Metoprolol Succinate Er Causes Hair Loss


Why do doctors online and offline pretend that Metropolol does NOT cause hair loss, when there are patients online and right in front of offline doctors complaining that this beta blocker is making them lose their hair!? Instead of being honest, they blame the patient's genetics or make out like it's some other cause--stress, maybe, or diet, blah-blah.
Metoprolol causes the hair to fall out and it doesn't take a long time on that drug, either. Just a couple months, and some of us are near bald. Time for honesty about this, and also WHY AREN'T THEY DEVELOPING A HEART MED THAT DOES NOT CAUSE HAIR LOSS????

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Worried Says:

How long does it take for the Metoprolol to leave the body after you stop taking it?
and how long does it take to get your hair back?

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EDDY Says:

Well that sucks. I have been on Metoprolol for 5 years now and I am losing hair. I didn't know that this was a side effect or it would pertain to me, but I am having problems!

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Verwon Says:

Yes, Metoprolol can cause hair loss in some people that take it, both male and female. This information is listed in the detailed side effects of the drug.

But there already are heart/blood pressure medications that don't cause hair loss. There are many other options available that you can try.

Learn more Labetalol details here.

Labetalol is a similar medication that hasn't been known to cause it as often as Metoprolol does.

Another possibility would be Carvedilol, which isn't known to cause as many side effects as most of the other similar medications.

Learn more Carvedilol details here.

Are there any other questions or concerns?

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It's listed as RARE on the side-effects, but it clearly is NOT RARE if you look it up online; many people are complaining about the hair-loss and are being ignored.
The drug companies should not only forewarn people about this devastating side-effect, but they should also explain WHY and HOW it causes hair loss: Is it because it reduces blood flow to the scalp or interferes with circulation, or what?

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Stressed Says:

What are KNOWN *natural* methods (instead of drugs) to reduce blood pressure and assist in cases of atrial-fib leading to CHF?

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Bones Says:

Now I have a reason for my hair falling out its the toprol,here I thought it was age and genitics

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sharonMph Says:

I had stints placed in 2009/10 and began taking metoprolol 50 mg and later began 100mg per day.

I kept insisting that my hair loss was related to my blood pressure medicine and NO ONE has ever owned up to the relation between the medicine.

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Olivia Says:

I have been on Toprol XL 50 mg
for 20 years. When I was changed
to the Generic Metoprolol 4 years
ago I started having hair loss.
it has gotten worse the in last
year in 2015. I have been on
Several medications for High Blood
and this is the only medication
that works for me and it doesn't
interact with the Zomig I have
to when needed for Migraines.

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Jerome Says:

My mom is on metoprolol,and it is not making her have hair loss issues if anything her hair is growing.So maybe it has to do with interactions of meds possibly

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Olivia Says:

I can't take Labetalol it made
me Dizzy and Light head.
Carvedilol made me light head.

From Olivia

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Jerome Says:

Sorry to read that about your hair Olivia,luckily my mom hasn't had any issues so far and she's been on metoprolol.

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Olivia Says:

I am glad that your mom
hasn't had any hair loss
From Metoprolol.
Medication can affect each
person differently.
I have been using Jamaican hair oil
and has been helping with the hair loss.

From Olivia

And I would like to thank everyone
for their post on Metoprolol.

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Jerome Says:

Good evening and thanks for your response back Olivia my name is Jerome and it's nice to converse with you on this topic.This is a awesome medical site and it gives alot of help on suggestions about things people are having issues with I've told others about this medschat site,hopefully you will find the right combination of meds so you won't be losing too much more of your hair Olivia

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Janni Connolly Says:

Re: TIRED OF LIARS (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I had bypass surgery 3 months ago and was put on this drug. My hair is shedding like crazy! My cardiologist claims this medication and avorostatin do not cause memory loss or hair loss! The doctors and drug companies are in cohoots and I’m tired of them denying facts! I’m stopping this med. also was told the frequent urination is not caused by this
med. Ever since I started this drug I wake up 2-3 times a night! Never ever have I woke up to pee.

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Janni Connolly Says:

Re: Bones (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I should of earned my medical license for all the research I’ve done on this medication. Think I’ll send him my bill.

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