51248-250 : Vesicare 1 mg/ml Oral Suspension

Labeler: Astellas Pharma Us, Inc.
Product Type: Human Prescription Drug
Drug Name:  Vesicare Ls
Dosage Form: Oral Suspension
Application #: NDA209529
Rev. Date: 

NDC Package Codes:

  • 51248-250-99: 1 BOTTLE, PLASTIC IN 1 CARTON (51248‑250‑99) > 150 ML IN 1 BOTTLE, PLASTIC

Active Ingredients:

  • Solifenacin Succinate

Dosage Strength:

  • 1 mg/mL

Pharmaceutical Classes:

  • Cholinergic Muscarinic Antagonist [EPC]
  • Cholinergic Muscarinic Antagonists [MoA]


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