15631-0031 : Amyl Nitrosum 6 [hp_x]/1 Oral Pellet

Labeler: Rxhomeo Private Limited D.b.a. Rxhomeo, Inc
Product Type: Human OTC Drug
Drug Name:  Amyl Nitrosum
Dosage Form: Oral Pellet
Rev. Date: 

NDC Package Codes:

  • 15631-0031-0: 100 PELLET IN 1 PACKAGE (15631‑0031‑0)
  • 15631-0031-1: 200 PELLET IN 1 PACKAGE (15631‑0031‑1)
  • 15631-0031-2: 400 PELLET IN 1 PACKAGE (15631‑0031‑2)
  • 15631-0031-3: 750 PELLET IN 1 PACKAGE (15631‑0031‑3)
  • 15631-0031-4: 2500 PELLET IN 1 PACKAGE (15631‑0031‑4)
  • 15631-0031-5: 12500 PELLET IN 1 PACKAGE (15631‑0031‑5)

Active Ingredients:

  • Amyl Nitrite

Dosage Strength:

  • 6 [hp_X]/1

Related Products:

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  • 0220-0300 Amyl Nitrosum 5 [Hp_c]/5[hp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-0301 Amyl Nitrosum 30 [Hp_c]/30[hp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 60512-6179 Amyl Nitrosum 6 [hp_x]/1 Oral Pellet by Homeolab USA Inc.
  • 68428-202 Amyl Nitrosum 30 [Hp_c]/1 Oral Pellet by Washington Homeopathic Products
  • 71919-051 Amyl Nitrosum 30 [Hp_c]/Ml Oral Liquid by Washington Homeopathic Products


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