pill during week 3 around five hours late, and this Saturday, I had brown discharge with some light pink. Is this implantation bleeding? However, I took two pregnancy tests and they both came back negative. Is there any chance I could be pregnant as a result of the late pill? (False negative)
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is it possible to get pregnant while on jadelle
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I started spotting 3 months after having jadelle inserted. It continued for 1 month and have stopped for 2 weeks now. I sometimes have strong stomach cramps and my body temperature has risen. Could I be pregnant? Pls help me. I am confused. ## I am 30 yrs old, I inserted Janelle 2 yrs ago. Then on the last day of my period I had intercourse. It was on the 2nd of august 2016. From that day on I didn't see my period again and now I'm not feeling myself. I'm vomiting, loosing weight, lacking appetite. Does that mean I'm pregnant? Plz help. ## The only way to know for sure is by having yourself checked for pregnancy, though it isn't very likely that you are, given that you have the Jadelle implant. Some women stop having periods, when using contraceptives, the U.S. FDA l...
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Oralcon Contraceptive Pills
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Am using oralcon for the first time. I just wanted to know when will I have my periods because I am now taking the red pill, am on the 3rd pill, but still nothing. Am now worried, can I be pregnant? ## Usually when you first start taking birth control, it's contraceptive effects generally don't take full effect until the first couple weeks or month after you begin treatment. Although I think this long time frame/waiting period may vary according to the brand. I'm not sure if your doctor or gynecologist also mentioned this, but irregular periods and missed periods are common side effects associated with these types of medications. This is largely due to the fluctuation in hormone levels, which ultimately have a direct impact on your menstrual cycles. Have you taken a pregnanc...
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Switching from minastrin to mibelas
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I've been taking minastrin for about four years now. I was forced to switch over to the generic brand, mibelas. I haven't started mibelas yet but I will be in a few days. I'm worried because I don't want my periods to be affected or anything like that. I haven't really seen any positive reviews on mibelas so I'm pretty skeptical. Is there anyone here who has made the switch to the generic brand and can offer me some advice on if you've had any changes with periods or just in general? Thanks! ## Don't switch, it's horrible! I just made the switch too and wish i hadn't. I'm one month in and miserable. Depression, acne, moodiness, bloating, you name it. Don't switch if you can avoid it. ## Are you going to switch to a new birth control then? ...
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how to change from daphne pill to marvelon pill
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Hi... Before I used daphne contraceptive pill po nun ngpa breastfeed ako.. Ee dna po ko ngpapadede. Nagtanong ako sa center if anu pwede ko ipalit na pills and they recommend marvelon pill.. So I started to take marvelon pill nun tue. Lang because i have ments, and na pansin ko po na d tumulpy yun ments ko.. Spot.. Then wed. Ganun pa din po spot lang.. What can I do po? I'm asking for your help po.
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oralcon contraceptive pill side effects
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What side effects have others experienced and how long do the side effects last for? ## Hi, Rassie! How are you? The side effects, if they occur, can start within a few days and last 2 to 3 months, since these are hormonal based contraceptives. They may include nausea, dizziness, breakthrough bleeding/spotting, headaches and weight changes. However, you may not experience any of them, some people do and some people don't. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## Hi there. I've been using Oralcon for about two weeks now. And my breast are painful to the touch and heavy. I've also noticed that they're big. I wanna know how long is this going to last? ## Hi, Ive been on oralcon for the past three months and have gained a significant amount of wieght since then. I hove ...
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Continuous Bleeding?
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I started taking Sprintec on December 26th and I have been bleeding since. It's very frustrating because pads are not cheap (at least the good ones) and I am using box after box. It's not heavy bleeding- but it is constant. My fiance and I haven't been able to have any type of intercourse. My bleeding is the heaviest right after I take my pill and I experience painful cramps. I want to stop taking this medication and last night and tonight I did not take my pill....will this stop the bleeding if I cease my use of Sprintec? I'm also kind of a "herbal" woman. I truly do not believe in medication. So could my body be rejecting it due to not having any type of pill in my system for years? Thank you ## Hello, Mele! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem tha...
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want to fall pregnant but have been using nur isterate as contraceptive.
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How long does it take for nur isterate wear off because i would really like to become pregnant soon. I have been using the injection since May 2011 to Nov 2011. should i take pills instead so that my cycle can return faster or what? i desperately need advise on this regard because i want to have a baby. ## Have you consulted your doctor? From the time you stop the injections, you should probably allow a few months for your body to return to normal, before you try to become pregnant. It will greatly help your chances of getting pregnant and of carry a healthy baby to term. ## I've been using nur isterate for 3 years then stoped using it few months ago about for 4 months then went for another injection 2 months back, now i want to fall pregnant but i've been expiriencing some vagi...
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nordette in watsons
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Hi is nordette still available in Watson's? Please let me know. Went to all mercury drugstores here in manda pero it has been pulled out daw. Thanks ## Wla ng nordette sis. Kht saan dw sbi sa mercury ## what is the best alternative kaya for nordette? kasi watsons said trust pills daw. sabi naman sa mercury lady pills. i took trust pills and started my new pack 2 days ago. pero i saw na lady is the same dosage as nordette.. pwede pa kaya ako magswitch? thanns ## Hi guys, been using Nordette for 2 years na, and yes it is already pulled out in all branches ng Mercury Drug. Best alternative sa Nordette is Lady pills. Almost the same lang sila ng dosage. Pero its much better to visit your OB Gyne, and raise this issue, they will give you advice naman, kasi yun din naman ginawa ko, and it...
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Lo Loestrin Fe - Missed Periods
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I've been taking Lo Loestrin Fe at the same time every day consistantly for two months with no period... is this normal? ## Yes, it can be. These do contain hormones, to prevent pregnancy and they can affect different people in different ways. Some women will menstruate regularly and some won't. There is really no harm in skipping, but if you are concerned about it, you should consult your doctor. Many women use their birth control to skip their menstrual cycle, especially for important events, such as marriage or vacations. Have you contacted your doctor? ## i started taking lo loestrin fe the first day of my last period and during the 3rd week i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. i had been having breakthough bleeding. Is this okay? id missed one pill at the beging of the ...
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